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An SEO Expert in Champaign That Provides Results

Dalton Luka SEO is an SEO agency located in Champaign that serves local businesses in Champaign County and surrounding areas. We’ve helped 100s of businesses generate more visibility, traffic, and leads with search engine optimization. Our company is located at 204 W Stanage Ave, Champaign, IL 61820 and offers a free 1-on-1 meeting to help you start generating more traffic and sales for your business.

Grow your organic visibility, traffic, and monthly leads in the Champaign-Urbana area. I have a proven process that I’ve used to grow many other local businesses. Let me show you how I can help by requesting an actionable SEO audit – I provide in-depth insights as to how to improve, and share the results I provided for other clients.

Look at this recent win for example…

This was a result of a Local SEO Campaign that resulted in some MASSIVE boosts in rankings.

An SEO case study from a client located in Champaign, IL..

This is maximum Google My Business visibility for a target keyword in a 13+ mile radius in Champaign-Urbana and surrounding areas.

Our SEO specialists work to improve your rankings on a monthly basis to increase your website traffic, and generate new business revenue. We’ll provide an initial setup service ongoing optimization services to improve your visibility in the Champaign, Illinois area to grow your business.

Request a Champaign SEO Audit

If you’re looking to maximize visibility and can handle more calls request an SEO Audit by contacting me.

Grow your rankings in Champaign or other areas in Illinois with Springfield SEO, get in touch.

You’ll see a form that requires some brief insights about your business…

Afterwards, I’ll review it and determine whether we’re a good fit for each other – I only take a on a limited number of clients.

If I believe we’re a good fit, I’ll reach out about helping your company with SEO.