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Privacy Policy

Dalton Luka is committed to keeping visitor information safe. The privacy policy discloses website protocols for gathering visitor information on daltonluka.com.

About Collected Information

The information collected from visitors is provided voluntary from users through various form submissions. These website forms are voluntarily submitted by users, and may include the following information: full name, company, email address, phone number, and other fields of information regarding marketing efforts and budget.

Information submitted in these forms are designed to facilitate business conversations with Dalton Luka and any affiliated employees or partners.

IP Addresses

An IP address is a number assigned to computer when connected to the Internet. Regarding the Internet protocol, web servers can identify a computer by its IP address. Additionally, web servers may be able to identify the type of browser and computer.

This website collects IP addresses and related information for the purposes of system administration. This includes assessments such as website traffic, which is used to better the overall user experience of the website. The IP addresses collected are not used to identify visitors in any way.

Submitted Information

Dalton Luka will not sell or share collected information with anyone. The information collected through forms on this website are only used to better user experience. Under certain circumstances, submitted information may be shared with an agency partner in order to better fulfill user needs.

Website Security

All information collected is stored in secure databases that are only available via access controls by website administrators. Collected data is only accessed for the purposes specified in this privacy statement.