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Dalton Luka

As an SEO consultant, Dalton Luka has helped businesses 2X their revenue by generating more traffic and leads. I help identify opportunities Through a combination of manual review and well-defined auditing processes for technical, on-page, and off-page search engine optimization to highlight quick wins and create a long-term SEO strategy to generate more leads and online sales.

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I’ve spent a lot of time in digital marketing – both implementing and strategizing. This includes web design, SEO, Amazon PPC, Facebook Ads, Branding, and even helping to build a SUPER successful Twitch Stream.

  • 10M+ Total Revenue
  • 1M+ Organic Traffic
  • 100k+ Keyword Rankings
  • 25k+ Leads Generated

This is because I’ve developed a proven process for SEO services that allows me to get consistent results.

A Google Analytics audience overview report showing SEO wins for a St Louis business.

SEO Consulting

As an SEO consultant, I’ve helped over 100+ local businesses achieve Page #1 keyword rankings in their target locality. The result is an increase in visibilty and traffic that converts, which translates to more monthly leads, sales, and revenue.

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Achieving success in search engine optimization begins with an SEO audit, which results in actionable on and off-site optimizations to being moving the needle for visibility and conversions.

This includes optimizing:

Depending on existing content and keyword rankings, optimizations are prioritized in order to ensure implementations are made efficiently to achieve results.

About Dalton Luka

Dalton Luka wearing bomber jacket
Dalton Luka
SEO Consultant

Dalton Luka is an SEO consultant and author that provides scalable SEO strategies, coaching, and implementation. Based in St Louis, Missouri, he has helped start-ups, local businesses, and nonprofits grow by creating SEO campaigns that increase brand awareness, drive organic traffic, and convert website traffic in customers.

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The highest-rated SEO consultant in St. Louis, Missouri

Dalton helped me 2x my Revenue from last year with an SEO strategy that leveraged Local SEO with PPC, Local Service Ads, and On-Page SEO. I’m currently hiring two additional employees, getting a new service vehicle, and looking into expanding our service area.

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