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About the Audit

The SEO audit will provide a high level overview of your website’s health. Some of the things included are:

Page Titles

Page titles are a ranking factor that send relevancy signals to the algorithm (and users) of a page’s topic.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions provides additional context to searchers with a brief preview or intro of the page.

Heading Tags

Heading tags are another ranking factor and relevancy signal. Similar to an essay, they communicate structure to both users and search engines. Using Screaming Frog's Crawl Overview Report for as a Technical and On-page SEO Audit. This audit highlights errors from a top-level view, making it actionable. Fixing errors found in this audit is often the first step to improving SEO. Once, I’ve provided you with the audit, I help explain its contents. From there, we can develop a long-term plan of action.