The GMB Framework is a step-by-step Google My Business SEO course to maximize visibility, rankings, and leads for any local business.

✔️A step-by-step guide to generating more leads and sales.

✔️Achieve results without paying agencies thousands.

✔️Learn repeatable processes that get results and scale.

The power of Google My Business

Google My Business has the ability to generate tons of visibility and leads for your business. And here’s what I’ve noticed over the last 5+ years of managing Local SEO for 100+ clients

The majority of engagement for any given keyword occurs as a result of Local 3-Pack from Google My Business. In many cases, it generates nearly 4x more calls and form fills than a website.

Here’s an example of Google’s Local Pack result:

Local 3-Pack results for personal injury attorneys tempe

So what’s this mean?

Google My Business generates the majority of visibility and calls for local businesses.

And here’s why…

The (Sad) State of Local Results

For most local searches, Google now displays this set of results:

  1. Local Services Ads (LSAs)
  2. Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords)
  3. Local 3-Pack
  4. People Also Ask
  5. Local Organic Results
  6. Google Ads (yes, another Ads result)
  7. Related Searches

Here’s a visual of the SERPs that shows all of the above.

Note: SERPs have been quite volatile following recent updates, and there is likely more variance now for where Local 3-Pack shows in local results.

Ranking #1 in Local Organic Results is the 10th result on the page when Google displays LSAs and Google Ads results. This is why focusing on ranking Google My Business listings in the Local 3-Pack is super important (it has the most visibility and generates the most results because of it).

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About Dalton Luka

  • I’ve helped 100+ local businesses grow with digital marketing
  • In the last 5 years, I’ve optimized over 100 Google My Business listings
  • Over 16,000+ business owners and marketers use my SEO templates
  • I’ve also helped grow a startup agency to reach 6-figure revenue
  • Check my LinkedIn Profile to see my experience or read reviews

What is the Google My Business Framework?

It’s a proven process that generates more visibility, calls, and positively impacts business growth with a focus on Google My Business optimization – all formatted in an easy-to-follow SEO course format.

The GMB Framework is a set of foundational and advanced SEO processes that I use to consistently rank and generate leads for local businesses. Many people make SEO out to be a complicated mix of computer science… However, Local SEO can be boiled down to simple concepts, tactics, and processes that anyone can follow.

The Google My Business Framework is a result of:

  • 5+ years of refining processes and testing what works
  • 100+ managed & optimized GMB Listings
  • 10K+ keyword rankings (position 1-3) in Local Pack

When you follow this framework, you can expect the following growth:

  • Rankings in Google Search and Maps
  • Monthly calls and conversions
  • Year-over-year revenue

The GMB Framework

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Combined, The GMB Framework is a set of SEO strategies & tactics that focus on lead generation, building trust and engagement, and directly improving online visibility.

It’s a streamlined process for growth.

The GMB Framework gets results like this…

  • A plumbing company doubled their YoY revenue
  • A law firm increased their average monthly calls by 50%
Google review from Greg

Who’s this for?

✔️ Business owners: If you manage a business or own it, these processes will help you strategize and implement an easy-to-follow process.

✔️ Digital marketers: If you want to provide more value to your clients with Local SEO, and make the process scalable and streamlined, The GMB Framework is designed to eliminate unnecessary bottlenecks and maximize visibility.

What’s included?

The GMB Framework is a set of 4 phases and several ongoing processes:

Phase 1: Optimizing for Relevance

  • SEO Checklist for optimizing your Google My Business Listing
  • New GMB Audit Template (an upgraded version of my original template)
  • Advanced insights on how to leverage features to improve listing performance

Phase 2: Optimizing for Engagement

  • How to optimize and geo-tag photo uploads to increase location relevance
  • Steps to get extra features in SERPs to make your listing stand out
  • Insights on how to maximize engagement with promotions and offers

Phase 3: Landing Page Optimization

  • Create effective local landing pages that convert visitors
  • On-page SEO tips to increase organic traffic in local search
  • LocalBusiness Schema guide and template to maximize relevance signals

Phase 4: Growing Prominence

  • Step-by-step processes for optimizing social profiles
  • A complete list of general & niche citations to build
  • How to leverage press releases & local media outlets for SEO
  • Strategies for creating a successful and ongoing review campaign
  • How to diversify reviews & increase velocity to maximize review signals
  • Review generation strategies to get ongoing and automated reviews
  • Strategies and tactics to diversify reviews and maximize review velocity

On-going Optimizations

  • Grow visibility by improving topical relevance
  • How to create and leverage GMB Posts
  • Improve engagement signals with CTR optimization

Track Performance

  • How to interpret Google My Business Insights
  • Paid tools & guides to accurately track visibility

Bonus Content

Bonus #1: Multi-location / Service Areas

A step-by-step guide on building a scalable site structure with landing pages to maximize visibility in service areas outside your physical location.

Bonus #2: Create Powerful Copy

Improve how search engines understand your website’s content by creating powerful copy with semantic triples.

Bonus #3: Maximizing SERP Features

Leverage additional features in Google SERPs to maximize click potential and opportunities to convert customers.

My Guarantee

Once you’ve followed the GMB Framework process, you can expect to see results within 4 weeks. Often, results can be seen within 2 weeks.

If you’re not happy and feel that The GMB Framework didn’t provide any value after completing the course, I’ll give you a full refund.

Get Results

These recent wins detail visibility & rankings for a Google My Business listing around a set radius using Local Viking’s Geo Grid reports.

6-day before & after optimizations


6 days before optimizations


6 days after optimizations

7-day before & after optimizations


7 days before optimizations


7 days after optimizations

30-day before & after optimizations


30 days before optimizations


30 days after optimizations

14-day before & after optimizations


14 days before optimizations


14 days after optimizations

Rank 1 positions achieved for seed keyword in a 13 mile radius

An SEO case study from a client located in Champaign, IL

30-day rankings time-lapse for seed keyword

Google My Business geo grid report showing a growth in rankings over time after following the GMB Framework

Immediate Rank 1 & 2 positions after listing verification

St Charles SEO case study for a local business that achieved higher rankings with a Local SEO strategy.

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The GMB Framework

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course formatted?

The GMB Framework consists of 30+ modules with a mix of videos and easy to follow text-based processes.

Do I need a website for this to work?

Ultimately, it depends on your local market and competition.

If your competitors have a website, you’re likely going to need a website too. Regardless, I recommend having a website as it can only help. The steps outlined in The GMB Framework cover how to leverage both your GMB and your website to maximize visibility,. Additionally, you’ll learn how to audit competitor ranking factors in-depth to determine what your business needs whether you’re just starting out online or have bee around for years.

Does this framework work in other countries?

Yes, the tactics and strategies outlined in The GMB Framework can be applied anywhere whether in the United States, Canada, Australia, or other countries like the United Kingdom.

How will I receive access to the course?

Upon creating an account for The GMB Framework, you’ll be able to login and access the information at any time.

Can I use the framework for my business?

Yes, The GMB Framework was created as a result of working across many different niches, and uses repeatable processes that can generate results for any type of local business. This includes law firms, plumbers, roofers, marketing agencies, auto shops, car dealerships, and many other types of businesses.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Unfortunately, it’s not integrated as a payment option at this time to make things simple. However, payments via PayPal are accepted – just contact me directly because it requires some manual work on my end.

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