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SEO Templates

Use these SEO Templates to increase organic traffic, conversions, and sales.

Generate more visibility, traffic, and sales with using these SEO Templates that I’ve used to generate 1000s of additional visitors from organic traffic.

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Website Audit Template

Export Screaming Frog into this SEO Audit template to get actionable insights on how to improve.

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SEO Audit Checklist

Use this SEO audit checklist to run an in-depth SEO audit, and set a foundation for a long-term search engine optimization strategy.

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Keyword Mapping Template

Export a content gap analysis of key competitors, and use this template to map keywords to target pages and prioritize content with Ahrefs or SEMrush.

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On-page SEO Audit Template

Use this On-page SEO Audit Template to get an in-depth analysis of on-page ranking factors by benchmarking against top ranking competitors.

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Google My Business Optimization Template

Audit competitor Google My Business listings to find opportunities to improve relevance and prominence signals.

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SEO On-boarding Template

Get my SEO On-boarding template to request and document required client information for a streamlined onboarding process.

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E-A-T Audit Template

Improve on-page ranking factors such as keyword targeting, meta tags, headings, and internal links.

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