How to Grow Your Facebook Group From 0 to 100 Members (Completely Automated)

Use this guide to learn how to start a successful Facebook Group, and get your first 100 members using these growth hacks to generate engagement and additional website traffic.

Before jumping in, let’s cover why they’re important…

The Importance of Starting A Facebook Group

In 2018, Facebook changed their algorithm, causing user feeds to contain more content from family and friends.

This means less reach for Facebook Business Pages, which today averages just 5.2% for an organic Facebook post. For the average local business or e-commerce brand with 5,000 Page Likes, a post is only going to reach approx. 260 people on average.

Facebook Group growth insights of 110 total members..

And that’s why Facebook Groups matter, so here are some Facebook growth hacks to get your first 100 members…

Facebook Group Growth Hacks

Growth Hack #1: Automate Growth Using Gated Content

Instead of collecting emails or providing access to resources, gate the content by limiting access to only Facebook Group Members. If the asset is valuable, people will join.

And it can be automated using ManyChat, which can funnel people into Facebook Messenger and into your Facebook Group.

Here’s an example…

A ManyChat automated flow to Grow a Facebook Group

Using this flow, is exactly how I got my first 100 members.

How it works…

ManyChat has Growth Tools, which all you to create simple or complex flows based on conditions.

Simple flows like this are 100% free.

To replicate this Growth Tool, just create an account, create a Growth Tool with the Facebook Referral URL, and add the ManyChat referral URL to a Call-to-action (CTA) button on your landing page that contains the asset.

And that’s it…

When someone clicks the CTA button, they’ll receive the automated message from ManyChat.

Why it works…

The concept is the similar to providing an email in exchange for free resource.

Instead, it’s being done in exchange for becoming a Facebook Member.

Growth Hack #2: Siphon Members From Other Groups

Sharing your content in other Facebook Groups in you niche can also be a super effective way to your own group.

How it works…

Create a post in a popular Facebook Group that’s in the same niche as the Facebook Group that you want to grow.

The post should feature your free resource, and showcase it’s value.

Here’s an example of how I did it…

An example of how to get post engagement in other Facebook Groups

Copy is key (and don’t get me wrong, having a valuable asset is too).

I won’t cover how to write engaging social media copy here, but you can use my post as an example – it works well.

Once someone likes or comments on the post, message them about how they can join your group and access it.

Why it works…

In most groups, admins do not tolerate self-promotion, but this isn’t posting a link.

Instead, your post is gauging the interest of your content in other niche Facebook Groups, and then qualifying that interest based on whether someone engaged (liked and/or commented) or not.

People who do engage are interested, and therefore extremely receptive to a message from you to join your Facebook Group in order to get the asset.

Growth Hack #3: Repeat & Scale

That’s it… continue building valuable free assets to promote and funnel access to your Facebook Group so people have an incentive to join).

Just repeat Growth Hack #1 and Growth Hack #2, and you should be able to reach 100 members easily (and in much less time than it took me).

PS, growing Facebook Groups can also be super effective for generating quality signals to new webpages, which is how I got my first 1000 website visitors.

Happy SEO-ing 🙂