A Scientific Approach to SEO Services

Reliable SEO services designed to scale traffic that converts.

There are billions of searches performed by users looking for products, services, or simply needing answers to questions.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of organic traffic from search engines to website or webpage.

Our scientific approach to SEO services means that our strategies are backed by thorough research and testing, which means accurate optimizations and faster keyword rankings.

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The 10-Step SEO Process

The key to a a successful search engine optimization strategy is a well-defined and scalable process that starts with understanding your business goals.

Work with an SEO professional to define your business goals, and translate them in a successful SEO strategy.

Every strategy begins with an SEO Audit that allows for the understanding of how a website is crawled, indexed, and receives traffic in order to identify easy wins and build a long-term plan.

Analyzing the competition makes it possible to establish a baseline, and gain insights into how competitors are leveraging SEO. Understanding the competitive landscape allows SEOs to consult on how to differentiate and create offers that incentive conversions.

An in-depth analysis of keywords makes it possible to identify opportunities and set up KPIs for the SEO campaign. A combination of SEO tools makes this process extremely efficient, creating a scalable process that achieves long-term organic traffic growth.

An SEO strategist uses insights provided by keyword research, and “maps” them to target pages intended to rank for specific keywords. This makes it possible to prioritize the optimization of existing web pages, how to prioritize the creation of new webpages, and ongoing documentation to understand how each web page fits into the SEO plan.

From our keyword research and mapping process, making on-page optimizations are made to start moving the needle on keyword rankings.

Building prominence is what truly makes an SEO strategy competitive. This includes auditing social media profiles and directory listings (for local businesses) in order quickly generate quality signals to new webpages, and have a reliable and immediate source of traffic for content.

Creating optimized and targeted content on a frequent basis generates new opportunities to receive organic traffic and rank for new relevant keywords.

Understanding how optimizations and new content is performing is essential to a successful SEO campaign. The performance of web pages are regularly monitored through Google Analytics and Google Search Console to understand opportunities for improvements.

Steps 3 – 9 are repeated to identify new keyword opportunities and create relevant content that converts website visitors.