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SEO Consultant

Dalton Luka is an SEO consultant and author.

About Dalton Luka

I’ve spent a lot of time in digital marketing – both implementing and strategizing. This includes web design, SEO, Amazon PPC, Facebook Ads, and Branding.

This is because I’ve developed a proven process for SEO services that allows me to get consistent results.

Not everything that I touch turns to gold, but throughout my 5+ years as a digital marketing professional I've absorbed a wealth of information and I win way more often than I lose.

Search engine optimization wins shown in Google Search Console.

I've even applied these same concepts to live streaming, and helped build a SUPER succesful Twitch channel.

Twitch Channel growth using digital marketing tactics.

A lot of what I do for clients goes way beyond SEO. The bottom line - I help generate more revenue.

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What Others Are Saying

Dalton helped me 2x my Revenue from last year with an SEO strategy that leveraged Local SEO with PPC, Local Service Ads, and On-Page SEO. I’m currently hiring two additional employees, getting a new service vehicle, and looking into expanding our service area.

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