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Dalton Luka is the founder of Dalton Luka SEO, a search engine optimization agency that is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri with locations throughout the Midwest. As an SEO professional, Dalton helps local businesses generate more customers and revenue. Dalton is also the owner of Phantom, a Google Chrome Extension that helps provide additional insights from Google Search and Maps for Local SEO audits.

I remember in 2017 when I graduated from college.

With a double major in business management and marketing, I felt absolutely lost. Like most graduates, I didn’t have much experience, and felt that I lacked a lot “on paper”. But I knew I wanted to do something with digital marketing.

I wanted to make a living online, and for me, here’s where it started…

A Google search for digital marketing certifications

That search led me to finding a lot of Google products and CRMs.

So I started with a Google Analytics certification, and that got me on the path to search engine optimization.

Personal Growth

After building up some digital marketing knowledge from certifications, I felt that I had enough experience to make a difference, but I still wasn’t looking too great on paper.

So, I volunteered at a nonprofit to help with their digital marketing efforts.

At the time, they had a poorly designed Wix site that wasn’t getting any traffic, and their social media profiles were getting 0 engagement.

Here’s what I accomplished:

  • Increased overall social media engagement by an average of 34%
  • Averaged 40% monthly growth in followers on Instagram
  • Grew Facebook following by a total of 18%
  • Redesigned the website which lead to their first website leads

With that, I felt confident that I had a good understanding of what it took to create a digital foundation for local businesses, which I knew many local business owners struggled with.

Building a Career

After having some success, I decided to apply to a couple digital marketing agencies.

I got SHOT DOWN (but I now outrank both of those “SEO agencies”)

Eventually, I got a call back from a startup agency, VIE Media.

We were all about the same age and understood 2 things very well:

  • How to build a brand online
  • Many local business owners struggle with digital marketing

After a couple months of managing clients, I started establishing some repeatable processes that got clients RESULTS.

My first big win was helping a plumbing company.

Dalton helped me 2x my Revenue from last year with an SEO strategy that leveraged Local SEO with PPC, Local Service Ads, and On-Page SEO. I’m currently hiring two additional employees, getting a new service vehicle, and looking into expanding our service area. Greg G.

I still remember sitting down with him during our meeting – it was fantastic to feel GOOD about work. After that, we started focusing more on the home services niche, and I got my second big win…

A Local SEO case study for a custom home builder who is ranking #1 and #2 for some of their target keywords.

The consistent results eventually led to expanding our services at the time, raising our prices for projects, and becoming a partner at the agency.

I was handling a lot of organic and paid social media marketing at the time, creating client proposals, managing existing client communications / reporting, overseeing web design and content creation, attending every sales meeting.

It was A LOT.

Eventually, I made the decision to solely focus on SEO and hopped agencies in 2019.

Getting Traction

Consistently focusing on what’s working and producing results is what drives success.

And at the new agency, I did exactly that.

This also allowed me to free up my schedule and start growing my personal brand which I created early on in 2018, which started with developing my own site from scratch.

There was a lot to learn – CSS, PHP, Template Hierarchy, and even a bit of JavaScript.

BUT I knew I wanted to help local business owners and other SEOs…

And I launched this site, along with several other successful lead gen websites like CalculateMyCase.com.

With some supporting content revolving around sharing templates and processes, I began getting traction.


After perfecting some of my processes at the agency, I decided to step away from the agency life – it just wasn’t for me.

But F*** do I miss having access to a few 100 Google Business Profiles.

Instead, I wanted to niche down and focus on helping others in the Local SEO space. Since then, I’ve grown this site to 20K+ monthly visitors, launched the Phantom GMB Audit Tool for Chrome, and created The GMB Framework – a step-by-step SEO course to maximize local visibility and leads with a Google Business Profile.

Backed by TONs of case studies over a 5-year period, you can bet that this process consistently generates results.

Get access to The GMB Framework, and learn how to consistently rank in Google’s Local 3-Pack.

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