Google My Business Category List (AND Descriptions)

Last Updated: June 9, 2020

There are 100s of Google My Business (GMB) categories, and a lot of them can seem a bit vague. In Fact, there are over 3,000 categories, and Google doesn’t exactly provide any help on choosing what is best.

Use this Google My Business Category List and their descriptions to help guide your Local SEO efforts.

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Here’s the list AND (most of) their descriptions…

List of Google Business Categories

ATMAn ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is a device, accessible through a bank
card and identification code, that allows bank customers to perform certain
financial transactions without human assistance/interaction. An ATM can be
located within a bank, business, or on a public street, and some are
accessible past regular business hours.
ATV DealerA shop that sells quad bikes, which are four wheel drive vehicles smaller
than cars and typically used for recreational purposes.
ATV Repair ShopA service that fixes broken or damaged all terrain vehicles.
Abortion ClinicA medical facility that specializes in abortion, the termination of
pregnancy. Counselling and general advice on family planning can also be
offered. The clinic may be public or private.
Abrasives SupplierA company that manufactures abrasive materials such as sandpaper, pumice,
or emery, used for cleaning, smoothing, or polishing
Abundant Life ChurchA place of worship for those who follow the Christian teaching of the
Abundant Life, as laid down by Oral Roberts.
AccountantPerson or business that specializes in accounting and tax preparation.
AccountingAny entity related to the practice of accounting, including accountants,
accounting schools, etc.
Accounting SchoolAn institution where people receive training on how to become an accountant.
Acoustical ConsultantTrained professional in recommending solutions to sound problems and
designing facilities to meet specific sound criteria.
Acupuncture ClinicFacility that specializes in acupuncture treatment.
Acupuncture Schoolundefined
Acura DealerAn establishment that sells or leases new and/or used Acura vehicles.
Addiction Treatment CenterFacility that specializes in treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, or other
problems related to addiction.
AddressAn association of a location with an address, with no other information.
*Note:* Do not use this to map houses, buildings and plots of land.
Administrative Areaundefined
Adoption AgencyAn organisation that coordinates placing children who have been put up for
adoption with suitable adoptive parents.
Adult Day Care Centerundefined
Adult Education SchoolSchool which offers classes specifically for adult students.
Adult EntertainmentBusiness that specializes in entertainment of a sexual nature.
Adult Entertainment ClubA club that includes a sexually arousing element such as strippers or
scantily clad waiters / waitresses. Does not offer sex.
Adult Entertainment StoreRetailer that sells goods of a sexual nature.
Adult Foster Care Serviceundefined
Advertising AgencyBusiness that produces advertisements for distribution to the media or
other venues.
Aerobics Instructorundefined
Aerospace Companyundefined
Afghani RestaurantA restaurant serving Afghan food.
African Goods StoreA retail shop selling items imported from Africa.
African RestaurantA restaurant serving African food.
After School ProgramA service providing care and typically educational activities for school
children in the afternoon after school has finished.
Agricultural / Farm landsLand used for farming and agricultural production.
Agricultural ServiceAny person or company who provides a service that is of use to farmers.
Does not include providers of livestock feed (see ‘feedstore’).
AgricultureThe production, processing and marketing of foods and other byproducts of
plants and animals.
Aikido SchoolA school of or venue for practicing the Japanese form of martial arts
called Aikido.
Air Compressor Repair ServiceAn establishment that specializes in repairing air compressors.
Air Compressor SupplierA company that supplies or services air compressors which may be used to
drive pneumatic tools or for filling tyres.
Air Conditioning ContractorAn establishment that produces and / or installs air conditioning systems
in homes or businesses. Air conditioners keep the air at a chosen
Air Conditioning Repair ServiceA person or establishment that repairs air conditioners.
Air Duct Cleaning ServiceAn establishment that contracts to take out the dust and debris from air
ducts. Air ducts are the pipes or passages through which cooled or heated
air travels through a building or home.
Air Filter Supplierundefined
Air Force BaseA facility for activities relating to the Air Force, a branch of the
country’s defence forces.
Air Traffic Control TowerA building at an airport from which a team of workers directs the movements
of airplanes around an airport or between airports.
Airbrushing ServiceAn service that paints onto photographs, vehicles, artwork or manufactured
items. An airbrush is a miniature, handheld paint sprayer, powered by
compressed air or other gas, used for delicate, artistic painting.
Airbrushing Supply StoreA retail shop that sells supplies and equipment used when airbrushing.
Airbrushing is spraying paint by means of compressed air such as aerosol
cans or spray guns.
Aircraft Rental ServiceA company that owns aircraft and provides either aircraft for hire or a
service including the aircraft and a pilot.
Aircraft Supply StoreA retail shop that sells gear and equipment used by aviators. These shops
might also sell aircraft parts.
AirlineAn airline is a company that provides air transportation for passengers and
AirplaneAn airplane on display in a museum.
AirportPlace where aircraft such as fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and blimps
take off and land.
Airport HotelA hotel that is located in or near an airport. Accommodations should be
private rooms.
Airport Parking LotA parking facility generally located near or in airports where air
travellers can leave their car for a period of time in a secure environment.
Airport Shuttle ServiceA service that provides transportation to or from an airport to a place or
places of accommodation. May be a taxi, a van or bus. Depending on the
business, the service can be private or public.
Airsoft Supply StoreA retail shop that sells equipment used in the playing airsoft. Airsoft is
a game in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with
spherical non-metallic pellets launched via replica firearms called Airsoft
AirstripA strip or land used for the taking off and landing of planes. Depending on
the location, the strip can be public or private.
Airstrip / Runwayundefined
Alcoholism Treatment ProgramA health care facility providing therapy for alcohol abuse.
AllergistDoctor specialized in diagnosing and treating allergies
Alliance ChurchA branch of the Christian and Missionary Alliance ( C&MA ), an evangelical
Protestant denomination within Christianity
Alsace RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Alsace region of France.
Alternative Fuel StationStations for fueling up automobiles that run on fuels other than petroleum.
Some examples of alternative fuels are biodiesel, compressed natural gas,
electricity, ethanol, and hydrogen.
Alternative MedicineIn Western culture, alternative medicine is any healing practice that does
not fall within the realm of conventional medicine” or “that which has not
been shown consistently to be effective.” Commonly cited examples include
naturopathy, chiropractic, herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine, Unani,
Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, hypnosis, homeopathy, and
Alternative Medicine PractitionerA practitioner of healing methods that are not part of standardized
medical care. Examples of alternative medicine are aromatherapy,
reflexology, accupuncture, homeopathy.
Alternator Supplierundefined
Aluminum SupplierA company that manufactures aluminium.
Aluminum Welderundefined
Ambulance ServiceEmergency service for the transport of patients to hospitals
American Football FieldA playing field for american football.
American RestaurantRestaurant serving typical American food, e.g. hamburgers and fries
Amish Furniture StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling new and/or used Amish
Ammunition Supplierundefined
AmphitheaterAn area with a stage and sloping seating for spectators. It can either be
open-air or indoors.
Amusement CenterA place intended for recreation where a game or several games may be
offered, such as mini golf, laser tag, or ten pin bowling.
Amusement Machine Supplierundefined
Amusement ParkCommercially-operated park that offers rides, shows, entertainment and
other attractions.
Amusement Park RideA ride in a commercially-operated amusement or theme park, such as a roller
coaster or carousel.
Amusement Ride SupplierA company that manufactures or distributes equipment for use at recreation
centres, video game arcades or for gambling.
Anago RestaurantA Japanese restaurant that specializes in conger eel, usually served in the
form of tempura, sushi and kabayaki.
Andalusian RestaurantA restaurant serving food form the Spanish region of Andalusia.
AnesthesiologistA medical specialist who administers anesthetics prior to, during, or after
surgery, or other medical procedures. The anesthesiologist may administer
general anesthesia (putting the patient to sleep), localized or regional
anesthesia (numbing a part of the body ) or sedation to relieve pain or
anxiety. The anesthesiologist also monitors and sustains vital functions.
Angler Fish RestaurantA Japanese restaurant that specializes in angler fish, usually cooked in
soups or stews.
Anglican ChurchA place of worship for Anglicans. The Anglican Communion is a Christian
Animal Control ServiceA business or government service which assists with wild animals, dangerous
animals, or animals in distress.
Animal Feed StoreAn establishment or shop that provides food for livestock.
Animal HospitalFacility that provides general and specialized veterinary care on both an
in-patient (overnight) and out-patient basis.
Animal Protection OrganizationGroup of people dedicated to the protection of domestic or wild animals
Animal Rescue ServiceAn organization that is dedicated to pet adoption and takes unwanted,
abandoned, abused, or stray pets and attempts to find suitable homes for
Animal ShelterA facility that houses homeless, lost, or abandoned (typically domestic)
AnimalsPerson, business or organization that provides goods and/or services for or
relating to animals.
Antique Furniture Restoration ServiceAn establishment that specializes in the restoration and repair of antique
Antique Furniture StoreA retail shop selling collectible interior furnishings of considerable age.
Antique StoreRetailer that sells old items that are of interest to buyers because of
their age, rarity, artistic value or sentimental value.
Apartment BuildingBuilding containing multiple residential units that are available for
long-term rent by the public.
Apartment ComplexA collection of several apartment buildings containing apartments.
Apartment Rental AgencyBusiness that helps people rent apartments from other people or businesses.
Apostolic ChurchA place of worship for followers of the Apostolic Church, a Christian
Appliance Parts SupplierAn establishment that specializes in selling appliance parts.
Appliance Repair ServicePerson or business that specializes in repair of household appliances (for
example, refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, etc).
Appliance StoreRetailer that sells household appliances (for example, refrigerators,
stoves, washers, dryers, etc).
AppliancesBusinesses that sell, repair, maintain or provide services for devices that
are designed to perform a single task, typically a domestic one.
AppraiserAn establishment that specializes in determining the value of some
property. The property could include, for example, real estate, jewelry,
antiques, or imports.
AquariumPlace that exhibits fish and other aquatic life for the purpose of
education or entertainment.
ArboretumA botanical garden containing living collections of woody plants intended
at least partly for scientific study.
Archaeological MuseumAn institution that collects and displays artifacts from previous
Archaeological SiteA location where scientists study evidence of human activity in the distant
Archery RangeA place where the sport of archery is either practiced or taught.
Archery StoreA retail shop selling equipment and accessories used when doing archery.
Archery involves propelling arrows with a bow.
ArchitectPerson or business that specializes in designing buildings.
Architectural Salvage StoreA retail shop that specializes in selling unique antiques, historical
architectural pieces, stained glass, and other things.
Architecture SchoolEducational institute teaching the art and practice of designing and
constructing buildings.
ArenaAn enclosed area, often circular or oval-shaped and surrounded by seats for
spectators, where events such as theater performances, musical
performances, public debates, or sporting events are held.
Argentinian RestaurantA restaurant serving Argentinian food.
Armenian ChurchA branch of the Armenian Apostolic Church.
Armenian RestaurantA restaurant serving Armenian food.
Army & Navy Surplus ShopA retail establishment that specializes in army, navy and military goods or
Army FacilityAny facility that is used primarily by the military (armed forces)
including the Airforce (RAAF), navy and the army itself.
Army MuseumAn institution that educates on the historical participation of armed
forces through collected artifacts and exhibits.
Aromatherapy ServiceAromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant
materials, known as essential oils, and similar aromatic compounds from
plants, for the purpose of improving a person’s mood, cognitive function or
Aromatherapy Supply StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling aromatherapy supplies.
ArtThe expression or application of human creative skill and imagination,
typically in a visual form such as painting, sculpture or text.
Art CenterA centre for art, could include art classes, art communities, or art
galleries etc.
Art GalleryPlace that exhibits works of art for the purpose of education,
entertainment or sale.
Art MuseumAn institution that collects and displays works of art. The art is
generally not for sale.
Art Restoration ServiceA person or establishment that repairs and/or restores old or damaged works
of art.
Art SchoolAn educational institution with a primary focus on the visual arts,
especially illustration, painting, photography, sculpture, and graphic
design. The term applies to institutions with elementary, secondary,
post-secondary or undergraduate, or graduate or postgraduate programs in
these areas.
Art Supply StoreA retail shop that sells equipment and supplies used in the creation of
visual art (with the exception of photography).
Artificial Plant SupplierA company that manufactures or sells artificial plants. Artificial plants
may be longer lasting and require less maintenance than real plants and may
be used in an office or in the home.
ArtistPerson or organization involved in producing works of art, including
performing arts like theater, music and dance.
Arts OrganizationOrganization (typically non-profit) dedicated to promoting the advancement
of various arts
Asbestos Testing ServiceAn establishment that checks buildings and homes for asbestos. Asbestos is
a set of six naturally occurring silicate minerals which were used
commercially and can cause serious illnesses.
AshramAn ashram is a spiritual hindu hermitage.
Asian Fusion RestaurantA restaurant serving Asian Fusion food.
Asian Grocery StoreEstablishment for the retail sale of unprepared Asian/Oriental food.
Asian Highwayundefined
Asian Massage TherapistA person who specializes in massage techniques developed in Asia.
Asian RestaurantRestaurant which serves food prepared Asian style.
Asphalt ContractorA tradesman or business that can be contracted to pave roads or driveways
with asphalt. Also called bitumen, asphalt is the most commonly used road
surface. An asphalt contractor is a person or establishment that provides
and deposits the asphalt and forms it using tool such as a steam roller.
Assemblies of God Churchundefined
Assisted Living FacilityA facility that provides a place to live and medical care for people (such
as elderly or disabled people) who need help with daily activities but do
not require the 24-hour medical care provided by a nursing home.
Association or OrganizationGroups of individuals with common interest, purpose, or activity.
Asturian RestaurantA food establishment that specializes in serving Asturian cuisine. Asturia
is an autonomous community in Spain.
Athletic FieldMan-made field (indoor or outdoor) on which team sports are played
Athletic TrackA rubberized artificial running surface where track and field athletic
sports, such as running or hurdles, can be played.
Attorney Referral ServiceA service that provides advice and contact details for legal services
relevant to a person or individual.
AttractionA location of popular interest.
Auction HouseAn establishment that specializes in the selling of goods or services
through bids. Commonly, the auction house is a third-party facilitating the
sale but is not the provider of goods or services.
Audi DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Audi vehicles.
Audio Visual ConsultantAn individual or establishment that specializes in giving professional
advice on audio visual equipment.
Audio Visual Equipment Rental Serviceundefined
Audio Visual Equipment Repair ServiceEstablishment that specializes in providing audio visual equipment repairs
and services.
Audio Visual Equipment SupplierAn establishment that manufactures, sells, hires or installs audiovisual
equipment. For example, home theatres, studio equipment, lighting, lasers,
AudiologistAn audiologist is a healthcare professional specializing in identifying,
diagnosing, treating and monitoring disorders of the auditory and
vestibular system portions of the ear.
AuditoriumArea of a theatre or concert hall where the audience sits. Also, a small
theater or concert hall.
Australian RestaurantA restaurant serving Australian food.
Austrian RestaurantA restaurant serving Austrian food.
Authentic Japanese RestaurantA restaurant specializing in serving authentic japanese cuisine.
Auto AuctionA car auction is a type of auction house that specifically sells cars.
Often these will be ex-fleet cars that were used by government or large
businesses on a temporary lease.
Auto Body Parts SupplierAn establishment that supplies auto body parts and accessories to merchants.
Auto Body ShopEstablishment specialized in auto body work (e.g. removing dents)
Auto BrokerAn individual who manages the process of buying a car on the behalf of a
Auto Dent Removal ServiceAn establishment or individual who specialize in the repair and removal of
automotive dents.
Auto Electrical ServicePerson or business that specializes in the maintenance or repair of
automotive electrical systems.
Auto Glass ShopPerson or business that specializes in the installation, maintenance or
repair of automative glass (for example, windows and windshields).
Auto Insurance AgencyBusiness that sells automotive insurance policies.
Auto Machine ShopAn establishment that specializes in installing and/or providing automotive
Auto Parts StoreRetailer that sells automotive parts.
Auto Radiator Repair ServiceService which repairs car radiators.
Auto Repair ShopEstablishment specialized in automobile repairs (engine, brakes, etc.)
Auto Restoration ServiceAn establishment that returns old or damaged cars to its original state.
Auto Spring ShopAn establishment that repairs or sells and installs auto springs, also
called shock absorbers or suspension, which allow a car or other vehicle to
traverse bumpy terrain.
Auto Sunroof ShopAn establishment that specializes in the installation, service and repair
of automobil sunroofs.
Auto Tag AgencyAn establishment that specializes in the processing, renewals, decals and
titles of auto or boat licences.
Auto Tune Up ServiceAn establishment or individual who specializes in maximizes the performance
capabilities as well as general service to automobiles.
Auto UpholstererAn establishment who specializes in installation, repair and service of
auto upholstery.
Auto Wreckerperson or establishment specialized in the demolition or dismantling of
disused vehicles
Automobile Storage Facilityundefined
AutomotiveAny company providing services, parts or dealership related to
engine-powered vehicles.
AviationBusinesses or infrastructure related to operating flying aircrafts.
Aviation ConsultantA person or business that specializes in providing consulting services
related to the design, development, production, operation, and use of
aircrafts. Services an aviation consultant may provide to a company include
air charter logistics, route, fleet and schedule analysis, operational and
payload analysis, operational control and performance tracking, cost
analysis and control, aircraft selection, location and ferrying, and
management consultation for start-up airlines worldwide.
Awning SupplierAn awning is an extendable canopy made of canvas to shelter people or
things from rain or sun.
BMW DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used BMW vehicles.
BMW Motorcycle Dealerundefined
Baby Clothing StoreA store that specializes in clothing for babies.
Baby StoreRetailer that sells goods for babies (for example, baby clothes).
Badminton CourtPlaying field for the game of badminton, with a net and right markings.
Bagel ShopBakery that specializes in baking and selling bagels, ring-shaped bread
originally from Eastern Europe.
Bahá’í House of WorshipA place of worship for those of the Bahá’í Faith.
Bail Bonds ServiceA service that pledges money as bail for the appearance of a person accused
in court.
Bait ShopA shop that sells bait and tackle which are used to lure fish while fishing.
BakeryA workplace that specializes in making or selling baked goods (for example,
breads, cakes and pastries).
Baking Supply StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling baking supplies and equipment.
Ballet SchoolA dance school for all ages that specializes in the instruction of ballet
dancing, either classical ballet, jazz ballet, or modern ballet.
Balloon ArtistA performer who uses balloons as a primary prop for entertainment.
Balloon Ride Tour AgencyA tour company that organizes trips in hot air balloons.
Balloon StoreA store that sells balloons and possibly other party goods, for use in
parties or promotions for example.
BallroomA ballroom is a large room inside a building, the designated purpose of
which is holding large formal parties called balls. Traditionally, most
balls were held in private residences; many mansions contain one or more
Ballroom Dance InstructorPerson or school specialized in teaching dances where two people are
partnered, for example waltz, tango, cha cha, etc.
Bangladeshi RestaurantA restaurant serving Bangladeshi food.
BankA financial institution that offers the facility of checking, saving,
and/or current accounts for the general public to deposit and withdraw
Bank or ATMBusiness or automatic banking machine where the public can access financial
Banking and FinanceBusiness or organization that provides services related to management of
Bankruptcy AttorneyA lawyer specialised in dealing with bankruptcy laws.
Bankruptcy ServicePerson or organization that specializes in counseling for individuals and
businesses that are considering bankruptcy or other forms of debt relief.
Banner StoreStore which sells custom-made banners and signs.
Banquet HallA function hall or banquet hall is a room or building for the purpose of
hosting a banquet.
Baptist ChurchA place of worship for Baptist, a group of Christian denominations that
believe in baptizing self-professed believers (as opposed to baptizing
BarA business in part dedicated to serving alcoholic drinks to be consumed
Bar & GrillA place where alcoholic drinks and grilled food are served.
Bar Stool Supplierundefined
Barbecue RestaurantRestaurant specialized in food cooked over a gas or wood grill, typically
with a spicy (hot) taste.
Barber Schoolundefined
Barber ShopEstablishment that specializes in haircuts, shaving and other grooming
services for men.
Barber Supply StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling barber supplies and equipment.
Bark Supplierundefined
BarnAn agricultural covered building used to house livestock, keep farming
equipment, and store crops.
Barrel Supplierundefined
BarristerA lawyer qualified to plead for a client in court.
Bartending Schoolundefined
BaseballBusiness related to the baseball sport, by managing clubs, or providing
facilities or services to exercise the sport.
Baseball ClubA team of professional baseball players.
Baseball FieldArea dedicated for playing baseball.
Basket Supplierundefined
BasketballBusiness related to the basketball sport, by managing clubs, or providing
facilities or services to exercise the sport.
Basketball ClubA team of professional basketball players that can be professional or
Basketball CourtPlaying field for the game of Basket ball
Basketball Court ContractorAn establishment that specializes in constructing and/or repairing
basketball courts.
Basque RestaurantA restaurant that prepares and serves food typical for the Basque country,
a region in northern Spain.
Bathroom RemodelerA person or establishment that installs and repairs bathroom equipment such
as baths, showers, toilets, tiles and accessories.
Bathroom Supply StoreA shop that sells bathroom equipment such as baths, showers, toilets, tiles
and accessories.
Batting Cage CenterEnclosed area (typically with netting) where a person can practice batting
techniques with a baseball bat, hitting a ball thrown by a machine.
Battle SiteArea where a historical battle has been fought.
BayAn ocean subdivision formed by a coastal indentation. Includes coves and
BeachThe shore of a body of water, especially when sandy or pebbly.
Beach Entertainment ShopA store that sells recreational items for the beach ie: balls, tubes, etc.
Beach ResortArea that provides lodging and recreation activities for people to relax
and rest, located on a beach front, or close to a beach.
Bead StoreA shop that sells beads for decorative use, as in jewelry or clothing.
Bead WholesalerAn establishment that sells beads in large quantities to be retailed by
Bearing SupplierA shop that sells metal bearings which are used in industry to prevent
friction in moving parts.
BeautyPerson or business that provides goods and/or services relating to grooming
or personal appearance.
Beauty SalonEstablishment that specializes in non-surgical cosmetic treatments (for
example, nail care or hair removal) for men and women.
Beauty SchoolSchool that specializes in teaching hairdressing, make-up and other
cosmetic techniques.
Beauty Supply StoreRetailer that sells supplies, equipment and accessories for use in beauty
Bed & BreakfastBusiness that provides short-term lodging and breakfast for travelers in a
small establishment. This is different from a hotel in that a bed and
breakfast is often located in a private home or home-like facility where
rooms are rented on a per-night basis.
Bed ShopA retail shop that sells beds, mattresses, and other similar accessories.
Bedding StoreStore that specializes in making and/or selling linens and sheets used on
Bedroom Furniture StoreA store that specializes in selling furniture for the bedroom, including
beds, dressers, wardrobes, armoires, etc. They do not necessarily sell
Beer DistributorA distributor that sells beer products to retailers/restaurants
Beer StoreA retail store that specializes in selling beer.
Belgian RestaurantA restaurant serving Belgian food.
Berry RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Berry region of France.
Beverage Distributorundefined
BeveragesBusinesses whose operations involve beverages, for selling, serving or
Bible Churchundefined
Bicycle RackA device to which bicycles can be securely attached or locked.
Bicycle Rental ServiceService where people can pay to use a bicycle for a predetermined amount of
Bicycle Repair ShopBusiness that specializes in bicycle maintenance and repair.
Bicycle RouteA designated bicycle route, whose segments may consist of any combination
of bicycle paths, bicycle lanes, or city streets.
Bicycle StoreRetailer that sells bicycles, bicycle parts and related accessories.
Bike Sharing StationPick-up and return location of bicycles rented through a bicycle-sharing or
bicycle-hire system. It is typically one or more bicycle racks or poles
with a computer system to pay for and unlock each bicycle.
Billiards Supply StoreA shop that sells tables and equipment for the games of billiards and pool.
Bingo HallA place where people play a game by marking on a preprinted card the
numbers called by a host. These numbers are drawn randomly from a set of
small balls.
Biofeedback TherapistA medical professional who trains patients to control physiological
processes such as muscle tension, blood pressure, or heart rate.
Biotechnology CompanyBiotechnology is technology based on biology, agriculture, food science,
and medicine. Modern use of the term refers to genetic engineering as well
as cell- and tissue culture technologies. A biotechnology company
undertakes research in these areas.
Bird Control ServiceAn establishment that deters pest birds from landing, roosting and nesting.
Bird ShopA retail store that sells pet birds.
Bird Watching AreaArea where people can watch migratory or local birds in their natural
Birth Centerundefined
Birth Certificate Serviceundefined
Birth Control Centerundefined
BistroA bistro is a place where food is sold to be eaten on premises, similar to
a restaurant but generally less expensive. A bistro is part of a larger
business, for example a pub. Food is in general traditional western cooking
such as braised meats and vegetables.
BlacksmithA blacksmith is a person who creates objects from iron or steel by forging
the metal; i.e., by using tools to hammer, bend, and cut. Blacksmiths
produce things like wrought iron gates, grills, railings, light fixtures,
furniture, sculpture, tools, agricultural implements, decorative and
religious items, cooking utensils, horseshoes and weapons.
Blood BankFacility for storing blood or blood components, gathered as a result of
blood donation, stored and preserved for later use in blood transfusion.
Blood Donation CenterA facility that withdraws blood from people who have volunteered to donate
it. The blood is treated and used for all kinds of medical procedures.
Blood Testing Serviceundefined
Blueprint ServiceA technical drawing service of designs and layouts.
Blues ClubA lounge or bar with live performances of blues music.
Board of Educationundefined
Boarding HouseA building where people typically rent one or more rooms for an extended
period of time and share common areas with others, such as a kitchen,
living room or washroom.
Boat BuildersA person or company skilled in the construction or design of boats.
Boat ClubBoat club for rowing, motor boats, and general boating enthusiasts.
Boat Cover SupplierA company that sells protective covers that are customized to particular
sizes and shapes of boats and are used when the boats are not in the water.
Boat DealerAn establishment that specializes in selling boats and boating accessories.
Boat RampAn area where a road continues down into a body of water so that boats on
trailers can be backed into the water and launched.
Boat Rental ServiceBusiness that rents boats to the public.
Boat Repair ShopEstablishment which repairs boats.
Boat Storage FacilityPlace where boats are stored on land.
Boat Tour AgencyService where people can pay to get on a boat and visit an area surrounding
the body of water, accessible only by water, or the body of water itself,
usually with commentary from a member of the crew.
Boat Trailer DealerAn establishment that sells trailers that are used to transport boats by
Boating InstructorA person or company that provides training in the theory and practice of
boating, which includes sailing and motor boats.
Bocce Ball CourtA designated area upon which a ball sport belonging to the boules sports
family can be played.
Body ArtsBusinesses specialized in art made on, with, or consisting of, the human
body. The most common forms of body art are tattoos and body piercings.
Body Piercing ShopAn establishment that will pierce parts of a person’s body (other than the
earlobes) for the purpose of adorning with jewels or other ornamentation.
Bonsai Plant Supplierundefined
Book PublisherA book publishing company usually controls the advertising and marketing of
particular books and authors. In many companies, editing, proofreading,
layout, design and other aspects of the production process are done by
Book StoreRetailer that sells books, magazines and/or other printed material.
BookbinderPerson or place that binds books by attaching individual pages to a spine
and adding the front and back covers.
Bookkeeping ServiceBookkeepers record financial transactions such as the sales, purhases,
income and payments made by a person or establishment. A bookkeeper is
different from an accountant because they only record transactions, they do
not report on them.
Boot Repair ShopAn establishment that specializes in repairing boots.
Boot StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling boots.
Border Crossing StationArea where people must identify themselves (systematically or upon request)
before crossing into another country.
Botanical GardenGarden where plants and flowers have been arranged for a visual effect or
for an educational purpose. Section of the garden can be devoted to local
trees, plants and flowers or to those of other countries such as a Chinese
garden, an English garden, etc.
Bottle & Can Redemption CenterA facility that processes the materials in discarded bottles and aluminium
cans for reuse.
Bottled Water SupplierA company that produces bottled water, typically sold in small plastic
bottles. The water may be taken from a natural spring (called springwater)
or may be filtered water from another source.
BoutiqueA boutique is a small shop that specializes in elite and fashionable items
such as clothing and jewelry.
Boutique HotelSmaller, usually luxurious or quirky hotel.
Bowling AlleyVenue where the public can play bowling games.
Bowling Supply ShopAn establishment that specializes in selling bowling balls, shoes, and
other supplies.
Box Lunch SupplierA food establishment that sells a pre-determined combination of prepared
foods for lunch.
Boxing GymFitness center where people train in the art of boxing techniques,
individually or by practicing with a coach or an opponent.
Brake ShopAn establishment that specialises in the repair or sale of brake and clutch
equipment in cars.
BrasserieA brasserie is a French restaurant with a relaxed, upscale setting, which
serves single dishes and other meals. A brasserie can be expected to have
professional service, printed menus, and, traditionally, white linen.
Brazilian RestaurantRestaurant specialized in Brazilian cuisine and food.
Breakfast RestaurantRestaurant specialized in serving breakfasts or opened in the morning for
BreweryEstablishment where beer and other malt-based beverage are made.
Brewing Supply StoreA shop that provides equipment and products required for brewing beer at
BrewpubAn eating and drinking establishment, usually a restaurant, that
specializes in serving beers and which brews beer on the premises.
Bridal ShopStore that specializes in making and selling wedding dresses as well as
wedding-related clothing and accessories for the bridal party and groom.
BridgeAn elevated structure that allows the crossing of a body of water (in the
strictest definition) or that allows someone to go from one point to
another by going over buildings, roads, tracks or land (strictly called
viaducts, overpasses, fly-overs, etc.)
Bridge ClubA club that arranges games of bridge, a card game for two teams of two
British RestaurantA restaurant serving British food.
Broad Gauge Trackundefined
Brunch RestaurantRestaurant specialized in serving meals combining breakfast and lunch
dishes, served individually or placed on a buffet, or opened in the morning
and early afternoon.
Bubble TeaA store which sells bubble tea.
Buddhist TempleA place of worship for people who follow the religion or philosophy of
Budget HotelHotel with lower price and less amenities and services than other
full-scale hotels.
Buffet RestaurantRestaurant where for a fixed price the food is placed on hot or cold
serving tables and stands for people to choose what they want and eat it at
their table.
Buick DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Buick vehicles.
BuilderA tradesman who is skilled in various building techniques. May work alone
or in a team for housing construction or be employed by a construction
BuildingAn enclosed structure that usually (but not always) has a roof, walls and
windows, e.g. a house, a factory or a gas station.
Building Materials StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling building materials, products,
or equipment that are used in construction.
Building Materials SupplierAn establishment that sepcializes in supplying building materials.
Building Restoration ServiceA person or establishment specialized in the restoration of buildings and
features, for example in repairing old or faded stone and plaster, or in
reproducing ornate features.
Building SocietyA financial institution, owned by its members, that offers mortgages for
real estate and sometimes other banking services.
Built Up AreaTerrain that looks populated.
Bulgarian RestaurantA restaurant serving Bulgarian food.
Burglar Alarm StoreA store that sells home security products such as burglar alarms and
Burmese RestaurantA restaurant serving Burmese food.
Burrito RestaurantA Mexican restaurant that specializes in burritos.
Bus CharterAn establishment that leases out buses or buses with drivers for temporary
use. For example a bus might be chartered for a corporate outing, for a
school excursion, or for a social engagement such as a wedding.
Bus StationA major bus stop, one that serves as a transfer point between a large
number of routes.
Bus Ticket AgencyAn establishment that specializes in selling bus tickets to customers.
Bus Tour AgencyA tourism company that takes customers sight-seeing in a place of interest
via bus transportation (for a fee) and includes informative commentary from
an onboard guide.
Business CenterAn business center is a set of individual offices sublet from a larger
suite of offices. The executive suite proprietor rents entire floors (or
buildings) and leases the smaller office spaces or workstations to
businesses that don’t need, or can’t afford, large space.
Business Development Serviceundefined
Business DistrictA business district is an area of a city with a high concentration of
commercial activity. There can be more than one business district in a city.
Business Management ConsultantPerson or business that provides advice, expertise and services related to
business management.
Business ParkA collection of office buildings where business is undertaken. Many
different companies have offices in the same general area, the business
park, which often has facilities such as food retailers and sporting
facilities and parking.
Business Relatedundefined
Business SchoolA college or university faculty where business related skills are taught.
Examples of areas covered include accounting, administration,
organizational behavior, public relations, marketing, and human resources
Business to Business ServiceAny commercial transaction that is between businesses and which does not
involve a consumer or the government is a business to business transaction.
Examples are in the supply chains of providing goods, there may be
manufacturers and then wholesalers, each of which need to purchase goods
from other companies to undertake their functions.
Butcher ShopBusiness that sells pre-cut meat, or meat that is cut to order by a butcher.
CD StoreA retail shop that focuses on selling compact discs (CDs).
Cabin Rental AgencyAn establishment that rents out smaller-sized, self-catering
accommodations, known as cabins, for temporary stays. Often located in more
rural areas.
Cabinet MakerPerson or business that specializes in building household cabinets and
other storage furniture.
Cabinet StoreStore that specializes in selling household cabinets for the storage of
kitchenware and personal items.
Cable Car Stationundefined
Cable CompanyAn establishment that provides customers with cable television for a fee.
Their service includes the home installation using cable or satellite.
Cadillac DealerPlace that sells or leases new and/or used Cadillac vehicles.
CafeBusiness that sells coffee, tea and sometimes small meals for consumption
on the premises. Some cafes also sell alcoholic beverages.
Cajun RestaurantA restaurant serving Cajun food.
Cake ShopA shop that specialises in selling cakes and other sweet baked products.
Different from a patisserie because its main focus us large cakes to be
taken away, while in a patisserie there are more small options to be eaten
on premises.
Californian RestaurantA restaurant serving Californian food.
Call CenterAn office set up to handle a large volume of requests by telephone,
especially for taking orders and providing customer service.
Calvary Chapel ChurchA church that is a member of the Calvary Chapel association of Christian
Cambodian RestaurantA restaurant serving Cambodian food.
Camera Repair ShopA person or establishment that specializes in the repair of cameras
(digital, film, video)
Camera StoreStore that specializes in selling camera and camera equipment.
CampA recreational facility where children are sent, frequently in the summer,
to participate in activities. Many camps offer overall outdoor activities
whereas others offer specific activities such as music, technology, etc.
Camper Shell Supplierundefined
CampgroundPlace where the public can camp outdoors, either in a tent or a vehicle,
and where outdoor activities like swimming or hiking are also often
Campgrounds – Barbecue Pitundefined
Campgrounds – Campfire Pitundefined
Campgrounds – Cooking Areaundefined
Campgrounds – Litter Receptacleundefined
Campgrounds – Locker Areaundefined
Campgrounds – Water Fountainundefined
camping storeStore that sells camping equipment and accessories.
Canadian RestaurantA restaurant serving Canadian food.
Cancer Treatment CenterA center or facility that specializes in the diagnosis, treatment or
support services for cancer patients and their families.
Candle StoreA shop that specializes in selling candles and associated products such as
candle holders, decorations and often fragrant products such as soaps.
Candy StoreStore that specializes in selling candies and confectioneries.
CanneryA factory that cans food.
Canoe & Kayak Rental ServiceA company that hires canoes and kayaks for people to use for a certain
amount of time. The customer can then enjoy using the watercraft without
needing to puchase them or store them.
Canoe & Kayak StoreA shop that sells canoes and kayaks and related products. Canoes and kayaks
may be for use in rivers and streams or for the ocean.
Canoe & Kayak Tour AgencyA tour agency that arranges trips where participants travel primarily in
canoes or kayaks. This may be a day trip or one in which participants stay
overnight in accommodation or by camping in tents. The fee will generally
cover both the rental of the equipment plus one or more guides who ensure
the enjoyment and safety of all.
Cantabrian RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Cantabrian region of Spain.
Cantonese RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Chinese province of Canton.
Cape Verdean RestaurantA restaurant serving Cape Verdean food.
Car Alarm SupplierAn establishment that sells car alarms and other anti-theft devices for
Car Battery StoreAn establishment that is specialized in selling and installing car
Car DealerA business that sells new and/or used cars and non-commercial trucks to
Car Detailing ServiceCar detailing is the performance of an extremely thorough cleaning,
polishing and waxing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a
show-quality level of detail. Often offered alongside general car wash
services or may be mobile.
Car FactoryA manufacturing facility in which automobiles are produced.
Car Inspection StationPlace that inspects the physical and mechanical components of a car as
mandated by law or by the regulations of an agency.
Car Leasing ServiceA retail establishment that contracts cars out for extended periods of time.
Car Racing TrackRefers to a track which is used for motorsports, in which cars or sometimes
other vehicles race against each other.
Car RentalBusiness that rents cars to the public. Legacy category–do not use.
Car Rental AgencyA business that rents cars on-site directly to consumers. This business
does not solely rent moving trucks and/or moving vans and/or passenger vans.
Car Repair and MaintenanceEstablishment that provides goods and/or services related to automotive
maintenance and repair.
Car ServiceA private-hire auto transportation service.
Car Sharing LocationPick-up and return location of cars rented through a car-sharing system. Is
typically a parking lot.
Car Stereo StoreA shop that specializes in selling car stereos and car audio equipment. May
sell other car electronics such as GPS and video equipment, and other
motoring accessories. Often will install the stereo or other equipment in
the car for a fee.
Car WashBusiness that specializes in washing cars, either by hand or by an
automatic system.
CardiologistMedical doctor who specializes in treating patients with heart and blood
vessel diseases and disorders.
Care ServicesThis broad term encompasses such services as assisted living, adult day
care, long term care, nursing homes, hospice care, and home care. Also
refers to the Social Services field focused on enhancing the quality of
life or well being of an individual group.
Caribbean RestaurantA restaurant serving Caribbean food.
CarpenterA skilled craftsperson who performs carpentry, also can be called a Joiner.
Carpenters work with wood to construct, install and maintain buildings,
furniture, and other objects.
Carpet Cleaning ServiceCleaning service specialized in carpet (wall to wall or rug) cleaning.
Carpet InstallerA person or company specialized in the installation of carpets.
Carpet StoreBusiness that sells carpets and rugs.
Carriage Ride ServiceA service in which a traditional horse drawn carriage can be hired with a
driver. Generally for pleasure and not for transport. Commonly for tourists
to get an interesting view of a city or for wedding parties.
CasinoVenue for gambling activities, such as card games, dice games, table games,
sports betting, or slot machines.
Castilian RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Spanish region of Castilia.
CastleFortified structure built for defensive purposes or to house residents,
military or administrative personnel, and/or a local ruler and their
family. Many are now considered historical tourist attractions.
Catalonian RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Spanish region of Catalonia.
CatererService that prepares predetermined meals or food and delivers it to a
given location for consumption by people.
CateringBusiness that prepares food for consumption at another location or at an
CathedralReligious place of worship in the Christian faith that contains the seat of
the diocese bishop.
Catholic ChurchReligious place of worship in the Catholic faith.
Catholic SchoolAn educational institution affiliated with the Catholic Church.
Cell Phone StoreBusiness that sells mobile phones, mobile phone accessories and related
Cell TowerA structure upon which antennas and electronic communications equipment are
placed to create a cellular network.
CemeteryLocation that provides a place for burial for the deceased.
Central American RestaurantA restaurant that specializes in the cuisine found in the countries of
Central America: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras,
Nicaragua, and Panama.
Certified Public AccountantAccountant who has received certification by a governing body to perform
account services
Chamber of CommerceAssociation of business owners whose goal is to promote and support local
business interests.
Chanko RestaurantA restaurant serving Chankonabe, a Japanese stew commonly eaten in vast
quantity by sumo wrestlers as part of a weight-gain diet.
CharityOrganization that performs voluntary work and offers services of
philanthropic or social nature.
Charter SchoolA tax-supported primary or secondary school that runs without most
educational regulations that apply to other schools in order to achieve
some goal – often through some kind of educational innovation. Some charter
schools specialise in certain fields e.g. arts, mathematics, or vocational
Check Cashing ServiceA service where checks (or cheques) can be exchanged for cash immediately.
Such services might charge a percentage commission.
Cheese ShopStore that specializes in selling artisanal cheese. The selection can
include domestic and imported cheese and is likely to include cheese made
from the milk of cows, goats, sheep, water buffalo, or a mixture of these.
Cheesesteak RestaurantA restaurant specializing in cheesesteaks, a type of sandwich served in
Chemical IndustryThe chemical industry is a branch of industry that deals with chemical
goods (e.g. plastics).
Chemical PlantAn industrial process plant that manufactures chemicals, usually on a large
Chesapeake RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Chesapeake region of the US.
Chess Instructorundefined
Chevrolet DealerPlace that sells or leases new and/or used Chevrolet vehicles.
Chicken Hatcheryundefined
Chicken RestaurantA restaurant serving chicken dishes.
Chicken Wings RestaurantRestaurant that specializes in serving chicken wings.
Child Care AgencyAn establishment that helps match parents with professional care services
for their children. This agency can represent individual caregivers/sitters
or day care centers.
Child PsychologistA psychologist who specializes in treating behavioral, emotional and
psychological issues in children and young people.
Children’s Amusement CenterA small amusement park, often entirely indoors, with entertainment for
young children. The entertainment options often include games and
inflatable rides.
Children’s Clothing StoreBusiness that sells clothing for children.
Children’s Furniture StoreStore that specializes in selling children’s furniture.
Children’s HospitalSpecialized hospital that treats children and infants.
Children’s MuseumChildren’s museums are institutions that provide exhibits and programs to
stimulate informal learning experiences for children. In contrast with
traditional museums that typically have a hands-off policy regarding
exhibits, children’s museums feature interactive exhibits that are designed
to be manipulated by children.
Chilean RestaurantA restaurant serving Chilean food.
Chimney SweepVenting systems for Heating Oil, natural gas, wood and pellet burning
appliances, including building furnaces and space heaters are maintained by
modern chimney sweeps. The standard chimney brush is still used, along with
more modern tools (such as vacuums, cameras and special chimney cleaning
Chinaware StoreStore that specializes in selling chinaware (items in pottery or ceramic
usually found in the kitchen).
Chinese RestaurantRestaurant specialized in Chinese cuisine and food.
ChiropractorPerson or facility that provides chiropractic services.
Chocolate ShopStore that specializes in selling chocolate and chocolate items.
Chophouse RestaurantA restaurant specializing in steaks and chops.
Christian Book Storeundefined
Christian ChurchA church where the religion of Christianity is practiced.
Christmas StoreA store that specializes in selling Christmas decorations and other
products related to the holiday such as gift wrapping. Often in the form of
a warehouse where goods are sold cheaply in large volume.
Christmas Tree FarmA farm where Christmas trees are grown and sold either wholesale or direct
to the public to be used as a decoration at Christmas time.
Chrysler DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Chrysler vehicles.
ChurchPlace of worship for Christians.
Church Supply StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling church supplies, such as
bibles and other religious items.
Church of ChristA place of worship for adherents of Church of Christ, a Christian
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsA branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Church of the Nazareneundefined
Cider Millundefined
Cigar ShopStore that specializes in selling cigars.
CircusA traveling entertainment company that offers shows for audiences that
traditionally feature animals, acrobats, clowns and novelty performances,
typically for a fee.
City / Town / VillageA relatively large and permanent settlement.
City CenterArea of town with a high concentration of businesses, offices and services.
Synonymous for downtown.
City Clerk’s OfficeAn municipal government office responsible for recording the official
proceedings and vital statistics of the city.
City CourthouseA where judicial trials are conducted and houses administrative or clerical
City Government OfficeOffice reserved for city officials and city services. Sometimes housed
within the city hall.
City Tax OfficeThe city government office that collects the tax due to the city from its
City or Town HallFacility used by a city or local government for administration and public
Civic CenterA building or building complex, often publicly financed, with space for
conventions, sports events, theatrical entertainment, and other events.
Civil EngineerA civil engineer is a person who practices civil engineering the
application of planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and
operating infrastructures while protecting the public and environmental
health, as well as improving existing infrastructures that have been
neglected. Originally, a civil engineer worked on public works projects and
was contrasted with the military engineer, who worked on armaments and
Classified Ads Newspaper Publisherundefined
CleanersA general term for services that involve cleaning all or part of
residential and/or commercial premises.
Cleaning ServicePerson or business that provides cleaning services for private residences
and commercial buildings.
CliffA vertical or nearly vertical slope. Includes escarpments.
Clock Repair ServiceA person or establishment specialised in the repair of clocks.
Clock TowerA tall vertical structure with a clock mounted at the top (e.g. Big Ben in
London UK).
Clothing Alteration ServiceService to customize the length or shape of clothing, for example the
length of pants. Synonymous to tailor.
Clothing StoreA business that sells apparel for casual wear, loungewear, sports,
workwear, or formal occasions directly to consumers.
Coast Guard Stationundefined
Cocktail BarA drinking establishment that specializes in cocktails (alcoholic drinks
with interesting mixes of liquors and other ingredients).
Coffee ShopA place that sells coffee and usually tea, pastries, and sometimes small
meals. Some may sell alcohol.
Coffee StoreStore that sells coffee beans and coffee related items.
Coin DealerA person or establishment who sells collectable coins.
Coin Operated Laundry Equipment Supplierundefined
Cold Storage FacilityA company that provides storage that is temperature controlled, generally
cold storage to keep food products fresh for producers or importers of food.
Collectibles StoreA shop that sells items that are commonly collected and are considered
valuable for their rarity. Also often sell memorabilia, such as signed
posters or goods from sporting and music stars.
CollegeA college is a type of post-secondary educational institution that usually
offers degrees below the bachelor’s level (e.g. community colleges, sixth
form colleges in the UK, etc.). In the US, college is often synonymous for
university, especially smaller universities and those that do not offer
postgraduate degrees (such as liberal arts colleges).
Colloquial Areaundefined
Colombian RestaurantA restaurant serving Colombian food.
Comedy ClubClub where stand-up comics and comedians perform by telling jokes.
Comic Book StoreStore specialized in comic books and related articles, including all its
local equivalents: manga, bandes dessines, manhwa, historietas, graphic
novels, etc.
Commercial PrinterBusiness that specializes in printing on various media (for example,
business cards, brochures, menus, books and newspapers). It may also
provide related services like typesetting and book-binding.
Commercial Real Estate AgencyAgency that specializes in non-residential office building rental and
leasing used in a commercial setting.
Commercial Real Estate InspectorAn establishment or individual who specializes in evaluating the condition
of commercial properties.
Commercial Refrigerator SupplierRefrigerators are required by companies that store and serve food and
beverages such as caterers, kitchens at restaurants and in food production.
Community CenterCenter where social and artistic activities are organized for the benefit
of a given community. When opened and maintained by cities, these centers
are often called civic centers. Unlike cultural centers, community centers
tend to blend cultural activities and social services.
Community CollegeCommunity Colleges tend to provide relatively short courses often in
subjects that are for personal development or interest rather than purely
for employment, for example courses in painting or cooking just for
pleasure. They may also offer recognized courses in business etc.
CompanyA commercial business organization, owned by an association or people or
other organizations.
Computer ConsultantPerson or business that provides expertise, advice and services related to
computer hardware, software and networking.
Computer Repair ServicePerson or business that specializes in computer hardware maintenance and
Computer Security ServiceService which provides protection of data and property from theft, damage,
and unauthorized access.
Computer ServiceEstablishment that diagnoses and repairs malfunctioning computers.
Computer Software StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling computer software.
Computer StoreBusiness that sells computers, computer parts, peripherals, software and
related accessories.
Computer Support and ServicesService which provides assistance and training in using or installing
Computer Training SchoolEducational institution teaching computer skills. Typically intended for
beginners who have not used computers or particular software extensively.
ComputersBusiness that deals with computers, by selling, servicing or installing the
hardware, as well as providing training and related equipment.
Concert HallHall dedicated to concerts, symphonic orchestras, and other performances
(opera, dance, theater) in cases where no other dedicated venue is
Concrete ContractorPerson or business that specializes in concrete construction.
Condiments Supplierundefined
Condominium ComplexA condominium complex is a collection of individual home units and common
areas along with the land upon which they sit. The home units are owned
Condominium Rental AgencyEstablishment that specializes in renting condominiums.
Conference CenterVenue for conferences, meetings and other group events, typically providing
equipment for audio/video communication and computer access. A conference
center is different from a convention center, which is usually larger and
may have arena seating and areas for trade exhibitions and fairs.
Conference HotelConference and resort hotels are hotels which often contain full-sized
luxury facilities with full-service accommodations and amenities. These
hotels may attract both business conferences and vacationing tourists and
offer more than a convenient place to stay.
Conservation Departmentundefined
Conservative SynagogueA place of worship for practicers of Conservative Judaism; the belief in in
the legitimacy of multiple interpretation of traditional Judeo concepts.
Consignment ShopA second-hand retail store where the shop agrees to sell clothing on behalf
of the owner. The distinctive feature about a consignment shop is that the
shop only pays the original owner when the item has been sold.
ConstituencyA district represented by one or more elected officials.
Construction CompanyEstablishment specialized in building construction, residential, commercial
or institutional.
Construction Equipment SupplierAny company that manufactures or sells equipment that is specially designed
for executing construction or excavation tasks, such as bulldozers.
ConsultantA professional who provides advice in a particular area of expertise.
Contact Lenses SupplierAn establishment that specializes in supplying contact lenses.
Contemporary Louisiana RestaurantA restaurant serving Creole heritage food with the modern influence of New
American cuisine from Louisiana.
Continental RestaurantA restaurant serving continental food.
ContractorA person, establishment or corporation which provides goods or services to
another entity under terms specified in a contract
Convenience StoreSmall grocery store specializing in convenience items like packaged food
and drink, and smaller household goods. Some convenience stores may sell
alcohol, tobacco and lottery tickets as well.
ConventReligious building dedicated to female monastics or nuns.
Convention CenterPlace dedicated for conventions and other large-scale events. Convention
centers are bigger in scale than conference centers and provide the
facilities for large fairs and demonstration shows (book fair, auto show,
nautical show, etc.)
Convention Information Bureauundefined
Cookie ShopA shop that sells cookies (also known as biscuits in some places), which
are small sweet baked treats usually containing fat, flour, eggs and sugar.
CooperativeAn organization that is both owned and run by its members. Profits/benefits
are shared among members. Examples of cooperatives include food cooperatives
Copier Repair ServiceAn establishment that fixes copiers (also known as photocopiers or copy
CoppersmithA coppersmith, also known as a redsmith, is a person who makes artifacts
from copper. Examples of objects made by modern coppersmiths include
jewelry, sculptures, plates and cookware, jugs, vases, trays, frames, etc.
Copy ShopBusiness that provides photocopying, document printing and related services.
Corporate CampusA complex of buildings and grounds that houses a company’s offices and
facilities. Corporate headquarters do not include a company’s retail shops.
Corporate OfficeA place where a company’s professional, administrative, sales, and other
business staff work. Corporate offices do not include a company’s retail
Cosmetic DentistA dentist who specializes in the appearance of the patient’s teeth and, in
some countries, gums. Services can vary from teeth whitening, veneers,
dental bridges, bonding, etc.
CosmeticsBusinesses selling or providing care substances used to enhance the
appearance or odor of the human body.
Cosmetics StoreBusiness that sells makeup and beauty products.
Costa Rican RestaurantA restaurant serving Costa Rican food.
Costume Rental ServiceAn establishment that temporarily rents out costumes for different
Costume StoreStore specialized in selling costumes (for example a witch or a Spiderman
CottageA form of lodging, usually with most services (electricity and running
water) located in a country setting. These differ from cabins that are
typically more rustic.
Cotton MillA factory that fabricates cotton textiles using spinning, dying, and
weaving machinery.
CouncilA democratically elected form of government for small municipalities or
civil parishes.
CounselorProfessional guidance of the individual or organisation by providing advice
by collecting case history data and using various techniques like personal
interview or interest and aptitude tests.
Countertop StoreA retail shop which sells various work surfaces (countertop), especially
for the kitchen.
Country ClubA private recreational club where activities can include a swimming pool,
golf course, tennis courts, equestrian activities, etc.
County CourtA local court of law that deals with and handles minor legal issues but not
serious crimes.
County Government OfficeAn office (including elected officials) that deals with the administration
of a particular county, handling decisions on the taxes, roads and other
public services in that area.
Courier ServiceA shipping service, similar to regular mail, but with expedited service
(e.g. UPS, DHL, Fedex, Purolator, etc.)
Court ReporterA person or business that specialises in transcribing formal proceedings in
court for an official record.
CourthouseFacility used by a government for housing judicial courts.
Coworking SpaceA shared working environment, sometimes in an office space, where workers
can work with others that are often not employed by the same organization.
Crab HouseA restaurant serving crab dishes.
Craft StoreStore specialized in selling craft supplies (e.g. glue, pencils, paper,
yarn, cardboard, stencils, etc.)
Crane DealerA company that sells cranes. Cranes are used for heavy lifting, typically
in construction but also when transporting heavy goods.
Crane Rental AgencyA company that allows customers to hire crane equipment and possibly staff
to operate the crane/s.
Crane Serviceundefined
CraterDepressions causes by impact, explosion, and sometimes sink-holes.
Credit Counseling ServiceService which advises clients on how to manage their debt.
Credit Reporting AgencyCredit reporting agencies keep information about people’s history of debt
to assist loan providers in making decisions. When you apply for a loan the
credit provider can take your credit history into account when deciding
whether to give you a loan.
Credit UnionWhile similar to commercial banks in the financial services it provides
(checking, savings banks, loans, etc.), a credit union is owned and
controlled by its members. In order to use a credit union’s services, one
must become a member, usually for a small membership fee.
Cremation ServiceService for the cremation of a dead body. Also called crematorium.
Creole RestaurantA restaurant serving Creole food which originated in Louisiana blending
French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Native American, and African
influences based on classical European cuisine using local ingredients.
Cricket ClubA sports club in which members play the game of cricket, a bat-and-ball
team sport very popular in Australia, England, the Indian sub-continent and
Cricket GroundA grass field with a pitch in the middle which serves as a venue for the
game of cricket.
Crime Victim ServiceAn organisation that aims to help victims and witnesses of crime by raising
awareness of their needs and by delivering dedicated services to them.
Criminal Justice AttorneyA criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer specializing in the defense of
individuals and companies charged with criminal conduct.
Crisis Centerundefined
Croatian RestaurantA restaurant serving Croatian food.
Cruise AgencyCruise Agencies run and mange cruise ships. A cruise ship or cruise liner
is a large passenger ship used for pleasure voyages, where the voyage
itself and the ship’s amenities are part of the experience.
Cruise Line Companyundefined
Crushed Stone Supplierundefined
CrêperieA restaurant serving crepes.
Cuban RestaurantRestaurant specialized in Cuban cuisine and food.
Culinary Schoolundefined
Cultural CenterCenter where cultural and artistic activities are organized for the benefit
of a given community. When opened and maintained by cities, these centers
are often called civic centers. Unlike community centers, cultural centers
tend to focus on cultural activities and not so much on social services.
CulturePerson, organization or business that provides goods and/or services
related to the visual arts, performing arts or literature.
Currency Exchange ServiceAn establishment that allows customers to exchange one currency for another
currency. Also referred to as a foreign exchange market and a bureau de
Custom Home BuilderConstructs a one-of-a-kind home that is designed for a specific client and
for a particular location.
Custom Label PrinterProvides custom labels and stickers for business or home use.
Custom T-shirt StoreA store that can provide t-shirts and sometimes other clothing items with a
design chosen by the client. Such custom t-shirts may be desired by
companies wanting to promote themselves, or by designers or individuals.
Customs BrokerAn individual or firm licensed by customs authorities to enter and clear
imported goods through customs. The broker represents the importer in
dealings with the customs authorities. Also refered to as customshouse
Cutlery StoreA store that sells utensils: knives, spoons and forks for serving and
eating food.
Czech RestaurantA restaurant serving Czech food.
DJ ServiceA DJ (disc jockey) is an entertainer who plays recorded music for an
DJ Supply StoreRetail shop selling tools and equipment for djs
DVD StoreA store specialized in selling DVDs.
Dairy FarmA farm that produces milk products by breeding milk producing animals,
typically cows but also possibly goats and sheep. The milk may be processed
on-site or transported to a dairy factory for processing.
Dairy StoreA store that specializes in selling dairy products.
Dairy SupplierA wholesaler of dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and cheese.
DamStructure whose function is to contain or restrict a flow of water
Dance CompanyA group of dancers and associated personnel who work together to perform
dances as a spectacle or entertainment for an audience. Also known as a
dance troupe.
Dance HallA large public hall or building where people pay to enter and dance.
Dance SchoolSchool that provides instruction for various types of dance.
Dance StoreAn establishment that specilaizes in selling goods related to dancing, for
examples, shoes, apparel, etc.
Danish RestaurantA restaurant serving Danish food.
Dart Supply StoreA store that specializes in selling darts.
Data Recovery ServiceEstablishment specialized in salvaging data from damaged or failed storage
media (esp. hard drives)
Data Sourceundefined
Dating ServiceA specialized meeting system where the objective of the meeting, be it live
or phone or chat based, is to go on a live date with someone, with usually
romantic implications.
Day Care CenterBusiness or organization that provides daytime care for children.
Day SpaAn establishment which people visit for professionally administered
personal care treatments such as massages and facials. It is similar to a
beauty salon in that it is only visited for the duration of the treatment.
Deaf ChurchA place of worship with services specifically for the deaf.
Deaf ServiceAn organisation that provides services specifically for the deaf community,
for example sign language or captions or employment assistance.
Decal SupplierA decal is a design or picture produced in order to be transferred to
another surface either permanently or temporarily. Decals may be used to
adhere signs onto automobiles for example.
Deck BuilderA person or establishment specialised in the construction of decks, also
called porches or balconies, which are extensions of flooring often made of
wood outside of a house. The deck may be covered or not and can vary
greatly in size and complexity.
DeliShop selling prepared and ready-to-eat foods
Demolition ContractorA person or establishment that undergoes a contract to tear down buildings
and other structures.
Dental ClinicFacility that provides dental care treatment (for example, dentistry or
Dental Implants PeriodontistA doctor who specializes in dental implants, artificial tooth roots placed
in the jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge for those who have lost
Dental Insurance AgencyAn agency that provides insurance packages and plans covering dental
Dental LaboratoryA dental laboratory makes and repairs dentures, crowns, bridges, and dental
implants. They do not work directly with patients but instead with dentists
who provide the relevant patient information.
Dental SchoolAn educational institution in which the techniques of dentistry are taught.
Dental Supply StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling dental supplies and equipment.
DentistMedical professional who offers treatment for dental diseases and other
kinds of dental care.
Denture Care CenterA medical facility in which dentures (false teeth) are maintained or
designed and fitted to patients.
Department StoreBusiness selling a variety of brands where one can purchase an outfit and
some selection of home and personal items such as luggage, bedding or decor.
Department of Motor VehiclesGovernmental office specialized in the licensing of individuals to drive,
and registering of vehicular ownership
Department of Public SafetyA state or local government umbrella agency in the United States which
serves to assist the certain agencies in their services by providing
administrative, financial, and technical services and support for core
public safety functions. In other countries and states, an equivalent might
be known as the Ministry of the Interior or Department of Emergency
Services. The United States Department of Homeland Security is the federal
level department of public safety of the United States, which is
responsible for federal emergency services via Federal Emergency Management
Agency (FEMA).
Department of Social ServicesA government program that provides a broad range of services to the
elderly, people with disabilities, families, and individuals who need
assistance in maintaining or achieving their full potential for
self-direction, self-reliance and independent living.
Department of TransportationA government office or branch devoted to public transportation.
DermatologistDoctor who offers treatment for skin disease as well as other kinds of skin
DesertA barren area of land or desolate terrain, especially one with little water
or vegetation.
Designated Market Areaundefined
Desktop Publishing ServiceAn establishment or individual hired to assist in the production, layout
and design of printed materials using special software (promotional items,
book pages, signs etc.)
Dessert RestaurantA restaurant serving mainly desserts.
Dessert ShopAn establishment that specializes in preparing and serving desserts.
Diabetes CenterA medical institution concerned with diagnosis and treatment of diabetes
and related health issues.
Diabetes Equipment SupplierAn establishment or manufacturer that specializes in selling diabetes
equipment to smaller retail stores and locations
DiabetologistA medical professional who focuses on diabetes care and/or research.
Diagnostic CenterA medical institution that collects and analyzes tissue samples for
pathological indications.
Dialysis Centerundefined
Diamond BuyerA professional jeweler who selects and purchases diamonds, usually for
Diamond DealerA person or establishment that specialises in buying and selling diamonds.
Diaper ServiceA company that provides re-usable nappies for babies and infants, or that
cleans nappies. Re-usable nappies are cheaper and produce less waste than
disposable ones.
Diesel Engine DealerEngines which run on diesel fuel are common in trucks, boats and industrial
Diesel Engine Repair ServiceAn establishment that specializes in providing repairs and other services
for diesel engines
Diesel Fuel Supplierundefined
Digital PrinterA commercial location which digitally prints images.
Dim Sum RestaurantChinese restaurant specialized in serving dim sum
DinerCharacteristically North American restaurant, made to resemble the dining
car of a train, serving typical American” fare”
Dinner TheaterEntertainment combining a restaurant meal with the performance of a play
Dirt Supplierundefined
Disc Golf CourseA designated area in which a game of golf is played with a flying disc /
frisbee and baskets instead of a golf ball and holes.
Disciples of Christ ChurchA branch of The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a mainline
Protestant Christian denomination in North America.
Disco ClubAn entertainment venue or club with recorded music played by Disc jockeys
through a PA system.
Discount StoreA shop that sells a variety of goods at a low price. The stock may change
because only goods available at a low price are sold. Different from a
factory outlet store because it sells general goods, not a specific brand
or type.
Discount SupermarketA store that sells grocery items at a reduced rate.
Distribution ServiceA service that shares items out to a number or recipients.
District AttorneyA public official who acts as prosecutor for the state or the federal
District Government OfficeThe office of any department of or representative of the district
District JusticeA judge who serves over a district court.
Dive ShopA retail shop selling and/or renting equipment and accessories used when
scuba diving or snorkeling.
Divorce LawyerA lawyer or law firm specialised in dealing with divorces and the issues
raised such as splitting assets and custody of children.
Divorce ServiceA service that assists in the legal separation of spouses.
Dock BuilderA professional or establishment that specializes in constructing docks.
DoctorA person who specializes in general medical treatment and care, not
including dentists.
Dodge DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Dodge vehicles.
Dog BreederDog breeding is the practice of mating selected specimens with the intent
to maintain or produce specific qualities and characteristics.
Dog Careundefined
Dog Day Care CenterAs the name suggests, this is a place where dogs are cared for during the
day, typically while the owner is working.
Dog ParkA park for dogs to exercise and play off-leash in a controlled environment
under the supervision of their owners. These parks have varying features,
although they typically offer a 4′ to 6′ fence, separate double-gated entry
and exit points, adequate drainage, benches for humans, shade for hot days,
parking close to the site, water, tools to pick up and dispose of animal
waste in covered trash cans, and regular maintenance and cleaning of the
Dog SitterBusiness that watches dogs in their owners’ absence.
Dog TrainerCertified trainers that focus on improving dog behavior to provide a
happier, more peaceful dog.
Dog WalkerA professional dog walker is a person or establishment hired to walk a dog,
which is generally required for the dog’s health, when the owner is unable
to do so, for example while working or away from home.
Dojo RestaurantA Japanese restaurant specializing in dojo, a freshwater fish, which is
traditionally cooked whole and served with sake or other liquor.
Doll Restoration ServiceAn establishment that specializes in building and restoring dolls.
Doll StoreA store specializing in selling dolls.
Dollar StoreRetail establishment where most or all goods cost one dollar
Domestic Abuse Treatment CenterAn organisation that provides support to victims of domestic violence. For
example counselling, legal support and shelter.
Domestic ServicesBusinesses hired by private households for the performance of tasks such as
housecleaning, cooking, child care, gardening, and personal service.
Dominican RestaurantA restaurant serving Dominican food.
Donations Centerundefined
Donut ShopA shop specializing in selling donuts and other pastries.
Door SupplierA company that manufactures, sells or installs doors and door fittings. May
also supply windows, and may specialise in wood or aluminium for example.
Down Home Cooking RestaurantA restaurant specializing in comfort (often Southern) food.
Drafting Equipment Supplierundefined
Drafting ServiceTechnical drawing, also known as drafting, is the academic discipline of
creating standardized technical drawings by architects, interior designers,
drafters, design engineers, and related professionals. Standards and
conventions for layout, line thickness, text size, symbols, view
projections, descriptive geometry, dimensioning, and notation are used to
create drawings that are ideally interpreted in only one way.
Drama SchoolAn educational facility where students are taught the skills required to
act, and commonly to sing and dance also.
Dress StoreA women’s clothing shop that specialises in dresses.
DressmakerPerson who makes or mends clothing
Dried Flower ShopAn establishment that specializes in selling dried flowers.
Drilling ContractorA contractor involved in drilling large holes into the ground on
construction sites to allow support structures for buildings, or on a
larger scale drilling for oil or other natural resources.
Drinking WaterA small fountain at which an individual can drink potable water.
Drinking Water FountainSmall fountain at which an individual can drink potable water
Drive-in Movie TheaterAn entertainment venue where movies are shown to an audience that arrives
in a car and watches the movie from inside the car.
Driver’s License OfficeAn office that assists individuals with driver’s license updates and
issues, ie: renewal, replacement, etc.
Driveshaft ShopA store that specializes in selling driveshafts, most frequently for
automotive purposes.
Driving SchoolSchool that offers instruction for driving vehicles like cars or
Drug Addiction Treatment CenterA facility focused on improving the health and treatment of those with drug
Drug StoreA type of retail store centrally featuring a pharmacy. Drugstores sell not
only medicines, but also miscellaneous items such as candy, cosmetics,
cleaning supplies, magazines, and paperback books, as well as light
Drug Testing ServiceDrug and alcohol testing service, often used by workplaces, especially for
workers involved in safety critical work”.”
Drum StoreA store specializing in selling drums and drum-related equipment
Dry CleanerEstablishment specialized in cleaning clothes without the use of water
Dry Ice SupplierA company that manufactures, distributes or sells dry ice. Dry ice is the
solid form of carbon dioxide. It is commonly used as a versatile cooling
agent and may be required for industrial, medical and commercial uses.
Dry Wall ContractorA tradesman or establishment that installs dry wall panels and/or plasters
the walls. Usuallly, they can repair walls and ceilings made of dry wall
and/or plaster. Also known as plasterer.
Dry Wall Supply StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling materials required for
constructing a dry wall.
Ducati Dealerundefined
Dude RanchA type of ranch oriented towards visitors or tourism.
Dump Truck Dealerundefined
Dump Truck Serviceundefined
Dumpling RestaurantA restaurant specializing in serving dumplings.
DuneA ridge or hill of sand piled up by the wind.
Dutch RestaurantA restaurant serving Dutch food.
Duty Free StoreRetail shops where goods are sold without applying taxes and duties.
Commonly, such shops are at points of exit from a country (such as an
international airport).
Dynamometer Supplierundefined
E-commerce ServiceElectronic commerce is an industry in which the buying and selling of
products or services is conducted over electronic systems such as the
Internet .
Ear Piercing ServiceA place that offers ear piercing, putting a hole through the earlobe so
that decorative earrings can be worn. Ear piercing is more common than
other types of piercing and is often done with a gun” that requires little
expertise, and so is offered in more places such as newsagents.”
East African RestaurantA restaurant serving East African food which includes the territories of
Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi,
Mauritius, Mayotte, Mozambique, Réunion, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia,
Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.
Eastern European RestaurantA restaurant serving Eastern European. This includes the following
countries: Albania, Armentia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus,
Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia,
Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine. (from UNGEGN, see: ).
Eastern Orthodox ChurchA place of worship for practitioners of Eastern Orthodox Church, also known
as Orthodox Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, or Orthodoxy. The Eastern
Orthodox Church regards itself as the historical and organic continuation
of the original Church founded by Christ and His apostles.
EateryA food establishment that serves casual food.
Eating Disorder Treatment CenterA facility in which people with eating disorders are cared for and receive
treatment, whether in the form of counseling or medicinally. Eating
disorders include anorexia and bulimia.
Eclectic RestaurantA restaurant whose cooking draws on the flavors and techniques from three
or more global cuisines.
Economic Development Agencyundefined
Ecuadorian RestaurantA restaurant serving Ecuadorian food.
EducationPerson, organization or business that provides instruction or training on a
specific subject.
Education and CulturePerson, organization or business that provides goods and/or services
related to education and culture.
Educational ConsultantAn educational consultant is an independent consultant who helps parents
and students with educational planning. Responsibilities and skills are
similar to a school counsellor, however an educational consultant is
usually self-employed.
Educational Supply StoreA shop that sells resources for teachers and educational facilities
including a variety of school supplies and other lesson-enhancing materials.
Educational Testing ServiceA business that provides testing services for certification, licensure,
academic admissions, regulatory, and government testing.
Egg SupplierA farm that produces eggs, almost always from chickens, for human
consumption. In Australia free range” eggs are becoming more popular, as
these are certified to come from egg suppliers that provide certain levels
of freedom to their chickens. The alternative “cage” egg may be from a
“battery farm” in which chickens are kept in relatively small cages.”
Egyptian RestaurantA restaurant serving Egyptian food.
Elder Law AttorneyAn attorney at law who specializes in issues regarding the elderly.
Electric Motor Repair ShopA shop that provides repairs and services for electric motors.
Electric Motor StoreA store specializing in selling electric motors.
Electric Utility CompanyPublic utility responsible for distributing electricity to consumers
(residential or commercial)
Electric Vehicle Charging StationAn element that supplies electric energy for recharging of plug-in electric
Electrical EngineerA person who specializes in the study and application of electricity.
Electrical SubstationA substation is a part of an electrical generation, transmission, and
distribution system, where voltage is transformed from high to low, or the
reverse, or many other important functions.
Electrical Supply StoreRetail establishment specialized in the sale of electrical goods and
ElectricianPerson or business that specializes in maintenance and repair of electrical
wiring for private residences and commercial buildings.
Electrolysis Hair Removal ServiceA business that removes hair from a client’s body or face permanently
through electrolysis. The practitioner slides a solid hair-thin metal probe
into each hair follicle where electricity is delivered to the follicle,
which causes localized damage to the areas that generate hairs.
Electronic Parts SupplierAn establishment that manufactures or sells parts that are required to make
electronic devices. Might be useful for industry or electricians for
ElectronicsBusinesses dealing with electronic equipment intended for everyday use,
most often in entertainment, communications and office productivity.
Electronics ManufacturerManufacturer of electronic goods (e.g. TVs, stereo, CD players)
Electronics Repair ShopA shop that specializes in providing repairs and services for electronics
Electronics StoreBusiness that sells electronic devices, including computers, mobile phones,
digital cameras and related services and accessories.
Electronics Vending MachineA machine that sells electronic devices, including mobile phones, tablets,
digital cameras and related accessories.
Elementary SchoolAn institution where children receive the first stage of compulsory
education known as primary or elementary education, typically
Elevator ServiceAn establishment that installs, operates and repairs lifts (elevators) in
EmbassyFacility that houses a permanent diplomatic mission from one country to
Embossing ServiceEmbossing refers to creating a 3D image onto leather or other suitable
materials by using heat and pressure.
Embroidery ServiceEmbroidery is the art or handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials
with needle and thread or yarn. An embroidery service will typically apply
designs to clothing items for clients who have uniforms. They may have
their company logo embroidered onto the staff uniforms.
Embroidery ShopAn embroidery shop sells goods related to the craft of embroidery,
including for example hand embroidery threads, ribbons, kits, patterns,
beads, fabrics, buttons and charms, and books.
Emergency Call Boothundefined
Emergency Care PhysicianA doctor who specializes in providing care to patients who need immediate
medical attention.
Emergency Dental ServiceA dentist or dental surgery who is available at all times to assist with
urgent dental problems.
Emergency RoomAn establishment that handles emergency situations, both life-threatening
and non-life-threatening.
Emergency ServicesPerson or facility that provides medical care or other assistance in the
case of an accident or emergency.
Emergency TrainingEducational service teaching skills used in emergency response, technical
rescues, medical response, or other such services.
Emergency Training SchoolEducational service teaching skills used in emergency response, technical
rescues, medical response, or other such services.
Emergency Veterinarian ServiceA veterinarian service for urgent treatment of injured or ill domestic
animals available outside of normal business hours.
Employment AgencyOrganization specialized in helping individuals find employment
Employment AttorneyA lawyer specialized in dealing with labor laws.
Employment CenterCenter offering services and resources to help individuals find employment
EndocrinologistA medical professional who specializes in the treatment and treatment of
conditions affecting the endocrine system. The endocrine system consists of
several glands, all in different parts of the body, that secrete hormones
directly into the blood
EndodontistA specialist dentist who deals with the tooth pulp and the tissues
surrounding the root of a tooth. If the pulp has become diseased or
injured, endodontic treatment is required to save the tooth.
Engine Rebuilding ServiceA service that reconstructs engines for motor vehicles
EngineerA professional practitioner who designs, builds, or maintains engines,
machines, or public works.
Engineering ConsultantPerson or business that provides advice, expertise and services related to
civil, mechanical, industrial and other types of engineering.
English Language SchoolSchool that teaches proficiency in speaking and/or writing English.
English RestaurantA restaurant that specializes in serving English cuisine.
EngraverAn establishment or person who specializes in engraving services.
EntertainerA person or establishment that provides entertainment on-site or off-site.
EntertainmentPerson, organization or business that provides entertainment to the public.
Entertainment AgencyAn agency that specializes in promoting and providing entertainers for hire.
Entertainment and RecreationPerson, organization or business that provides entertainment or recreation
to the public.
Envelope SupplierA manufacturer, wholesaler, or distributor of envelopes which are used to
send goods in the post, typically documents or cards.
Environmental ConsultantAn individual or establishment that provides consulting services
specializing in the environmental field.
Environmental EngineerAn engineer trained to use the principles of engineering, biology,
chemistry and soil science to develop solutions to environmental problems.
Environmental engineers are involved in efforts to improve recycling, waste
disposal, public health, and control of water and air pollution.
Environmental Health Serviceundefined
Environmental ProgramAny organization that is primarily concerned with issues that affect the
wellbeing of the natural environment, for example, Greenpeace and WWF
(Worldwide Fund for Nature).
Episcopal ChurchA Christian place of worship that is a part of the Anglican Communion.
Equestrian FacilityAn equestrian center is for horses, offering a combination of arenas for
horse riding and training, riding lessons or dressage training, polo, horse
stalls and/or adjustment, and vet facilities.
Equipment Rental AgencyEstablishment specialized in renting various types of equipment to
individuals and businesses
Eritrean RestaurantA restaurant serving food from Eritrea in East Africa.
Escort ServiceEstablishment offering paid accompaniment. May, but need not, involve sex
Escrow ServiceA neutral third party business that receives and disburses assets for
transacting parties.
Espresso BarA coffeehouse that specializes in preparing and serving espresso or
espresso-based drinks.
Estate AppraiserA professional who estimates the value or worth of someone’s belongings
(material possessions and land)
Estate LiquidatorA professional who takes on possessions (commonly of a deceased) and turns
it into cash, whether through auctions and consignment shops or on-site
Estate Planning AttorneyA lawyer specialized in dealing with estate laws.
EstuaryA place at the end of a river where fresh and salt water mix. Includes
tidal creeks and limans.
Ethiopian RestaurantRestaurant offering Ethiopian fare
Ethnic RestaurantA food establishment serving cuisines other than the food native to the
Ethnographic MuseumAn institution that collects and displays artifacts from one or more ethnic
groups. Often, these artifacts reflect the everyday life of a distant time
and/or culture.
European RestaurantA restaurant serving European food.
Evangelical ChurchChristian church believing in the sole authority of the 4 gospels of the
New Testament
Event Management CompanyBusiness doing the project management of the creation and development of
festivals, events and conferences.
Event PlannerPerson or business that specializes in planning and overseeing
professional, commercial or trade events (for example, conferences,
festivals and conventions).
Event Ticket SellerAn individual or company selling tickets to events including musical
performances, theater, athletics and more.
Event VenueVenue for private and public events (for example, weddings, parties,
conferences and athletic events).
Excavating ContractorEstablishment specialized in digging holes to be used in subsequent
Executive Suite Rental AgencyAn establishment that facilitates renting office space for temporary use.
Exercise Equipment StoreRetail establishment selling equipment used for exercise (e.g. stationary
bicycle, weights, etc.)
ExhibitAn item that is on display, typically in a museum. Examples include pieces
of art, historic artifacts, or artifacts that deepen the scientific
understanding of the audience.
Extended Stay HotelHotel where customers usually stay for weeks or months rather than days.
Eye Careundefined
Eye Care CenterFacility that provides treatment for eye diseases, as well as other
eye-related care.
Fabric StoreRetail establishment selling cloth and fabric
Fabric WholesalerAn establishment that specializes in selling clothe and textiles to
Facial SpaAn establishment that provides various facial skin treatments such as
exfoliation, masks, peels, massages, etc.
FairgroundAre where a traveling fair/carnival sets up its rides and booths
Falafel RestaurantA restaurant that specializes in falafels.
Family CounselorPerson or organization that provides counseling for families, typically
with all members of the family present.
Family Law AttorneyA legal professional that deals with family-related cases and domestic
Family Planning CenterFamily planning centres provide advice, support and resources for people
who are experiencing or may experience issues with family planning such as
unwanted pregnancies, sexual and reproductive health.
Family Practice PhysicianA primary care doctor that provides health care services for all ages.
Family RestaurantA family-friendly dining establishment with an atmosphere and menu suitable
for families with children.
Family Service Centerundefined
FarmLand and associated building dedicated to agriculture
Farm Bureauundefined
Farm Equipment Repair ServiceAn establishment or individual who specializes agricultural machinery
repairs and services.
Farm Equipment SupplierAn establishment that supplies agricultural machinery; tractors, tills,
planters and plows.
Farmers’ MarketOutdoor market where farmers can sell goods directly to the public
FarmstayFarmstays are a type of holiday accommodation where guests get to
experience rural or farming life by staying on a working farm and may share
in farming activities like shearing sheep or harvesting fruit, while also
enjoying an informal atmosphere.
Fashion Accessories StoreEstablishment for the retail sale of items secondary to a person’s
clothing, e.g.: handbags, scarves, hats, jewelry, watches
Fashion Designerundefined
Fast Food RestaurantA restaurant specializing in serving fast food (hamburgers, fries, shakes,
Fastener SupplierA fastener is a hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or
more objects together. Examples are paper clips, rivets, nuts, bolts and
screws. Fasteners can also be used to close a container such as a bag, a
box, or an envelope.
Fault Lineundefined
Fax ServiceA service that offers sending or receiving documents – facsimile – via
Federal CourthouseA building housing the federal judiciary system.
Federal Credit UnionA member-owned financial cooperative that offers banking and credit
services. Credit unions operating under the label federal have opted to
organize themselves under federal credit union regulations instead of state
banking laws.
Federal Government OfficeThe office of any department or representative of the federal government. A
federal system of government is one that divides the powers of government
between the national (federal) government and state and local governments.
Federal Reserve Bankundefined
Fence ContractorA person or establishment specialized in constructing, installing or
repairing fences for homes, businesses, swimming pools, or for farmers.
Fence Supply StoreA store specializing in selling fences and other supplies.
Fencing SchoolA school that provides training in fencing, the sport of fighting with
Feng Shui ConsultantAn ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both
Heaven and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive qi. A feng
shui consultant can provide advice on the orientation of buildings and
other structures by reference to local features such as bodies of water or
Ferry Boat Lineundefined
Ferry Routeundefined
Ferry ServiceEstablishment operating a boat that transports people and vehicles across a
body of water on a regular schedule
Ferry Terminalundefined
Ferry Trainundefined
Fertility ClinicFertility clinics are staffed medical clinics that assist couples, and
sometimes individuals, who want to have children but for medical reasons
have been unable to achieve this goal via the natural course.
Fertility PhysicianA doctor that specializes in diagnosing and treating fertility difficulties.
Fertilizer SupplierA company that produces or sells fertilizer, which is added to soil to
improve plant growth. May be used by farmers or for the garden.
FestivalFestivals are large organized gatherings that have a central theme, such as
music or a particular style of music, food or wine, or a way of life.
Generally festivals go for one or a few days and many are held at regular
intervals, such as annually.
Fiberglass Repair ServiceAn establishment or individual who provides fiberglass repairs and services.
Fiberglass SupplierA company that manufactures, sells or repairs products made from fiberglass.
Filipino RestaurantA restaurant serving Filipino food.
Financial ConsultantA consultant who provides specialist advice about finances such as managing
assets and investments.
Financial InstitutionAn establishment that focuses on dealing with financial transactions, such
as investments, loans and deposits. Examples of financial institutions
include banks, credit unions, asset management firms, insurance companies
and pension funds among others.
Financial PlannerPerson or business that provides advise, expertise and services related to
investment and managing assets.
Fine Dining RestaurantRestaurant offering high-end fare, typically with exceptional service
Fingerprinting ServiceService which takes fingerprints for employment or legal purposes.
Finnish RestaurantA restaurant serving Finnish food.
Fire Alarm SupplierA company that manufactures or sells fire alarms, which are electronic
devices that sound a loud alarm when they detect the presence of a fire.
They may work by detecting heat or detecting smoke. Australia has laws
requiring fire alarms to be installed and so they are very common.
Fire Damage Restoration ServiceEstablishments which provide restoration and re-construction of residential
and commercial properties or buildings damaged by fire
Fire Department Equipment Supplierundefined
Fire Protection ConsultantAn establishment or individual who gives expert advice on fire protection
and prevention.
Fire Protection Equipment Supplierundefined
Fire Protection Serviceundefined
Fire Protection System SupplierA company that provides equipment and services that assist in protecting
people and property from fire. Examples are fire extinguishers, hoses,
alarms, fire doors and fireproof material.
Fire StationA location from which firefighters and firefighting equipment can be
mobilized in the event of a fire. Individuals do not need to pay a fee for
firefighting services.
Firearms Academyundefined
Fireplace StoreA store specializing in selling fireplaces.
Firewood Supplierundefined
Fireworks StoreA store specializing in selling fireworks.
First Aid StationA public first aid kit, station or point where first aid help can be
Fish & Chips RestaurantA restaurant specializing in serving fish and chips.
Fish FarmFish farming involves raising fish commercially in tanks or enclosures,
usually for food.
FishingThe activity of catching fish for either food or sport.
Fishing Areaundefined
Fishing Campundefined
Fishing CharterA service in which a boat is hired out either with or without a captain for
the purpose of fishing from it.
Fishing ClubFishing clubs or angling clubs are sports or social clubs in which people
go fishing.
Fishing PierA long and narrow walkway that extends out over a body of water usually
made of wood on raised supports which serves as a good place for anglers to
catch fish.
Fishing StoreRetail establishment selling goods and equipment for fishing (bait, rods,
Flag StoreA retail store specializing in selling flags.
Flea MarketA type of bazaar, often outdoors, where inexpensive or secondhand goods are
sold or bartered for. This includes clothing, houseware, accessories, etc.
Flight SchoolProvide training in how to pilot aircraft.
Floor Refinishing ServiceA person or company that improves the appearance and quality of floors,
typically wooden, by stripping back the top surface and then refinishing it
by sanding, lacquering, polishing etc.
Flooring ContractorA person or establishment that installs or repairs flooring materials in a
house or other building. Examples of flooring include carpet, tiles,
hardwood, parquetry, polishes etc.
Flooring StoreRetail establishment selling flooring materials (tiles, linoleum, hardwood,
Floridian RestaurantA restaurant serving traditional dishes from Florida.
FloristPerson or business that sells flowers and ornamental plants.
Flour MillA factory that grinds grain into flour.
Foam Rubber SupplierA company that manufactures or sells products made from rubber or foam.
Such products are required by industry, in packaging, and on the retail
side for travel mattresses and cushion material and even for surfboard
Fondue RestaurantFondue is a Swiss communal dish shared at the table in an earthenware pot
over a small burner. Diners use forks to dip bits of food (most often
bread) into the warm semi-liquid sauce (commonly a cheese mix).
FoodPerson, organization or business that provides goods and/or services
related to food and beverages.
Food BankA food bank or foodbank is a non-profit, charitable organization that
distributes mostly donated food to a wide variety of agencies that in turn
feed the hungry.
Food BrokerFood brokers negotiate sales for producers and manufacturers of food and
food products. Food brokers provide a service to both food producers and
buyers by selling to chain wholesalers, independent wholesalers, and retail
stores. Producers and manufacturers often find it less expensive to sell
through food brokers rather than directly because it saves the cost of
paying a sales staff to market their products.
Food CourtAn area with counters of multiple food vendors, providing a place for
self-serve dining. Typically found indoors inside shopping malls and
airports, but can also be a stand-alone development.
Food DeliveryAn establishment that provides delivery service of meals and food.
Food Products SupplierCompanies that produce wholesale food products for sale, generally in large
quantities in a factory.
Food Serviceundefined
Food StoreBusiness that sells food items for preparation or consumption at another
Food and DrinkBusinesses whose operation involves handling, producing, selling or
services around food and/or drinks.
Football ClubAFL stands for Australian Football League and the game is also called
Aussie Rules. An AFL Club refers both to one of the professional teams
(clubs) and to the entertainment complex that belongs to them, which is
frequented by supporters.
Ford DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Ford vehicles.
Foreclosure ServiceBusinesses that provide foreclosure services, that is a legal process by
which a mortgagee, or other lien holder, usually a lender, obtains a
termination of a mortgagor’s equitable right of redemption, either by court
order or by operation of law after following a specific statutory procedure.
Foreign ConsulateAn office, often located in a major city, that is representing a foreign
country and deals with diplomatic tasks such as issuing visas
Forestry ServiceForestry services are any services that relate to the management,
maintenance and use of forests. Can refer to the felling or protection of
native forests or tree plantations.
Forklift DealerA forklift (also called a lift truck, a high/low, a stacker-truck, trailer
loader, side-loader, fork truck, tow-motor or a fork hoist) is a powered
industrial truck used to lift and transport materials. They are generally
smaller than a car and are used primarily for moving stock around in
Formal Wear StoreA clothing shop that specializes in clothes that are intended for formal or
special occasions. For example, men’s suits and tuxedos and cocktail
dresses for women.
FortressA building or construction designed for military defense.
Foster Care ServiceHome-based care, which includes foster care, is provided to children who
are in need of care and protection. Children and young people are provided
with alternative accommodation while they are unable to live with their
FoundationA foundation (also a charitable foundation) is a legal categorization of
nonprofit organizations that will typically either donate funds and support
to other organizations, or provide the source of funding for its own
charitable purposes.
FoundryA foundry is a factory that produces metal castings from either ferrous or
non-ferrous alloys. Metals are turned into parts by melting them into a
liquid, pouring the metal in a mold, and removing the mold material or
casting after the metal has solidified as it cools.
FountainAn ornamental structure often made of stone that pumps water into the air.
Fountain ContractorA person or establishment that undergoes a contract to build fountains.
Foursquare ChurchA place of worship for adherents of the International Church of the
Foursquare Gospel, a Pentecostal Christian denomination.
Fraternal Organizationundefined
Free ClinicA medical facility offering community healthcare on a free or very low-cost
basis in countries with marginal or no universal health care.
Freight Forwarding ServiceA third-party logistics person or establishment that organizes shipments
for companies. Forwarders contract with a carrier to move the goods. A
forwarder does not move the goods but acts as an expert in supply chain
management. Also known as forwarder or forwarding agent.
French RestaurantRestaurant specialized in the preparation of French cuisine
French Steakhouse RestaurantA restaurant serving French cuisine with an emphasis on steaks.
Friends ChurchA place of worship for a branch of the Quaker congregations.
Frozen Dessert Supplierundefined
Frozen Yogurt ShopA shop that sells frozen yogurt dessert usually in a variety of flavors.
Many shops are self-serve and include a bar of toppings to choose from.
Fruit and Vegetable StoreA shop, stall or stand that sells only fruits and vegetables.
Fugu RestaurantA Japanese restaurant specializing in fugu (aka puffer fish), usually
served as sashimi, nabe.
Full Gospel ChurchA place of worship for Pentecostal Christians. Many early Pentecostals
called their movement the Apostolic Faith or the Full Gospel.
Function Room FacilityIndoor space where meetings and events can be held.
Funeral HomeBusiness that provides funeral services for the deceased.
Fur Serviceundefined
Furnace Parts Supplierundefined
Furnace Repair ServiceEstablishment specialized in the repair of furnaces
Furnace StoreA retail establishment that sells furnaces and incinerators, ovens, kilns
and related industrial equipment.
Furnished Apartment BuildingA building with flats or apartments already fitted with furniture.
Furniture MakerPerson or business that specializes in building furniture.
Furniture Rental ServiceEstablishment offering the rental of pieces of furniture
Furniture Repair ShopAn establishment specializing in furniture repair and services.
Furniture StoreBusiness that sells furniture and related home furnishings.
Furniture WholesalerAn establishment that manufactures furniture or sells it in bulk to
Futon StoreA retail establishment specialized in the sale of futon beds.
Futsal CourtA variant of football or soccer that is played on a smaller pitch and
mainly indoors.
GMC DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used GMC vehicles.
GPS SupplierA company that manufactures or sells GPS enabled equipment, such as may be
used for navigation while traveling by car or boat.
Galician RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Spanish region of Galicia.
Gambling InstructorA teacher who instructs on the rules, object and skills of the casino games.
Game StoreRetail establishment specialized in the sale of board and card-based games
Garage BuilderA contractor or establishment that constructs garages.
Garage Door SupplierAn establishment that manufactures or sells garage doors and associated
equipment. A garage is typically used to store cars securely or other goods.
Garbage Collection ServiceBusiness or government service that collects and removes garbage and other
waste from private residences and commercial buildings.
Garbage DumpArea of land (often municipally owned) where residential and commercial
waste are disposed of
Garbage Dump Serviceundefined
GardenPiece of land where (typically) plants or flowers are cultivated. May also
serve artistic/meditative purposes, as with Zen gardens””
Garden CenterA retail establishment that sells plants and other related products and
equipment for domestic gardens.
Gardening Products and ServicesBusiness whose operation involves plants or trees, or deal with equipment
to take care of plants or trees.
Gas CompanyPublic utility responsible for distributing natural gas and propane to
consumers (residential or commercial)
Gas Logs Supplierundefined
Gas StationA business where consumers can refuel their passenger or commercial motor
vehicle with gasoline from pumps for a fee. Gas stations can be self
service or full service and sell regular fuel and as well as diesel fuel.
Gas and AutomotiveBusiness that provides services related to automotive fueling, maintenance
and repair.
GastroenterologistA medical doctor specialized in the digestive system and its disorders.
GastropubA combination of bar and restaurant that serves high-end beer and food.
Gated CommunityA residential area with several houses, apartments or condominiums whose
buildings and roads are enclosed by gates and often security personnel to
restrict the movement of traffic and people into and out of the area.
Gay & Lesbian OrganizationAn organization that champions the interests and rights of people who
identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual. In Australia the acronym GBLT is
often used to refer to this part of the community, with the T referring to
transgender people.
Gay BarA drinking establishment that caters to an exclusively or predominantly
lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender ( LGBT ) clientele; the term gay is
used as a broadly inclusive concept for LGBT and queer communities.
GazeboA free-standing structure, often octagonal or rounded, found in gardens,
parks or other public area.
Gazebo BuilderA contractor or establishment that specializes in the construction of
outdoor, pavilion structures known as gazebos.
GenealogistA researcher trained to trace a person’s ancestry.
General ContractorPerson or business that provides skilled labor of various kinds, often in
construction and related trades.
General Practice AttorneyLawyer not specialized in any particular branch of law
General PractitionerA physician who sees patients of all ages and does not specialize in any
particular branch of medicine. The general practitioner serves as an
individual’s primary-care provider and access point to specialists and
specialized testing.
General StoreA rural or small town store that carries a broad selection of merchandise,
sometimes in a small space. It differs from a convenience store or corner
shop in that it will be the main shop for the community rather than a
convenient supplement. Also called village shop (UK), depanneur (Canada),
tapri (India).
Georgian RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the country of Georgia.
German RestaurantRestaurant specializing in German cuisine
Ghost TownAn abandoned village, town or city, usually one which contains substantial
visible remains. A town often becomes a ghost town because the economic
activity that supported it has failed, or due to natural or human-caused
disasters such as floods, government actions, uncontrolled lawlessness,
war, or nuclear disasters. Some ghost towns are preserved as tourist
Gift Basket StoreA retail shop specializing in selling baskets full of gifts, which are
typically delivered to the recipient at their home or workplace.
Gift ShopBusiness that sells souvenirs and other small items, often to tourists who
are seeking mementos or evidence that they have visited a certain location.
Items for sale typically include t-shirts, postcards, coffee mugs,
keychains and other trivial goods.
Gift Wrap StoreA shop that specializes in selling decorative and/or festive wrapping
paper. Also sells ribbons and other items (decorative bags, decorative
boxes, etc.) for wrapping.
GlacierA large body of ice which flows under its own mass, usually downhill.
Glass & Mirror ShopA store that sells glass products, typically windows, but also products
like mirrors and glass bricks.
Glass Block SupplierA company that sells glass blocks, also called glass bricks, for use in
construction. Glass bricks allow light to penetrate but obscure a clear
image and so are useful for privacy. They are also strong.
Glass BlowerAn artist who works with the medium of glass, forming it into various
shapes and colors.
Glass Etching Serviceundefined
Glass Repair ServiceAn establishment that repairs damaged or broken glass.
Gluten-Free RestaurantA restaurant which serves food that has no gluten content.
Go-Kart TrackA closed track for go-kart racing.
Gold DealerA person or business that specializes in the purchase, sale or investment
of gold.
GoldsmithA metalworker who specializes in working with gold and other precious
GolfAny business relating to the game of golf.
Golf Cart Dealerundefined
Golf ClubAn organization of members (golfers) who belong to a private golf facility
including a course and clubhouse.
Golf CourseLandscaped area designed for playing golf.
Golf Course – Fairwayundefined
Golf Course – Golf Shopundefined
Golf Course – Holeundefined
Golf Course – Putting Greenundefined
Golf Course – Roughundefined
Golf Course – Sand Bunkerundefined
Golf Course – Teeundefined
Golf Course BuilderAn establishment that is specialized in building, renovating or maintaining
golf courses.
Golf Driving RangeLandscaped area designed for practicing long golf strokes and swings. It
can also be a recreational activity itself for amateur golfers or when
enough time for a full game is not available.
Golf InstructorA person who teaches people how to play golf or improves their game.
Golf ResortA golf resort is a place that provides both facilities for playing golf (a
golf course) and accommodation along with entertainment.
Golf ShopRetail establishment selling golf clubs, balls, clothing and other golf
Gospel ChurchA place of worship that is a non-denominational Christ worshiping church.
Gourmet Grocery StoreA market that sells specialty food items (imported groceries, fine foods,
organic etc.)
GovernmentAn office, military base, property or other location that is used by or
belongs to a central, regional or local government.
Government Economic Programundefined
Government OfficeAn office or other location that is used by or belongs to a central,
regional or local government.
Graduate SchoolA school that awards advanced academic degrees (i.e. master’s and doctoral
degrees) with the general admissions requirement that students must have
earned a previous undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree. A distinction is
typically made between graduate schools and professional schools, which
offer specialized advanced degrees in professional fields such as medicine,
business, engineering, ministry or law. Many universities award graduate
degrees; a graduate school is not necessarily a separate institution. Also
referred to as postgraduate education.
Graffiti Removal ServiceA company that specializes in the removal of graffiti. Graffiti is words or
images that have been put onto a public space, generally with spray cans or
markers, without being authorized. Graffiti is considered a crime in much
of Australia and local government will hire companies to remove it by
painting over it or cleaning.
Grain Elevatorundefined
Granite SupplierSupplier of granite rock.
Graphic DesignerPerson or business that specializes in visual communication using various
media (for example, illustration, print or web design).
Greek Orthodox ChurchA branch of the Greek Orthodox Church.
Greek RestaurantRestaurant specializing in Greek fare
GreengrocerA retail establishment selling fruit and vegetables.
GreenhouseA company that manufactures or sells greenhouses and related equipment.
Greenhouses are enclosed spaces in which plants are grown. The enclosure
typically allows for extra warmth, and also can protect from pests or
provide appropriate humidity.
Greeting Card ShopA shop that specializes in greeting cards, which are small folded and
decorated pieces of cardboard that are sent in the post or given to other
people to commemorate such events as birthdays, marriages, or deaths.
Grill StoreA shop that specializes in selling barbecues, which are devices for cooking
outside the house, typically in the yard. Stores that specialize in
barbecues often sell other goods that can be used in the yard such as
outdoor furniture, gas heaters etc.
Grocery Delivery ServiceA service in which groceries are delivered to the residence of a customer
after being purchased at the store or, more typically, over the internet.
Grocery StoreA year-round (non-seasonal) business that sells produce, food, and
ingredients for the preparation of meals offsite.
Grounds / Boundaryundefined
Group Homeundefined
Guatemalan RestaurantA restaurant serving Guatemalan food.
Guest HouseFacility that offers lodging to travelers, but where the staff is not
always available. A guest could be attached to a hotel or motel and offers
more privacy, but less service. In some parts of the world, a guest house
is simply a term to designate a type of inexpensive accommodation.
Guitar InstructorPerson who specifically teaches someone how to play the guitar.
Guitar StoreStore specialized in selling guitars.
Gun ClubGun clubs are sports clubs in which members fire weapons such as pistols or
rifles for entertainment or as a competitive sport. They may shoot at clay
targets fired into the air or indoor targets.
Gun ShopStore specialized in selling firearms and related items.
GurudwaraA place of worship for followers of Sikhism
Gutter Cleaning ServiceA person or establishment that clears the gutter on a house or building.
The gutter is the narrow channel which collects and diverts rainwater shed
by the roof.
GymVenue for athletic training and/or participating in sports.
Gymnastics CenterFacility dedicated to gymnastics, that is trampoline, bars, vault, floor
routines, etc.
Gyro RestaurantA restaurant that specializes in gyros.
HIV Testing Centerundefined
HVAC ContractorPerson or business that specializes in the installation, maintenance or
repair of building air-conditioning and heating systems.
Hair CarePerson or business that provides haircuts, hair styling and/or shaving.
Hair Removal ServicePerson or business that provides services for removing facial or body hair.
Hair Replacement ServiceA company that provides products or services intended to slow or reverse
hair loss, typically the loss of hair on the head in men suffering from
male pattern baldness.
Hair SalonPlace where someone, man or woman, can get their hair cut and styled.
HairdresserA hair salon that provides services to both men and women.
Haitian RestaurantA restaurant serving Haitian food.
Halfway Houseundefined
HallA relatively large space enclosed by a roof and walls.
Ham ShopA retail food store that specializes in ham. Ham is cured meat (usually
smoked and/or salted) from the upper part of a pig’s leg.
Hamburger RestaurantRestaurant specialized in serving hamburgers.
Hand SurgeonA surgeon who specializes in surgical treatment of conditions and problems
that may take place in the hand or upper extremity (commonly from the tip
of the hand to the shoulder) including injury and infection.
Handball CourtA walled court in which a handball, a game similar to squash but where the
ball is hit with the hand, is played.
Handicapped Transportation ServiceA taxi (cab) service that provides vehicles specially modified for use by
people with disabilities, for example those in a wheelchair.
Handicraft MuseumA building that houses handmade decorative objects.
HandymanA contractor who is skilled in many practical activities required around
the house, such as repair work and maintenance work, both interior and
exterior. Example jobs include light plumbing work, such as fixing a leaky
toilet, or light electric work, such as changing a light fixture.
Hardware StoreBusiness that sells tools and other supplies for maintenance and repair of
a private residence or commercial building.
Harley-Davidson DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Harley Davidson vehicles.
Hat ShopA store that specializes in selling hats.
Haunted HouseA house or building perceived as being inhabited by ghosts or other
disembodied spirits. Sometimes preserved as tourist attractions or created
specifically for entertainment (i.e. haunted house at amusement parks).
Haute French RestaurantAn upscale restaurant serving the most elaborate form of French cuisine,
emphasizing exacting technique, high-end ingredients and elegant
Hawaiian Goods StoreA store that specializes in selling arts, crafts, and other goods of
Hawaiian origin.
Hawaiian RestaurantA restaurant serving traditional Hawaiian food.
Hay Supplierundefined
Head Start CenterHead Start is a federally funded program within the United States targeting
preschool children. Head Start Centers provide preschool education,
nutrition and medical services.
HealthPerson, organization or business that provides goods and/or services
related to physical health and wellbeing.
Health ClubA health club or gym facility that contains exercise equipment, machines,
weights and sometimes group fitness classes and/ or personal training.
Health ConsultantA professional who assists individuals in achieving and maintaining optimum
wellness by advising them about healthy diets and exercise, as well as
methods to cope with stress.
Health Food RestaurantA restaurant focusing on healthy food.
Health Food StoreA store that sells health food items for specific dietary needs: vegan,
organic, raw, etc. Health food stores may also sell local produce and
nutritional supplements.
Health Insurance AgencyBusiness that sells health insurance policies.
Health and BeautyPerson, organization or business that provides goods and services related
to physical health, wellbeing, grooming and personal appearance.
Hearing Aid Repair ServiceAn establishment specializing in hearing aid repair and services.
Hearing Aid StoreA retail store that specializes in hearing aid products, supplies and
Heating ContractorPerson or business that specializes in the installation, maintenance or
repair of building heating systems.
Heating Equipment SupplierA company that sells heating appliances (heaters) and systems.
Heating Oil Supplierundefined
Helicopter Tour AgencyAn establishment that flies and maintains helicopters.
HeliportArea specifically dedicated to the taking off and landing of helicopters.
Helium Gas Supplierundefined
HematologistA doctor who specializes in diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs
Herb ShopA food products supplier or shop that specializes in herbs, which are
plants valued for their flavor or medicinal properties.
Heritage MuseumA building which exhibits historical and cultural objects of ancestral
High SchoolSchool that handles students that are usually between 12 and 18 years old,
between primary or elementary school and university. High schools can be
sub-divided into junior high school and senior high schools whereas other
high schools will be a separate entity where only grades after junior high
school are taught. Local practices should take precedence over this
description to suit the education system of each country.
Higher EducationHigher education generally refers to any formal education that is
undertaken by students who have completed high school (secondary school),
such as at universities or colleges. Formal education implies an in depth
course of study that is undertaken over a substantial period of time.
Hiking AreaArea set aside for hiking, usually found in parks.
Hindu TempleA place of worship for Hindus.
Hispanic ChurchA place of worship that provides Hispanic ministries for parishioners.
Historical LandmarkMonument, building, or structure erected in commemoration of a historical
event or a person of importance.
Historical PlaceAn official location where pieces of political, military or social history
have been preserved; it can be any building, landscape, site or structure
that is of local, regional, or national significance.
Historical SocietyAn association of people with a common interest in history, building
awareness about history, and preserving historical artifacts.
History MuseumMuseum dedicated to the preservation of cultural elements from the past
with a broader focus than just art.
Hoagie RestaurantA restaurant specializing in hoagies, a type of sandwich served in Southern
New Jersey and Northern Pennsylvania.
Hobby StoreA shop that sells goods relating to common recreational hobbies such as
specialty magazines for model airplanes, train models, ship models, house
and building models. Some hobby shops may also sell dolls, and collectible
coins and stamps. A subtype of hobby store is a game store,which sells
board games and role playing games.
HockeyBusiness related to the hockey sport, by managing clubs, or providing
facilities or services to exercise the sport. This does not include ice
Hockey Clubundefined
Hockey RinkAn ice rink specifically designed for the sport of ice hockey.
Hockey Supply StoreA retail store that specializes in selling hockey supplies and accessories
(skates, sticks, pucks, etc.)
Holding Companyundefined
Holiday ApartmentAn apartment that is available for rent to tourists and travelers.
Holiday ParkA British term for touriste campsite facilties found in Europe.
Holistic Medicine PractitionerAn alternative medicine practioner who specializes in the holistic
treatment of the mind and body.
Home Audio StoreA retail shop selling audio equipment such as speakers, stereo systems,
headphones, turntables, etc.
Home BuilderBusiness that specializes in the construction of private residences.
Home Goods StoreBusiness that sells furnishings, decorative items, appliances and related
goods for the home.
Home Health Care ServicePerson or business that provides medical and related services at the home
of the patient. These services can include skilled nursing, physical
therapy and other types of care.
Home Improvement StoreLarge store where one can find building materials, hardware and home
decorating elements, such as paint, wallpaper, lamps, fixtures, etc. These
are sometimes called home centers.
Home InspectorA professional who has training and certification in the examination of the
condition of a home and its plumbing, electrical and architectural
Home Insurance AgencyOrganization that specializes in providing home insurance, for renters and
owners to insure the property itself and what they own.
Home Theater StoreStore which sells home theater equipment such as projectors, chairs, and
video or audio equipment.
Home and ConstructionPerson or business that provides goods and/or services related to building
Homeless ServiceA service, generally a charity, that cares for homeless and destitute
people. They may provide free or cheap meals, counselling and
rehabilitation, or clothing or accommodation.
Homeless ShelterBuilding specially equipped to accommodate temporarily homeless people and
provide the basic necessities: beds, washroom facilities and a meal area.
Some homeless shelters are run by non-profit organizations while others are
associated with religious organizations or the government.
HomeopathAlso spelled homoeopathy. A form of alternative medicine that attempts to
treat patients with heavily diluted preparations which are claimed to cause
effects similar to the symptoms presented.
Homeowners’ Associationundefined
Honda DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Honda vehicles.
Honduran RestaurantA restaurant serving Honduran food.
Honey FarmA honey producer may also be called an apiarist. Honey is produced by bees
and farmed.
Hookah BarAn establishment where patrons share shisha (flavored tobacco ) from a
communal hookah or nargile which is placed at each table.
Horse Boarding StableA facility where horses are sheltered and taken care of for a fee.
Horse BreederDeliberate breeding of certain horses is common because certain traits are
highly prized, not least of which horses which perform well in professional
horse racing.
Horse Rental ServiceService where people can pay to ride a horse for a predetermined amount of
time, usually in an enclosed area.
Horse RidingBusinesses and places related to riding horses.
Horse Riding SchoolA facility teaching horse riding techniques and equestrian maneuvers. This
broad description includes both use of horses for practical, working
purposes as well as recreational activities and competitive sports.
Horse Trailer DealerAn establishment or individual who specialize in trailers designed to
transport horses.
Horse TrainerIn horse racing, a trainer is responsible for preparing a horse for races.
As such, he or she takes responsibility for exercising it, getting it
race-ready and determining which races it should enter.
Horseback Riding ServiceAn establishment which specializes in offering horseback riding, a
recreational activity in which people ride horses for pleasure.
Hose SupplierA company that manufactures or sells hoses for use in industry or in
plumbing for example.
HospiceA hospice provides palliative care to patients who are dying and unable to
receive further beneficial medical treatement.
HospitalFacility that provides general and specialized medical care for patients on
both an in-patient (overnight) and out-patient basis.
HostelType of affordable accommodation where the traveler rents a bed, usually in
a dormitory, and shares the facilities with other travelers. Some hostels
provide private rooms, at a higher cost.
Hot Dog RestaurantA restaurant specializing in hot dogs.
Hot Dog Standundefined
Hot Springundefined
Hot Tub Repair ServiceAn establishment that specializes in hot tub repair and services.
Hot Tub StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling and/or repairing hot tubs,
also known as jacuzzis or whirlpools.
HotelA hotel that offers a luxury setting, providing a high level of comforts,
personalized service and amenities.
House Cleaning ServiceCleaning service provided to home owners where someone comes to the house
to dust and clean the furniture, carpets, blinds, the kitchen, etc.
House SitterA person who lives in and cares for a house while the regular occupant is
away (usually without an exchange of money). A house sitter might be asked
to take care of pets and the plants as well as helping decrease the
likelihood of burglary.
Housing AuthorityA governmental body that governs some aspect of the territory’s housing,
often providing low rent or free apartments to qualified residents.
Housing DevelopmentAn housing development is a group of similarly styled buildings built as a
part of single construction project. In some parts of the world, they might
have their own official or local name.
Hub Cap SupplierAn establishment that specializes in selling hub caps to smaller retail
Human Resource ConsultingA management consulting company that addresses tasks and decisions
pertaining to another company’s management of its workforce.
Human ResourcesEstablishment that helps other businesses or individuals in finding jobs,
or support to integrate an existing workforce.
Hunan RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Hunan province of China.
Hungarian RestaurantA restaurant serving Hungarian food.
Hunting AreaDedicated area where people are allowed to hunt animals.
Hunting ClubHunting is the practice of pursuing living animals (usually wildlife) for
food, recreation, or trade. In present-day use, the term refers to lawful
hunting, as distinguished from poaching, which is the killing, trapping or
capture of the hunted species contrary to applicable law.
Hunting Preserveundefined
Hydraulic Equipment Supplierundefined
Hydraulic Repair ServiceEstablishment that specializes in hydraulic repair and services.
Hydroelectric Power Plantundefined
Hydroponics Equipment SupplierA company that sells equipment and products required to grow plants
hydroponically. This growing method involves dissolving nutrients into
water for the plant roots rather than planting them in soil.
HypermarketA retail location combining a supermarket and a department store. The
result is an expansive retail facility carrying a wide range of products
under one roof, including full groceries lines and general merchandise.
Hypnotherapy ServiceA therapist or clinic that practices hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy uses
hypnosis to create unconscious change in the patient in the form of new
responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors or feelings
Hyundai DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Hyundai vehicles.
IceTerrain covered with ice.
Ice Cream ShopBusiness that sells ice cream and/or related products like frozen yogurt
and gelato.
Ice Skating Clubundefined
Ice Skating Instructorundefined
Ice Skating RinkArea where frozen water is treated to be smooth enough for people to skate
on. Outdoor rinks are normally only opened during winter. Indoor skating
rinks are usually called arenas and most of them are opened year-round.
Ice SupplierIce is usually supplied as cubes and is required by the food and
hospitality industries amongst others. It is also often sold in smaller
quantities as party ice” for private parties.”
Icelandic RestaurantA restaurant serving Icelandic food.
Imax TheaterA theater that displays motion pictures using the film format and set of
cinema projection standards created by the Canadian company IMAX
Immigration & Naturalization ServiceA government office that oversees lawful immigration into a country.
Immigration AttorneyA lawyer specialised in dealing with immigration laws.
ImporterA company that imports goods or identifies goods to be imported from
Incense Supplierundefined
Indian Grocery StoreGrocery store specialized in selling Indian produce, foods, and goods.
Indian RestaurantRestaurant specialized in serving Indian cuisine and food.
Indonesian RestaurantA restaurant serving Indonesian food.
Indoor Golf CourseA golf course located indoors.
Indoor LodgingA place of temporary lodging for use by travelers. Indoor lodging must have
either private rooms and/or rooms shared with other travelers who are
Indoor Swimming PoolA swimming pool located indoors.
Industrial AreaAn area of land developed as a site for factories and other industrial
Industrial BuildingA building where things are produced or stored for production. Typically,
but not necessarily, a large structure outside the city center.
Industrial Equipment SupplierAn establishment that manufactures, sells and distributes tools and
equipment used in industrial work. ie: machinery, etc.
Industrial Gas Supplierundefined
Industrial Vacuum Equipment SupplierA company that sells vacuuming equipment that is suitable for commercial
use, for example in cleaning large or difficult areas.
Infectious Disease PhysicianA doctor who specializes in the diagnoses and treatment of infectious
Infiniti DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Infiniti vehicles.
Information Bureauundefined
InnType of smaller hotel, usually paired with a restaurant, where the traveler
can get a room, food and drink.
InstructionInstitutions and companies at which students acquire knowledge and skills
in a specialized field.
Insulation ContractorA person or establishment that installs insulation into buildings.
InsurancePerson or business that provides services related to insurance.
Insurance AgencyBusiness that sells insurance policies.
Insurance AttorneyA lawyer specialised in dealing with insurance laws.
Insurance CompanyAn establishment that specializes in selling insurance.
Insurance Schoolundefined
Interior DecorationBusinesses that provide services or supply tools and materials used for the
decoration of the interior of a building or room, especially with regard to
color combination and artistic effect.
Interior DesignerPerson or business that specializes in the design and decoration of
interiors for private residences and commercial buildings.
Interior Plant ServiceA business that specializes in design, care and service for indoors.
Services can range from helping choose and care for potted plants in
offices or creating a landscaped environment inside a building.
International AirportAn airport that handles flights to and from multiple other countries. The
international flights can be in addition to domestic flights.
International Trade ConsultantPeople or companies that provide expert advice to importers and exporters.
Internet CafeBusiness that provides a place and equipment that allows paying customers
to access the Internet.
Internet Marketing ServiceAn establishment or service that specializes in online advertising and
assists a brand or product in communicating their marketing message to
consumers via the internet.
Internet Service ProviderBusiness that provides Internet access to individuals and businesses.
InternistHealth care professional specialized in internal medicine.
Intersection Groupundefined
Investment BankAn establishment that helps individuals, corporations, and governments
raise capital, advises them on mergers and acquisitions, and provides other
related services. Investment banks do not accept deposits from the public.
Investment ServiceAny type of business which helps clients buy or sell financial securities.
Invitation Printing ServiceAn establishment that specializes in printing custom invitations and cards.
Irish Goods StoreA retail store that specilizes in products and goods of Ireland.
Irish PubDrinking establishment specialized in serving Irish beers and provide some
form of (usually Irish or Celtic but not always) entertainment to patrons.
Irish RestaurantA restaurant serving Irish food.
Iron Worksundefined
IrrigationMan-made (and sometimes natural) channels used to move water.
Irrigation Equipment Supplierundefined
IslandA contiguous area of land, smaller than a continent, totally surrounded by
Israeli RestaurantA restaurant serving Israeli food.
Isuzu DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Isuzu vehicles.
Italian Grocery StoreA grocery store that specializes in imported Italian foods, goods and
Italian RestaurantRestaurant specialized in serving Italian cuisine and food.
Izakaya RestaurantAn izakaya is a type of Japanese drinking establishment which also serves
food to accompany the drinks.
JR Railways Trackundefined
Jaguar DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Jaguar vehicles.
Jain TempleA place of worship for followers of Jainism
Jamaican RestaurantA restaurant serving Jamaican food.
Janitorial Equipment Supplierundefined
Janitorial ServiceAn establishment that provides janitorial services for commercial,
educational or event buildings.
Japanese Confectionary ShopA retail shop selling Japanese-style sweets known as wagashi — such as
mochi, manju, anmitsu, etc.
Japanese Curry RestaurantA restaurant that specializes in Japanese curry.
Japanese Grocery StoreGrocery store specialized in selling Japanese produce, foods, and goods.
Japanese RestaurantRestaurant specialized in serving Japanese cuisine and food.
Japanese SteakhouseA steakhouse that specializes in preparing and serving Japanese food.
Jazz ClubA nightclub where people can drink alcoholic beverages and listen to live
jazz performances.
Jeep DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Jeep vehicles.
Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom HallA place of worship for Jehovah’s Witnessess, a Christian denomination that
believe their religion is a restoration of first-century Christianity.
JewelerA person or establishment that makes and/or sells jewelry.
Jewelry AppraiserAn establishment or individual who specializes in evaluating and
determining the cost of jewelry.
Jewelry Buyerperson or establishment that selects and purchases jewelry items, sometimes
for the purpose of resale.
Jewelry DesignerPerson that specializes in making, from design to finish, jewelry.
Jewelry EngraverAn individual or establishment that specializes in engraving jewelry.
Jewelry Equipment Supplierundefined
Jewelry Repair ServiceAn establishment specializing in jewelry repair and services.
Jewelry StoreBusiness that sells jewelry, precious metals, gems and related items.
Jewish RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Jewish culture.
Judo SchoolA school of or venue for practicing the Japanese form of martial arts
called Judo.
Juice ShopA shop where fruit juices and smoothies are prepared, generally made fresh
when ordered. Smoothies are similar to milkshakes but generally contain
more varied ingredients and less sugar, such as fruit juices, yoghurt, and
sometimes muesli or malt.
Jujitsu SchoolA school of or venue for practicing the Japanese form of martial arts
called Jiu Jitsu (sometimes called Jujutsu)
JunkyardArea where old vehicles are brought and dismantled in order to recycle
their parts or reuse them.
Justice of the PeaceA justice of the peace in Australia is typically someone of good stature in
the community who is authorised to witness and sign statutory declarations
and affidavits and to certify copies of original documents. Criteria for
appointment vary widely, depending on the state.
Juvenile Detention CenterA secure facility for young people who have committed crimes or are
awaiting court hearings and/or placement in long-term care facilities and
programs and who are too young to be sent to adult gaols or prisons.
Juveniles are held in detention centers to ensure appearance in court and
to protect public safety if less restrictive alternatives are not available
or appropriate.
Kaiseki RestaurantA restaurant serving traditional kaiseki, a multi-course Japanese meal.
KaraokeA business where people can sing the lyrics of a song of their choice. In
some places, the singer performs in front of a large crowd, and in others,
private rooms are available for small groups and offer more privacy.
Karaoke BarBar where people can go to drink and sing the lyrics of a song of their
choice. In some bar, the singer signs in front of the whole crowd, and in
others, private cabins are available for small groups and offer more
Karate SchoolA school or venue for practicing the Japanese form of martial arts called
Kawasaki Motorcycle Dealerundefined
Kazakhstani RestaurantA restaurant serving Kazakhstani food.
KennelPlace where dogs are sheltered and provided for.
Kerosene Supplierundefined
Key Duplication ServiceBusiness that cuts (duplicates) a key identical to the provided original.
Can be stand-alone business or part of another business (locksmith,
hardware store, etc.).
Kia DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Kia vehicles.
Kickboxing SchoolA school of or venue for practicing kickboxing.
KindergartenSchool level that handles students that are usually between 3 and 6 years
old. Kindergarten is usually the first level of formal education, and is
usually integrated to primary or elementary schools.
Kitchen Furniture StoreStore that specializes in selling kitchen furniture.
Kitchen RemodelerEstablishment that specializes in remodeling kitchens.
Kitchen Supply StoreStore that specializes in selling kitchen utensils and accessories,
including pots and pans.
Kite ShopA shop that specialises in selling kites, which are toys that catch the
wind and are flown while tethered to the hands with rope.
Knit ShopA shop that sells items related to recreational knitting, such as yarn,
knitting patterns and needles.
Knitting Instructorundefined
Korean Barbecue RestaurantA restaurant serving Korean barbequed food.
Korean ChurchA place of worship for the Korean community
Korean Grocery StoreA retail food store selling predominantly unprepared food items from Korea.
Korean RestaurantRestaurant specialized in serving Korean cuisine and food.
Kosher Grocery StoreA retail food store selling unprepared food items that conform to the
regulations of kashrut (Jewish dietary law).
Kosher RestaurantA restaurant serving Kosher food.
Kung Fu SchoolA school of or venue for practicing the Chinese forms of martial arts
collectively called Kung Fu.
Kushiyaki RestaurantA Japanese restaurant that specializes in skewered grilled meat.
LASIK SurgeonA medical professional who performs lasik surgery. During lasik surgery,
corneal tissue is removed from the eye with a special laser in order to
change the eye’s ability to focus.
Labor Relations AttorneyA lawyer who specializes in labor laws. A labor relations attorney
represents either the employer or employee and mediates between the two
Labor UnionAn organization of workers who negotiates collectively to achieve common
goals such as protecting the integrity of its trade, achieving higher pay,
increasing the number of employees an employer hires, and better working
conditions. Also referred to as trade unions or amalgamation.
Laboratory Equipment SupplierA company that manufactures or sells equipment that is required by
LakeAn inland body of standing water.
Laminating Equipment Supplierundefined
Lamination ServiceAn establishment specializing in providing lamination.
Lamp Repair ServiceAn establishment specializing in lamp repair and services.
Lamp Shade Supplierundefined
Land MassA large continuous area of land, either surrounded by sea or contiguous
with another landmass.
Land Rover DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Land Rover vehicles.
Land SurveyorA professional who performs a variety of measurements dealing with earth
(ground), air and water surfaces. The purpose is to establish boundaries to
satisfy ownership and provide concrete research for legal documents. A land
surveyor will also perform research to discover any previously recorded
boundaries and compare them with their own physical measurements.
LandmarkAn object or other notable feature in a landscape or inhabited area that
allows someone to establish their location.
Landscape ArchitectA professional involved in the planning, design and sometimes direction of
a landscape, garden, or distinct space.
Landscape DesignerSpecialist in landscape design, that is deciding where to plant trees,
plants, and flowers or where to place elements such as ponds, lakes, etc.
to get a specific effect.
Landscape Lighting DesignerA business or professional that specializes in the structure and artistic
layout of lighting on landscapes.
LandscaperPerson or business that specializes in planting and maintaining outdoor
landscapes and their elements, including trees, plants and flowers.
Landscaping Supply StoreA shop selling equipment and tools used when landscaping. Landscaping is
the act of improving the aesthetic appearance of (a piece of land) by
changing its contours, adding ornamental features, or planting trees and
Language SchoolSchool that provides instruction for languages, whether local or foreign.
Laotian RestaurantA restaurant serving Laotian food.
LapidaryAn artisan who cuts, engraves, and polishes precious stones. Also known as
Laser Cutting Serviceundefined
Laser Equipment Supplierundefined
Laser Hair Removal ServiceEstablishment that offers body hair removal services using a laser.
Laser Tag CenterEstablishment where people play a war simulation game and the aim of the
game is to shoot the opponent using a laser pistol.
Latin American RestaurantA restaurant specializing in serving latin american cuisine.
LaundromatEstablishment where communal washer and dryers are available for people to
do their laundry for a fee.
LaundryPerson or business that provides laundry services, including washing,
dry-cleaning and pressing.
Laundry ServiceService that allows people to pay a person or company to do their laundry.
Usual services include picking up, washing, drying, folding, ironing and
dropping off the laundry.
Lava Fieldundefined
Law FirmA business formed by one or more lawyers to engage in the practice of law.
Services provided by law firms include advice to clients about their legal
rights and responsibilities, representation in civil or criminal cases, and
legal advice on business transactions.
Law Libraryundefined
Law SchoolEducational institution teaching the skills necessary to become a lawyer,
attorney, barrister, solicitor or notary.
Lawn Care ServiceBusiness that specializes in planting and maintaining grass lawns.
Lawn Equipment Rental Serviceundefined
Lawn Irrigation Equipment Supplierundefined
Lawn Mower Repair ServiceAn establishment specializing in repairing lawn mowers.
Lawn Mower StoreA store specializing in selling lawn mowers, parts, and accessories.
Lawn Sprinkler System ContractorA tradesman or establishment that designs and installs a sprinkler system
(frequently an automated one). Also known as an irrigation contractor.
LawyerPractitioner who provides legal advice, legal representation or other legal
services to individuals and businesses, or who acts in such a role as an
employee of government (for example, a district attorney or public
Learning CenterAn establishment or school that provides a special program for those
needing additional skills, typically on a one-on-one environment.
Leather Cleaning ServiceEstablishment that specializes in cleaning leather.
Leather Goods StoreA retail shop that sells predominantly objects made with leather such as
wallets, belts, bags, etc.
Leather Repair ServiceAn establishment that mends items made from leather.
Leather WholesalerAn establishment that sells leather to other smaller retail stores.
Lebanese RestaurantRestaurant specialized in serving Lebanese cuisine and food.
Legal ServicesPerson, organization or business that provides legal assistance, advice,
representation and/or related services.
Level-5 Highwayundefined
Level-6 Highwayundefined
Level-7 Highwayundefined
Level-8 Highwayundefined
Level-9 Highwayundefined
Lexus DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Lexus vehicles.
LibraryA place that contains books, periodicals, microfilm, microfiche, and other
information resources that the public is encouraged to either sit and use
on-site or to borrow (with the intention of returning) without having to
pay a fee.
License BureauInstitution for approving and issuing licenses to indviduals.
License Plate Frames Supplierundefined
Life Insurance AgencyOrganization that specializes in providing life insurance, including short
and long term disability.
Light Bulb Supplierundefined
Light Rail Trackundefined
LighthouseStructure found along the coast with a revolving light fixed at the top to
help ship navigation.
Lighting StoreBusiness that sells light fixtures, lamps, lamp shades, light bulbs and
related goods.
Limousine ServiceTransportation service where an individual is driven from one place to
another by a private chauffeur. A limousine service is similar to a taxicab
service, but is considered more luxurious and comfortable.
Lincoln Mercury DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Lincoln and/or Mercury
Linens StoreA retail shop selling household textile goods such as bedclothes,
tableclothes, pillowcases, etc.
Lingerie StoreStore that specializes in selling female underwear and undergarments.
Linoleum Storeundefined
LiquidatorAn estate liquidation is similar to an estate sale in that the main concern
or goal is to empty the home, garage, sheds and yard with an estate sale
organization while also often adding the contents of a safe deposit box or
more, family heirlooms too valuable to be left within the constraints of
the family home, real estate, cars, boats, and other transportation. The
main purpose of a liquidation where the company is insolvent is to collect
in the company’s assets, determine the outstanding claims against the
company, and satisfy those claims in the manner and order prescribed by law.
Liquor StoreBusiness that sells wine, liquor and other alcoholic beverages.
Literacy Programundefined
Lithuanian RestaurantA restaurant serving Lithuanian food.
Little League Clubundefined
Little League FieldA baseball field for little league.
Live Music VenueVenue equipped with the sound material required to host music event and
performances, including seating for the public.
Livestock Auction Houseundefined
Livestock BreederAn agricultural business that mates farm animals to be sold to others.
Livestock Dealerundefined
Livestock Producerundefined
Loan AgencyBusiness brokering loans or providing services related to lending.
Lobster Restaurantundefined
Local Government OfficeGovernment offices responsible for second-level or lower administrative
areas of a country.
Local History MuseumAn institution that collects and displays artifacts pertaining to the
history of the immediate area.
LocalityA division in a city / town / village.
LocksmithPerson or business that specializes in keys and locks, including making
keys, lock installation repair and unlocking.
LodgeA lodge is a type of accommodation, usually small scale. Sometimes one must
be or know a member to stay there (as in the case with many ski lodges).
Other lodges are similar to guest houses.
LodgingPlaces that provide any type of lodging for travelers. This includes
hotels, but also other subcategories like rooms in private houses,
apartments offered for a short-term rent, campgrounds and rv parks.
Log Home BuilderAn establishment or professional who specializes in constructing homes
and/or buildings with timber.
Logging ContractorAn establishment or contractor who specializes in logging; cutting,
skidding, on-site processing of logs.
LogisticsLogistics involves the integration of information, transportation,
inventory, warehousing, material-handling, and packaging, and occasionally
Logistics ServiceA business that provides management of transportation, inventory,
warehousing, material-handling, packaging, and occasionally security.
Lottery RetailerA retail store that sells lottery tickets.
LoungeAn establishment or area with plenty of relaxed seating, and that sometimes
serves food and drink and/or plays music.
Low Income Housing ProgramA social services program that helps low income individuals or families
with housing. The program might offer subsidies and/or assistance in
finding low-rent housing. Includes government-run and non-profit
Luggage Repair ServiceA person or establishment that specializes in repairing luggage.
Luggage StoreStore that specializes in selling luggage and baggage.
Lumber StoreStore that specializes in selling wood for construction purposes.
Lutheran Churchundefined
Luxury HotelAn upscale hotel that offers luxurious amenities, full service
accomodations, on-site full service restaurant and the highest level of
personalized service.
MRI Centerundefined
Machine Knife Supplierundefined
Machine ShopA workshop where metal is cut and shaped by machine tools.
Machining ManufacturerAn establishment that manufactures machines.
Macrobiotic RestaurantA restaurant specializing in health foods associated with a macrobiotic
Madrilian RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Madrilian region of Spain.
Magazine Publisherundefined
Magazine StoreA store specializing in selling magazines.
Magic StoreStores which sell materials for performing magic tricks. They often also
sell practical jokes and novelty items.
MagicianArtist doing tricks that appear to be unexplainable.
Magistrates’ CourtThe Magistrates’ Court (or Local Court) handles summary matters and smaller
civil matters.
Mailbox Rental ServiceEstablishmentes that provide rent out mailboxes for secure mail and package
Mailbox SupplierAn establishment that provides commercial and residential mailboxes.
Mailing Machine Supplierundefined
Mailing ServiceA business that provides shipping and delivery services for standard mail
and packages.
Make-up Artistundefined
Malaysian RestaurantA restaurant serving Malaysian food.
Maltese RestaurantA food establishment that specializes in serving Maltese cuisine.
Mammography Serviceundefined
Mandarin RestaurantA restaurant serving Mandarin food.
Manufactured Home TransporterAn establishment that specializes in the transport of manufactured homes.
ManufacturerAn establishment that makes goods, especially in large quantities and by
means of industrial machines.
Manufacturing, Mining, Utilities, Agriculture, FishingPerson, organization or business that engage in or provides goods and/or
services related to manufacturing, mining, utilities, agriculture and
Map StoreStore that specializes in selling various maps.
Mapping ServiceA service that designs maps of a certain location, route, etc.
Marble ContractorA tradesman or establishment that fabricates and/or installs marble in
residences or other buildings. Marble is used for tiles, counters,
fireplaces, etc.
Marble Supplierundefined
Marche RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Marche region of Italy.
MarinaA marina is a type of harbor that caters specifically to recreational
boating, where patrons can dock their boats.
Marine Supply StoreA retail store that specializes in boat parts, accessories, sailing
equipment and boating apparel.
Marines Facilityundefined
Maritime MuseumA museum specializing in the display of objects relating to ships and
travel on large bodies of water.
MarketA usually regular and sometimes permanent gathering of people for the
purchase and sale of provisions, livestock, and other commodities.
Market ResearcherAn establishment or individual who gathers information to help inform
political, social and economic decisions.
Marketing AgencyBusiness that offers marketing and promotion services.
Marketing ConsultantPerson or business that offers advice, expertise and services related to
Marriage CounselorIndividual or establishment that provides counselling services and therapy
for married couples about problems affecting their relationship
Marriage License BureauAn office or department that processes marriage licenses, domestic
partnership papers and manages records. They also conduct civil ceremonies.
Martial Artsundefined
Martial Arts SchoolSchool that provides instruction for martial arts like karate, tae kwan do,
capoeira, boxing and wrestling.
Martial Arts Supply StoreStore that specializes in selling martial arts supplies and accessories.
Masonry ContractorPerson or business that specializes in brick or stone construction.
Masonry Supply StoreEstablishment that sells equipment and supplies used by masons. Masons
build structures or buildings by laying bricks or stones.
MassagePerson or business that provides goods and/or services related to massage.
Massage SchoolAn educational institution in which the skills of therapeutic massage and
any of its variants can be learnt.
Massage Supply StoreAn establishment that sells equipment required by masseurs.
Massage TherapistPerson specialized and registered in giving massages. They can also be
called masseur, massage therapist or massotherapist.
Material Handling Equipment Supplierundefined
Maternity StoreA retail shop that sells clothing and accessories designed for pregnant
Mattress StoreStore that specializes in selling bed mattresses.
Mausoleum BuilderAn establishment specializing in constructing above-ground buildings that
house the deceased.
Mazda DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Mazda vehicles.
Meal DeliveryEstablishment that prepares and sells meals for delivery to a customer
Meal TakeawayEstablishment that prepares and sells meals to be picked up on the premises
and consumed in another location.
Meat PackerA business that specializes in the the wholesale packaging of meat for
sale; this may include slaughtering, processing, and distribution.
Meat Processorundefined
Meat WholesalerAn establishment that sells meat in large quantities to smaller stores and
MechanicA person who repairs and maintains machinery, most often cars.
Mechanical ContractorAn establishment or individual who specializes in the installation,
enlargement, renovation, conversion, repair or erection of a mechanical
Mechanical EngineerProfessional that designs components and systems for product delivery for
use in manufacturing.
Media CompanyA company that produces mass media such as television, radio, film, movies,
Mediation Serviceundefined
Medical Billing ServiceThe third party service that a medical practice outsources in order to
process health insurance claims expeditiously while maximizing insurance
Medical CenterMedical institution, usually large in scale or formed by combining several
medical departments, including a medical faculty, or by combining various
regional hospitals. This can designate a superhospital (such as those
created for university teaching hospitals), or the central administration
of a group of hospitals.
Medical ClinicHealth facility providing general and/or specialized outpatient/ambulatory
Medical Diagnostic Imaging CenterA medical facility that specializes in medical imaging. Medical imaging
comprises different imaging modalities and processes to image human body
for diagnostic.
Medical ExaminerA medically qualified government officer whose duty is to investigate
deaths and injuries that occur under unusual or suspicious circumstances,
to perform post-mortem examinations, and in some jurisdictions to initiate
Medical GroupAn association of physicians, health care providers and sometimes offices
or hospitals that are grouped together and under a specific insurance
Medical LaboratoryLaboratory specialized in the analysis of medical tests.
Medical SchoolAn educational institution that teaches students the skills necessary to be
a doctor and certifies them in a specific area of practice ie: oncologist,
family physician, etc.
Medical SpaA medical spa is a hybrid between a medical clinic and a day spa that
operates under the supervision of medical doctor.
Medical Supply StoreRetailer selling medical supplies to hospitals, clinics and individual
Medical Transcription ServiceA type of transcription service which deals in the process of converting
voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians and/or other healthcare
professionals, into text format.
Meditation CenterA place where individuals can train the mind through the practice of
Meditation Instructorundefined
Mediterranean RestaurantRestaurant specialized in serving Mediterranean cuisine and food.
Meeting Planning ServiceA business or professional that handles all the details before and during
business meetings or conventions. Services can range from booking the
meeting space, arranging for speakers and caterers, as well as ensuring
audio visual equipment functions properly.
Memorial ParkEither a public park dedicated in memorial to an event, or a cemetery
(modern term for such).
Men’s Clothing StoreRetailer selling clothing for men.
Mennonite ChurchA place of worship for Mennonites, a Christian group based around the
church communities of Anabaptist denominations named after Menno Simons of
Mental Healthundefined
Mental Health ClinicA medical facility to treat those suffering from mental illness.
Mental Health ServiceThe office of a specialist (therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.) or
a facility where patients with mental illnesses are treated.
Mercedes Benz DealerAn automobile dealership that specializes in Mercedes Benz cars,
accessories and services.
Messianic SynagogueA place of worship for adherents of Messianic Judaism. Messianic Judaism
blends evangelical Christian theology with elements of religious Jewish
practice and terminology.
Meta Featureundefined
Metal Detecting Equipment Supplierundefined
Metal Fabricatorundefined
Metal FinisherA tradesman or establishment that uses a variety of materials and processes
to clean, etch, and plate metallic and non-metallic surfaces to create a
workpiece that has the desired surface characteristics. Electrolytic
plating, electroless plating, and chemical and electrochemical conversion
processes are typically used in the industry. Typical supporting processes
can include degreasing, cleaning, pickling, etching, and/or polishing.
Metal Heat Treating Serviceundefined
Metal Polishing Serviceundefined
Metal Stamping ServiceStamping includes a variety of sheet-metal forming manufacturing processes,
such as punching using a machine press or stamping press, blanking,
embossing, bending, flanging, and coining.
Metal Supplierundefined
Metaphysical Supply StoreA retail shop that sells items used by occult practitioners.
Methodist ChurchA place of worship for Methodists, a Protestant Christian denomination.
Mexican Goods StoreA retail store that specializes in traditional mexican goods and
Mexican Grocery StoreA retail store selling predominantly unprepared food items either from
Mexico or used in preparing Mexican food.
Mexican RestaurantRestaurant specialized in serving Mexican cuisine and food.
Microwave Oven Repair Serviceperson or establishment that repairs microwaves.
Mid-Atlantic Restaurant (US)A restaurant specializing in food from the US mid-atlantic region generally
located between New England and the South usually including Delaware,
Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., New York.
Middle Eastern RestaurantA restaurant serving the cuisine of a Middle Eastern country. This includes
Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman,
Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE and Yemen.
Middle SchoolThe level of schooling attended by children between elementary school and
high school. This educational building is the intermediate, generally
consisting of grades 6-8.
MidwifeA health care professional trained to assist a woman in childbirth (often
in the patient’s own home)
Military AirportAn airbase (sometimes referred to correctly as an airfield, military
airport, or Royal Air Force Station or Air Force Station) is a military
airfield that provides basing and support of military aircraft.
Military BaseFacility owned and operated by national armed forces used for
administrative, training, or logistical purposes.
Military Cemeteryundefined
Military Recruiting OfficeA place that conducts recruitment for military positions, that is, the act
of requesting people, usually male adults, to join a military voluntarily.
Milk Delivery Serviceundefined
MillA facility for grinding or pulverzing grain or other raw materials using a
Millwork Shopundefined
MineA pit or excavation in the earth from which mineral substances are taken.
Miniature Golf CourseA game modeled on golf but which focuses solely on putting. Played on
courses like regular golf, miniature golf differs in the short length from
tee to cup, the use of artificial putting surfaces (such as astroturf), and
obstacles such as tunnels/tubes, ramps, moving obstacles suchas windmills.
Miniatures StoreA retail store selling dollhouse furnishings.
Mining CompanyA company that owns and operates mines.
MissionA religious mission or mission station is a location for missionary work.
Mitsubishi DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Mitsubishi vehicles.
Mobile Home DealerA retailer that specializes in mobile and modular homes.
Mobile Home ParkA semi-permanent or permanent area for mobile homes or travel trailers.
Mobile Home Rental AgencyAn establishment that allows customers to hire a campervan for a certain
period of time.
Mobile Home Supply StoreA retail store that specializes in mobile home supplies and accessories.
Model Design Companyundefined
Model ShopStore that specializes in selling scale model item, such as cars, planes,
trains, etc.
Model Train StoreA retail shop that specializes in selling small scale models of trains.
Modeling AgencyAn establishment that represents and promotes people who are employed as
models, for example to model fashion or for television and promotions.
Modeling Schoolundefined
Modern Art MuseumAn art museum is a large art gallery where a proportion of the art is for
display only and may not be purchased. Modern Art is a particular genre of
art and pieces are displayed in the museum.
Modern British RestaurantA restaurant applying creative European cooking techniques to traditional
British dishes.
Modern European RestaurantA restaurant whose cooking draws on the flavors and techniques of three or
more European cuisines, presenting modern takes on traditional dishes.
Modern French RestaurantA restaurant whose French cooking reflects modern techniques and diverse
culinary influences, and typically spotlights fresh, high-quality
Modular Home BuilderModular buildings and modular homes are sectional prefabricated buildings
or houses that consist of multiple modules or sections which are
manufactured in a remote facility and then delivered to their intended site
of use. The modules are assembled into a single residential building using
either a crane or trucks.
Modular Home Dealerundefined
Molding SupplierMolding (USA) or moulding (AUS, CAN, UK) is a strip of material with
various cross sections used to cover transitions between surfaces or for
decoration. It is traditionally made from solid milled wood or plaster but
may be made from plastic or reformed wood.
MonasteryReligious building dedicated to a group of monks, priests, or nuns.
Money Order ServiceService through which someone can send money via transfer to someone else.
Money orders can be issued by financial institutions, postal services or
private companies, such as MoneyGram, Western Union, etc.
Money Transfer ServiceAn establishment entity that provides money transfer services or payment
Mongolian Barbecue RestaurantA restaurant specializing in serving mongolian barbecue.
Monogramming Serviceundefined
Monorail Trackundefined
Montessori SchoolAn educational institution that teaches using the Montessori method. The
centerpiece of the Montessori approach is allowing children to learn on
their own while being guided by the teacher.
MonumentStructure created specifically to commemorate a person or event. Unlike
historical landmarks, monuments are not always erected to commemorate a
historical event (c.f. Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, etc.)
Monument Makerundefined
Moped Dealerundefined
Moravian ChurchA place of worship for adherents of the Moravians Church, a Protestant
Christian denomination
Moroccan RestaurantRestaurant specialized in serving Moroccan cuisine and food.
Mortgage BrokerPerson or business that offers mortgage loans as an intermediary on behalf
of a lending institution.
Mortgage LenderBusiness that provides mortgage loans to individuals and other businesses.
MortuaryA facility used for storing, examining by autopsy, and disposal by burial
or creamation of human corpses.
MosquePlace of worship for Muslims.
MotelBusiness that provides short-term lodging for travelers. Motels are
distinct from hotels in that they cater primarily to motorists and are
often configured with rooms opening to the building exterior to an easy
path of access to and from a car.
Motor Scooter DealerAn establishment that sells or leases new and/or used motor scooters.
Motor Vehicle DealerAn establishment that sells or leases new and/or used motor vehicles.
Motorcycle DealerAn establishment that sells or leases new and/or used motorcycles.
Motorcycle Insurance AgencyA company or agency that specializes in providing and managing motorcyle
insurance services.
Motorcycle Parts StoreA retail store that specializes in motorcycle parts and accessories.
Motorcycle Rental AgencyService where people can pay to use a motorcycle for a predetermined amount
of time.
Motorcycle Repair ShopEstablishment specialized in motorcycle repairs (engine, brakes, etc.)
Motorcycle ShopA retail dealer specializing in selling motorcycles.
Motorsports StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling motorsports goods and items.
Mountain CabinA building located in the mountains intended to provide food and shelter to
mountaineers, climbers and hikers.
Movie RentalBusiness that rents movies on various media (for example, DVD) to the
Movie Rental KioskAutomated retail kiosk that rents movies to the public.
Movie Rental StoreA business that rents movies to the public.
Movie Studioundefined
Movie TheaterA venue whose purpose is to screen movies.
Moving CompanyPerson or business that provides assistance in relocating the posessions of
a household or a business from one place to another. Movers may use vans,
trucks or other vehicles for transportation.
Moving Supply StoreA retail shop that sells boxes and packing supplies.
Moving and Storage ServiceSpecialized service in moving and storing furniture, personal belongings
and other items.
Muay Thai Boxing GymA sports center that specializes in muay thai boxing
Muffler ShopStore that specializes in selling vehicle mufflers.
Mulch Supplierundefined
MuseumPlace that exhibits objects for the purpose of education and entertainment.
Museums often specialize in a specific category of object or interest (for
example, art, natural history or science).
Museum of Space HistoryAn institution that collects and displays artifacts related to space travel
and exploration.
Museum of ZoologyAn institution that collects and displays objects related to the animal
kingdom (including mammals, reptiles, insects, birds, dinosaurs, etc). Some
such museums are also called natural history museums.
Music Box StoreA retail store specializing in selling music boxes.
Music InstructionA person or school who teaches music, whether on instruments or singing.
Music InstructorPerson who provides singing or musical instrument instruction.
Music SchoolSchool that provides instruction for singing, playing musical instruments
or other activities related to music.
Music StoreStore that specializes in selling music on a media (physical or electronic).
Musical Instrument Rental ServiceService where people can pay to use a musical instrument for a
predetermined amount of time.
Musical Instrument Repair ShopA store specializing in musical instrument repairs and services.
Musical Instrument StoreBusiness that sells musical instruments.
Nail SalonBusiness that provides nail care services like trimming, filing, painting
and decorating.
Narrow Gauge Trackundefined
National ForestA large wooded area that is owned and maintained by the federal government.
National MuseumA national museum is a museum maintained by a nation.
National ParkArea of land managed (usually) by the government and opened to all
residents of a country for recreational purposes (e.g. hiking, kayaking,
National ReserveArea of land managed (usually) by the government and opened to all
residents of a country for recreational purposes (e.g. hiking, kayaking,
camping), including hunting, trapping and fishing under stricter control
than other areas.
National route (2-digit number)undefined
Native American Goods StoreA retail store specializing in selling arts, crafts, and other goods of
native american origin.
Native American RestaurantA restaurant serving traditional Native American dishes, typically
featuring ingredients that are indigenous to the Americas.
Natural Featureundefined
Natural Foods StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling natural food products.
Natural Gas Supplierundefined
Natural History MuseumMuseum that specializes in the history and evolution of nature, plants,
animals, insects and minerals.
Nature PreserveArea of protected land managed (usually) by the government for the purpose
of conservation of its wildlife, flora, fauna, geological or other features.
Naturopathic PractitionerMedical pracitioner who prescribes natural healing agents for treament over
prescription drugs or surgery.
Naval Baseundefined
Navarraise RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Navarraise region of Spain.
Neapolitan RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Neapolitan region of Italy.
Needlework ShopStore specialized in selling handicrafts for sewing.
Neon Sign ShopA retail store that specializes in the manufacturing or selling of neon
Neonatal PhysicianA physician whose focus is in the neonatal care ward working with premature
births or newborns showing signs of defects.
Nepalese RestaurantA restaurant serving Nepalese food.
NephrologistA medical doctor specialized in the kidneys and its function, disorders and
NeurologistMedical doctor specialized in brain and nervous system diseases and
New Age ChurchA place of worship for followers of the New Age Movement; a collection of
Eastern-influenced, metaphysical though systems, heald together with a
teaching of salvation.
New American RestaurantA restaurant whose US American cooking reflects modern techniques and
diverse culinary influences, and typically spotlights fresh, high-quality
New England RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the New England region of the US (Maine, New
Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut).
New Zealand RestaurantA restaurant serving New Zealand food.
News ServiceAn organization of journalists that supply news reports to news
associations such as newspapers, news stations, magazines, radio or
Newspaper Advertising Departmentundefined
Newspaper PublisherEstablishment that edits, prints and publishes newspapers.
NewsstandA facility, commonly outdoors, that sells newspapers and magazines.
Nicaraguan RestaurantA restaurant serving Nicaraguan food.
Night ClubVenue for drinking and dancing that operates primarily after dark.
NightlifeSocial activities or entertainment available at night in a town or city.
Nissan DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Nissan vehicles.
Non-Denominational ChurchA Christian institution not formally aligned with an established religious
Non-Profit OrganizationAn organization that performs its function on a not-for-profit basis. Such
organizations often provide a service, usually social or charity work, and
rely on voluntary donations for operating costs. Monies raised by such an
organization must be used to further advance its cause.
Non-governmental OrganisationA legally constituted corporation created by natural or legal people that
operates independently from any form of government.
Noodle ShopA restaurant specializing in serving noodles.
North African RestaurantA restaurant serving North African food. This includes food from the
following countries: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, South Sudan, Sudan,
Tunisia, Western Sahara, Morocco.
Northern Italian RestaurantA restaurant serving Northern Italian food, including Emilian, Florentine,
Ligurian, Lombardian, Marchigiana, Milanese, Piedmontese, Tuscan, Venetian.
Norwegian RestaurantA restaurant serving Norwegian food.
Notary PublicOfficer of the law whose role is to draw, attest and/or certify public
documents, depending on the jurisdiction.
Notions StoreStore that specializes in selling small articles for sewing (e.g. buttons,
ribbons, zippers).
Novelty StoreA retail store that sells miscellaneous, novel products.
Nuclear Power PlantAn industrial facililty used for generating elecrical power from nuclear
Nudist Parkundefined
Nuevo Latino RestaurantA restaurant serving Nuevo Latino food.
Nursery SchoolA nursery school is a school for children between the ages of three and
five years, staffed by suitably qualified and other professionals who
encourage and supervise educational play rather than simply providing
Nursing AgencyBusiness that provides nurses and usually health care assistants (such as
Certified Nursing Assistants) to people who need the services of healthcare
Nursing HomeFacility where patients can obtain long term care. These facilities care
for elderly people or younger adults with physical or mental disabilities.
Nursing SchoolEducational institution teaching the skills necessary to become a nurse.
Nut StoreA retail store that specializes in nuts, candies or snacks.
NutritionistPractitioner who provides advice and expertise related to proper eating
habits and nutrition. This does not include dieticians or weight-loss
Obanzai RestaurantA Japanese restaurant serving obanzai food. Obanzai ryori is a traditional
cuisine native to Kyoto.
Observation DeckA sightseeing platform where visitors can enjoy the view.
ObservatoryAn observatory is a location used for observing celestial events, and is
generally used in the context of Astronomy.
Obstetrician-GynecologistDoctor who specializes in medical advice and care for women during
pregnancy and delivery, and care for the female reproductive system.
Occupational Health ServiceAny company that provides services related to health and safety at a
workplace. They may for example test staff for medical problems or
substance abuse issues that could affect their ability to work safely, or
they may ensure that workplaces are free from harmful chemicals or other
Occupational Medical PhysicianMedical professionals who prevent, and treat, injuries caused within a
Occupational TherapistTherapists who help people with a physical, mental or developmental
condition to develop, recover, or maintain daily living and work skills.
Occupational therapy interventions focus on adapting the environment,
modifying the task, teaching the skill, and educating the client/family in
order to increase participation in and performance of daily activities,
particularly those that are meaningful to the client.
OceanOne of the large salt-water bodies that covers most of the globe.
Oden RestaurantA restaurant serving Oden, a Japanese winter dish consisting of several
ingredients such as boiled eggs, daikon radish, konnyaku, and processed
fish cakes stewed in a light, soy-flavoured dashi broth. Ingredients vary
according to region and between each household. Karashi (Japanese mustard)
is often used as a condiment.
Off Roading AreaArea with rough, unpaved and unfinished conditions dedicated for driving
specialized vehicles (such as trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles,
mountain bicycles).
Off Track Betting ShopA licensed bookmaker’s shop that is not at the race track.
Off-road Race TrackA track which is used for motorsports, in which specially modified vehicles
race against each other in unsurfaced environments.
OfficeAn area that is used for commerical or professional work.
Office Equipment Rental ServiceService where people can pay to use office furniture (desks, chairs, filing
cabinets, etc.) for a predetermined amount of time.
Office Equipment SupplierAn establishment specializing in selling office equipment to other relation
Office Furniture StoreStore that specializes in selling office furniture (desks, chairs, filing
cabinets, etc.)
Office ServicesBusiness that provides access to equipment and services for office-related
activities, like printing, faxing, binding or public internet access.
Office Space Rental AgencyAn establishment that facilitates office rental contracts.
Office SupplyA retail store that specializes in a variety of office supplies from
stationery to small machines.
Office Supply StoreStore that specializes in selling office supplies (paper, pens, printing
equipment and supplies, stamps, ink pads, etc.) Some office supply stores
also sell office furniture.
Oil & Natural Gas CompanyBusiness that explores, extracts, refines, transports (often by oil tankers
and pipelines) or markets fossil fuel products. Products may include crude
oil, fuel oil, gasoline (petrol), diesel or natural gas. This does not
include retail outlets associated with the company such as gas stations.
Oil Change ServiceA business which changes the motor oil in automobiles. Some businesses will
also offer other auto services.
Oil Field Equipment SupplierA business that specializes in the sale or rental of equipment for oil
Oil RefineryAn oil refinery, also known as petroleum refinery, is an industrial process
plant where crude oil is processed and refined into more useful petroleum
Okonomiyaki RestaurantA restaurant serving okonomiyaki, Japanese savoury pancake containing a
variety of ingredients.
Oldsmobile DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Oldsmobile vehicles.
OncologistA medical doctor specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
Open Air MuseumA category of museum that exhibits collections of buildings and artifacts
Opera CompanyAn establishment that produces operatic shows.
Opera HouseVenue dedicated for the staging of operas.
OphthalmologistMedical doctor specialized in eye and vision diseases and disorders. In
many countries, optometrists, who are usually not considered medical
doctors or physicians, focus solely on measuring visual acuity.
OpticianRetailer selling prescription corrective eye glasses and contact lenses.
OptometristPractitioner who examines eyes for vision problems and in prescribes
corrective eye glasses or contact lenses.
Oral SurgeonMedical doctor specialized in dental and maxillofacial (jaw, mouth, gums,
head and neck) surgery.
OrchardAn area of planted, fruit -producing trees or shrubs that is maintained for
food production. Example: apple orchard
Orchid Growerundefined
Organic RestaurantRestaurant specialized in preparing and serving organic food and produce.
Oriental Art MuseumA museum that exhibits objects of historical and culture reference
regarding the Orient.
Oriental Goods StoreA retail store that specializes in oriental rugs that are handmade, knotted
with pile or woven without pile
Oriental Rug StoreStore that specializes in selling rugs and carpets from the Middle-East and
Far-East (from Turkey to Japan).
OrphanageInstitution devoted to the care of orphans (children left without parents).
OrthodontistDoctor who specializes in treatment for irregularity of teeth and/or
malocclusion of the jaw.
Orthodox ChurchA place of worship for the religious factions orginating from the Byzantine
Orthodox SynagogueA place of worship for adherents of Orthodox Judaism.
Orthopedic Shoe StoreAn establishment that specializes in therapeutic shoes and orthodics for
individuals with heel, ankle, foot or leg problems.
Orthopedic SurgeonMedical doctor specialized in the treatment and surgery of musculoskeletal
(joints, bones and ligaments) conditions.
Orthotics & Prosthetics Serviceundefined
OsteopathHealth care specialist that specializes in diagnosing, treating and
preventing injuries and illnesses by focusing on muscles and bones
OtolaryngologistMedical doctor specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose,
throat, disorders.
Outboard Motor StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling outboard motors.
Outdoor Furniture StoreStore specialized in selling furniture for the outdoors (e.g. tables,
Outdoor Sports StoreStore specialized in selling equipment and accessories for outdoor sports
and leisure, such as hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, etc.
Outlet MallA shopping center (often outdoors but can also be an indoor mall) where
manufacturers sell their stock directly to the public at a discounted
price. Merchandise can be damaged or past season good or created
specifically to be sold at a lower price.
Outlet StoreA store where the manufacturer sells directly to the consumer at a
discounted price. Merchandise can be damaged, past season goods, or created
specifically to be sold at a lower price.
Oxygen Equipment Supplierundefined
Oyster Bar RestaurantA restaurant specializing in serving oysters.
Oyster SupplierA person or company that farms and sells oysters (a common name for a
number of distinct groups of bivalve molluscs which live in marine or
brackish habitats).
Pachinko ParlorA recreational mechanical arcade game and gambling device, resembling a
vertical pinball machine with a large number of small balls, which cascade
down a dense forest of pins, directing the balls towards certain locations.
Pacific Northwest Restaurant (Canada)A restaurant serving food from the Pacific Northwestern region of Canada.
Pacific Northwest Restaurant (US)A restaurant serving food from the Pacific Northwestern region of the US,
including the states Washington and Oregon.
Pacific Rim RestaurantA restaurant specializing in the cuisines of the regions bordering the
Pacific Ocean, particularly the nations of East Asia.
Packaging Supply StoreStore that specializes in selling shipping, packaging and handling supplies
and accessories.
PagodaA tiered tower building with multiple eaves that often serves a religious
function as a Hindu, Taoist or Buddhist temple.
Pain Control ClinicFacility to help people manage chronic pain or pain following a surgery,
illness or medical condition.
Pain Management PhysicianA medical specialist specializing in reduction and control of pain
Paint StoreStore specialized in selling and mixing paint.
Paintball CenterEstablishment where people play a war simulation game and the aim of the
game is to shoot the opponent using a compressed-gas powered gun and paint
PainterPerson who specializes in painting building interiors or exteriors.
PaintingAn artifact that has been created by applying color on surface.
Pakistani RestaurantA restaurant serving Pakistani food.
PalaceA grand residence, especially a royal residence or the home of a head of
state or some other high-ranking dignitary.
Pallet Supplierundefined
Pan-Asian RestaurantA restaurant whose cooking draws on the flavors and techniques of three or
more Asian cuisines, presenting modern takes on traditional dishes.
Pan-Latin RestaurantA restaurant whose cooking draws on the flavors and techniques of three or
more Latin American cuisines, presenting modern takes on traditional dishes.
Paper DistributorA distributor of paper products. A distributor sells products or services
to retailers, rather than selling directly to consumers.
Paper Millundefined
Paper Shredding Machine Supplierundefined
Paraguayan RestaurantA restaurant serving Paraguayan food.
Paralegal Services ProviderA business that provides the legal services of paralegals. A paralegal is
an individual trained specifically to assist lawyers in the delivery of
legal services to various clients. Although paralegals cannot give legal
advice directly to those seeking assistance, they can conduct the necessary
research and relay pertinent information to a lawyer who will then advise
the clients.
Parasailing Ride Serviceundefined
ParkOutdoor place open to the public for recreation, or reserved for the
preservation of wildlife and natural habitat.
Park & Rideundefined
ParkingPlace designated for vehicle parking (for example, a parking lot or garage).
Parking GarageA building in which people can park their cars for a fee that is based on
the length of time the car is left in the garage.
Parking LotArea where people can leave their cars while they are not in use.
Parking Lot for BicyclesArea where people can leave their bicycles while they are not in use. The
area may or may not be covered and there may or may not be posts or cables
on which to lock the bicycles.
Parking Lot for MotorcyclesArea where people can leave their motorcycles while they are not in use.
The area may or may not be covered.
Parochial SchoolA private school that provides a religious education in addition to the
general, conventional education.
Party Equipment Rental ServiceService where people can pay to use party equipment (sound system, karaoke
machine, lighting, etc.) for a predetermined amount of time.
Party PlannerAn industry that furnishes supplies and personnel to meet the needs of
party hosts. A party services business is typically a local company or an
Party StoreStore specialized in selling party supplies such as ribbons, balloons,
decorations, themed kitchenware, etc.
PassA route over an otherwise difficult to traverse feature. Includes saddle.
Passport OfficeA government office responsible for processing and providing passports to
Passport Photo ProcessorService that processes passport photos.
Pasta ShopStore specialized in making (sometimes) and selling pasta, dried or fresh,
and related products.
Pastry ShopA retail store that specializes in baked goods and desserts.
Patent AttorneyA lawyer specialized in dealing with issues regarding an inventor’s
governmental property rights known as patent laws.
Paternity Testing ServiceMedical facility that provides services for determining the father of a
child using advanced medical tests like DNA testing
PathologistA physician who examines tissues, checks the accuracy of lab tests, and
interprets the results in order to facilitate the patient’s diagnosis and
Patio Enclosure Supplierundefined
PatisserieA type of bakery that specializes in French pastries and sweets,
Paving ContractorA construction company or contractor who specializes asphalt driveways,
roads and parking lots.
Paving Materials Supplierundefined
Pawn ShopFacility where someone can get a temporary loan by leaving an item of equal
value as a guaranty. If the loan is not repaid within the agreed upon time
frame, the item is then sold.
PayphoneA public telephone, typically requiring coins or cards to operate.
Peak / Mountain / HillElevations that have a distinctive peak.
Pediatric CardiologistA medical professional who specializes in the diagnosis or treatment of the
heart and blood vessels affecting children.
Pediatric DentistA dentist who specializes in treating the teeth of children from birth
through adolescence.
Pediatric OphthalmologistA medical specialist in eye diseases, visual development, and vision care
in children.
PediatricianDoctor who specializes in treating children.
Pen StoreA retail store that specializes in writing instruments, repairs tools,
accessories an stationery.
PeninsulaA stretch of land projecting into water. Includes capes and spits.
Pennsylvania Dutch RestaurantA restaurant serving food from Pennsylvania Dutch region of the US.
Pentecostal ChurchA place of worship for adherents of the Pentecostal faith, an evangelical
Protestant Christian denomination.
Performing ArtsForms of creative activity that are performed in front of an audience, such
as drama, music, and dance.
Performing Arts GroupA group of people who present different forms of theatrical, artistic
Performing Arts TheaterVenue with a stage for presentation of performing arts.
Perfume StoreRetailer selling perfume and men’s cologne.
PeriodontistA specialist in dentistry that studies supporting structures of teeth,
diseases, and conditions that affect them.
Permanent Make-up Clinicundefined
Persian RestaurantA restaurant serving Persian food.
Personal Injury AttorneyA lawyer specialized in dealing with those who claim to have been injured
as a result of negligence or wrongdoing of others.
Personal TrainerPerson who provides athletic training or other physical exercise
instruction to individuals.
Peruvian RestaurantA restaurant serving Peruvian food.
Pest Control ServiceBusiness that specializes in eliminating insects, rodents and other pests
from private residences and commercial buildings.
Pet Adoption ServiceService to adopt a domestic animal that was previously abandoned or stray.
Pet Boarding ServiceAn individual or professional service that boards dogs and cats as well as
other small animals.
Pet CareAn establishment that specializes in pet products and services.
Pet CemeteryA cemetery for animals. More commonly animals are buried on the family
property, for example in the yard.
Pet GroomerPerson who specializes in cleaning and grooming domestic animals.
Pet SitterPerson who offers to take care of pets in their own homes as a service.
Pet StoreRetailer selling domestic animals such as cats, dogs, birds and fish.
Pet Supply StoreRetailer selling goods for or related to domestic animals.
Pet TrainerAn establishment or individual that specializes in pet behavior
Pharmaceutical CompanyA corporation that develops, produces and markets drugs for medical use.
Pharmaceutical companies can deal in generic and/or brand medications.
PharmacyEstablishment or department within a business existing only as a pharmacy,
not the larger business itself.
Pho RestaurantA Vietnamese noodle restaurant that specializes in Pho.
Photo LabA shop or service where photographic film or negatives are processed
(developed) into photographs. Many labs now also process digital
Photo Restoration ServicePhoto restoration or retouching is the practice of restoring a photograph
which has been damaged or affected by age.
Photo ShopStore specialized in selling photo camera equipment and accessories.
PhotographerPerson who takes photographs as a professional service.
PhotographyBusiness providing services to taking, printing or selling images or video
PhysiatristAlso known as rehabilitation physicians, physiatrists specialize in
restoring optimal function through non-surgical treatments to people with
injuries to the muscles, bones, tissues, and nervous system.
Physical Fitness ProgramA program designed to enhance general fitness and increase the general
state of well being.
Physical TherapistPerson that provides therapy related to physical and health and wellbeing.
This includes preventative therapy, as well as rehabilitation.
Physical Therapy ClinicFacility that offers rehabilitation therapy services, and has specialists
such as physiotherapists and massage therapists.
Physician Referral ServiceA service that recommends physicians. Can be a stand-alone business or part
of a larger entity (such as a hospital or a medical center).
Piano BarAn establishment where one can drink alcoholic beverages and listen to live
piano music.
Piano InstructorPerson who specifically teaches someone how to play the piano.
Piano Moving ServiceAn establishment or group of individuals who can be hired to provide
services for moving a piano.
Piano Repair ServiceAn establishment that provides piano tuning, voicing, regulation and repair
Piano StoreStore specialized in selling pianos.
Piano Tuning ServiceA business or craftsman that adjusts the strings in a piano so that the
piano is in tune.
Picnic GroundA public area that is suitable for people to use for picnics, ideally a
beautiful landscape such as a park, beside a lake or with an interesting
view and possibly at a public event such as before an open air theatre
performance, and usually in summer. A picnic can be defined simply as a
pleasure excursion at which a meal is eaten outdoors, generally with food
spread out on a picnic blanket that lays on the ground.
Picture Frame ShopAn establishment that sells picture frames or provides services for framing
Pie ShopA pie shop is a take away (fast food) outlet specialising in pies,
especially meat pies.
PierA pier is a raised walkway over water, supported by widely spread piles or
Pilates StudioA facility that teaches pilates, exercise to strengthen the core i.e.
stomach and back.
Pilgrimage PlaceA place to which people attach enough importance so as to undertake a
journey thereto, or indulge in a search of moral or spiritual significance
Pinatas Supplierundefined
Pinball Machine Supplierundefined
Pipe SupplierA business that supplies pipes, fittings, valves, adapters and similar
materials for a customer’s plumbing and mechanical use.
Pizza DeliveryEstablishment that prepares and sells pizza for delivery to a customer
Pizza RestaurantRestaurant specialized in preparing and serving pizza.
Pizza TakeawayEstablishment that prepares and sells pizza to be picked up on the premises
and consumed in another location.
Place of WorshipPlace that can be used by individuals or groups for worship or acts of
PlanetariumA building in which images of stars, planets, and constellations are
projected on the inner surface of a dome for public entertainment or
Plant NurseryPlace where plants and flowers and grown. A nursery can be outdoor or
indoor, under a tent, in building or in greenhouse.
Plastic Bag Supplierundefined
Plastic Fabrication CompanyAn establishment that specializes in the production of plastic.
Plastic Injection Molding Serviceundefined
Plastic SurgeonDoctor who specializes in correction or alteration of parts of the body for
cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. Plastic surgery procedures include
rhinoplasty, facelifts, breast augmentation and liposuction.
PlateauElevations that are flat on top. Includes mesas and buttes.
Plating Serviceundefined
PlaygroundPark catering to kids with recreational equipment such as swings, slides,
etc. Can be indoor or outdoor.
Playground Equipment Supplierundefined
PlazaLarge, open public space. Also called a square.
PlumberPerson who specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of water
systems in private residences and commercial buildings.
Plumbing Supply StoreA store that specializes in selling plumbing supplies.
Plywood Supplierundefined
PodiatristDoctor who specializes in care and treatment of the foot, as well as ankle
and lower leg.
PolicePlace where the public can find a police officer for assistance or
enforcement of the law.
Police Academyundefined
Police DepartmentOffices of a police force. This can designate the headquarters or the main
police station. They may or may not have all the services and amenities of
a police station.
Police Jurisdiction LimitsBoundaries representing the jurisdiction of a particular police station.
Police StationA location with police presence available at all times. Individuals can
report an emergency and file a police report (or similar) at this location.
Police Supply StoreAn establishment that sells equipment, clothing and tactical gear used by
law enforcement officers.
Polish RestaurantA restaurant serving Polish food.
Political PartyA political organization that seeks to influence government policy, usually
by nominating their own candidates and trying to seat them in political
Polygraph ServiceAn establishment or individual that administers polygraph tests to help
determine if a person is telling the truth. During the test, a person is
hooked up to several sensors that detect changes in blood pressure, pulse,
respiration and other physiological indicators while questions are asked.
Polynesian RestaurantA restaurant serving Polynesian food.
PondAn inland body of standing water, either natural or man-made, that is
smaller than a lake.
Pond ContractorA person or establishment that undergoes a contract to build ponds.
Pond Fish SupplierAn establishment that specializes in pond stocking fish and accessories.
Pond Supply Storeundefined
Pontiac DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Pontiac vehicles.
Pony Ride Serviceundefined
Pool Cleaning ServiceA company or an individual that provides swimming pool cleaning and care
Pool HallVenue where the public can play pool or billiards.
Popcorn StoreA retail store that specializes in gourmet popcorn flavors, gift baskets
and seasonal gifts.
Porsche DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Porsche vehicles.
Portable Building ManufacturerAn establishment who manufactures portable buildings.
Portable Toilet Supplierundefined
Portrait StudioAn establishment with a professional photographer who will take photographs
of people for a fee.
Portuguese RestaurantRestaurant specialized in serving Portuguese cuisine and food.
Post OfficePlace where the public can access postal services, including sending and
receiving mail and packages, and buying stamps. Typically, this is an
office of the national postal service.
Postal CodeUse this to map postal code / ZIP code boundaries.
Postal Code Prefixundefined
Poster StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling posters.
Pottery StoreA shop that specialises in selling pottery and/or other ceramics.
Poultry Farmundefined
Powder Coating ServiceAn establishment or individual who specializes in powder coating services;
creating a harder finish than conventional paint.
Power Plant ConsultantAn establishment or individual that offers technical expertise, project
mangement and consultation in energy applications or power plant projects.
Power Plant Equipment Supplierundefined
Power StationA industrial facililty for generating elecrical power.
Po’ Boys RestaurantA restaurant specializing in po boys, a type of sandwich popular in
Pregnancy Care CenterA center that provides prenatal care and services.
PremiseA premise is a location at smaller than street granularity.
Preparatory SchoolA private school for students ages 7-18 that prepares them for their next
academic stages such as high school or college.
Presbyterian ChurchA place of worship for Presbyterians, a Protestant Christian denomination.
PreschoolA school that handles children who are under the age of 4-5 before they
enter kindergarten. These differ from daycares in that they emphasize
educational activities.
Pressure Washing ServiceA service which uses a high pressure water stream to clean, for example,
buildings, sidewalks, and patios.
Pretzel StoreAn eatery that specializes in handrolled, fresh baked pretzels and snacks.
Primary SchoolA primary school (from French cole primaire ) is an institution in which
children receive the first stage of compulsory education known as primary
or elementary education. It can be divided into public and private.
Print ShopAn establishment which providing printing services. This includes stores
where people have files and documents printed.
Printer Repair ServiceEstablishment that repairs printers
PrisonBuilding with holding cells for people waiting to appear before a judge or
for people to serve a sentence. In some jurisdictions, prisons can be
called differently depending on the level of security of the level of the
offense (c.f. jails/gaols, penitentiaries, etc.)
Private Golf CourseA golf course offers members only play.
Private HospitalA private hospital is a hospital owned by a for-profit company or a
non-profit organisation and privately funded through payment for medical
services by patients themselves, by insurers, or by foreign embassies. A
hospital that is not run by the government.
Private InvestigatorA private investigator offers services related to collecting information
about individuals or organizations.
Private SchoolEducational institutional, usually at the primary/elementary or high
school/secondary levels, where students, or their parents, must pay tuition
to attend class. These schools may or may not be receive funding from the
government, and may or may not follow the government education program.
Private UniversityPrivate universities are universities not operated by governments, although
many receive tax breaks, public student loans, and grants. Depending on
their location, private universities may be subject to government
Probation Officeundefined
Process ServerService of process is the procedure employed to give legal notice to a
person (such as a defendant) of a court or administrative body’s exercise
of its jurisdiction over that person so as to enable that person to respond
to the proceeding before the court, body or other tribunal. Usually, notice
is furnished by delivering a set of court documents (called process) to the
person to be served.
ProctologistA medical doctor specialized in colorectal surgery – disorders of the
rectum, anus and colon.
Produce MarketPhysical retail market featuring foods sold directly by farmers to
Produce WholesalerAn establishment that sells fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables to
other retailers
Professional OrganizerPerson or business that specializes in designing organizing systems for and
teaching organizing skills to individuals and businesses.
Professional ServicesInfrequent, technical, or unique functions performed by independent
contractors or by consultants whose occupation is the rendering of such
Promotional Products SupplierPromotional products are any kinds of products that may be branded and used
to promote a business. Common examples are clothing, keyrings, pens, mugs,
bags and hats.
Propane SupplierAn establishment that supplies propane for commercial and domestic purposes.
Propeller ShopA retail store that specializes in propeller and aviation parts or
Property Management CompanyEstablishment specialized in the management of buildings, including
financial management, rentals, maintenance, etc.
Protestant ChurchReligious place of worship in the Protestant faith.
Provence RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Provence region of France.
Psychiatric HospitalHospital that caters specifically to the needs of patients with mental or
psychological disorders.
PsychiatristDoctor who specializes in mental health care and the treatment of mental
and psychological disorders. Unlike psychologists, psychiatrists are
typically permitted to prescribe medications.
PsychicA psychic is a person who claims the ability to perceive information hidden
from the normal senses through extrasensory perception. Many psychics will
offer to use their skills (such as foretelling the future or making contact
with the dead) for a fee.
PsychologistPractitioner who provides mental health counseling to individuals and
groups, often by focusing on the symptoms of the illness. Psychologists are
generally not permitted to prescribe medications.
PsychotherapistPractitioner who provides mental health counseling to individuals and
groups, often by focusing on the root cause of the illness. A
psychotherapist is often a member of another profession (for example, a
psychologist, a psychiatrist or another type of counselor).
PubDrinking establishment specialized in serving beers and provide some form
of entertainment to patrons. Irish pubs are a specific type of pubs.
Public BathroomFacilities with public access to toilets and (usually) handwashing stations.
Public BeachA beach that is publicly or privately owned that the public has the right
to use.
Public Call Office BoothA telephone facility located in a public place in India and Pakistan. It is
also another name in the United Kingdom for a public telephone box.
Public Defender’s OfficeAn office of a lawyer appointed to represent people who cannot afford to
hire an attorney.
Public Female BathroomA public toilet restricted to women and girls.
Public Golf CourseA golf course open to public play that does not require a membership but
may require a green key to secure county/local rates.
Public Health DepartmentDepartment of a public administration that focuses primarily on public
health and sanitation through air, water, surface (and others) testing to
prevent the spread of diseases.
Public LibraryA public building containing books, periodicals and media such as music and
movies, available for short-term loan to visitors.
Public Male BathroomA public toilet restricted to men and boys.
Public Medical CenterA health care facility with a large staff of medical professionals and
teaching programs equipped to care for patients with a variety of ailments,
diseases or dysfunctions.
Public Relations FirmFirm specialized in the management of information communication between an
organization and the public. PR firms focus solely on information
communications, whereas communication firms focus on all forms of
communication, including marketing initiatives, public relations, customer
service, Web presence, etc.
Public Safety OfficeA room/building dedicated to work towards ensuring the safety and security
of the given community.
Public SchoolAn educational facility supported by public funds or a private, secondary
school in the United Kingdom.
Public ServicesA government organization that performs a function for individuals or
organizations, and which includes federal, state, and local government
organizations in the public service and public utility industries.
Public Swimming PoolFacility where people can go to swim. Public pools can be outdoors or
indoors, opened to the public for free or for a fee, and of any dimensions
(half-Olympic [25m], Olympic [50m], smaller or greater in size).
Public TransportA transportation service available for use by the general public; generally
for transporting large numbers of people simultaneously, such as trains,
buses, subways, trolleybuses, trams, underground, metro, ferries, etc.
Tickets and fees may vary depending on the mode of transportation. Often
times, monthly, weekly, tourist, or unlimited tickets are available for
Public UniversityA university that is predominantly funded by public means through a
national or subnational government, as opposed to private universities.
Public UtilityAn organization that maintains the infrastructure for a public service
(often also providing a service using that infrastructure).
Public Wheelchair-Accessible BathroomA public toilet or lavatory that is accessible by wheelchair.
Public Works DepartmentA branch of the government responsible for public works, infrastructure
projects financed and constructed by the government (e.g. schools, roads,
bridges, public parks, sewers, dams etc.).
PublisherBusiness that specializes in editing, printing and sometimes distribution
of printed material (for example, books, newspapers or magazines).
Puerto Rican RestaurantA restaurant serving Puerto Rican food.
PulmonologistPhysician who specializes in diagnosis and treatment of diseases and
conditions involving the lungs, respiratory tract, and chest.
Pumpkin PatchA crop of pumpkins grow in a patch that can be open to the public for
picking and sale often synonymous with a Halloween or Harvesting tradition.
PyramidA structure whose outer surfaces are triangular and converge to a single
point at the top. The base of a pyramid can be trilateral, quadrilateral,
or any polygon shape, meaning that a pyramid has at least three outer
triangular surfaces (at least four faces including the base). The square
pyramid, with square base and four triangular outer surfaces, is a common
Quaker ChurchA place of worship for the Religious Society of Friends, whose doctrine
centers around Universal Priesthood; a belief that all followers not only
have the right but the responsibility to preach.
QuarryOpen-pit mine from which rocks and minerals are extracted.
Quilt ShopA retail store that specializes in quilts, fabrics, threads, patterns and
other quilt related goods.
Québécois RestaurantA restaurant serving Québécois food.
RV DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used recreational vehicles
RV ParkPlace where travelers can park recreational vehicles for overnight or
longer-term stays.
RV Repair ShopAn establishment that provides RV repairs and services.
RV Storage FacilityAn establishment that provides storage for RVs.
RV Supply StoreA retail store that supplies RVs and accessories.
Race Car DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used race cars.
RacecourseVenue for racing of animals, vehicles or athletes.
Racing Car Parts StoreA retail store that specializes in racing car parts and accessories.
Racquetball Clubundefined
Radiator Repair ServiceAn establishment or individual who specializes in radiator repairs and
Radiator ShopA retail store that specializes in radiators, heating appliances and
Radio BroadcasterRadio broadcasting is an audio (sound) broadcasting service, broadcast
through the air as radio waves from a transmitter to an antenna and, thus,
to a receiving device. Certain frequencies of radio waves are owned (or
leased) by radio broadcasters / radio stations.
Radio TowerA structure upon which antennas and equipment are placed for broadcasting,
including television.
RadiologistMedical doctor specialized in doing body imagery, including X-Rays,
ultrasounds, magnetic resonance, tomography, etc.
Raft Trip Outfitterundefined
Rail MuseumA museum which stores and exhibits artifacts pertaining to the railroad’s
historial context.
Railing ContractorA person or establishment that manufactures, installs or sells handrails. A
handrail is a rail that is designed to be grasped by the hand so as to
provide stability or support, commonly for stairs or in bathrooms.
Railroad CompanyA railway company or railroad company is an entity that operates a railroad
track and/or trains.
Railroad ContractorAn establishment or individual who specializes in railway drafting,
planning and construction.
Railroad Equipment SupplierA company that manufactures or sells equipment required by train companies
such as rolling stock or railcar movers.
Railroad Ties Supplierundefined
Ramen RestaurantAn eating establishment that specializes in serving ramen noodles. Ramen is
made with Chinese-style wheat noodles in broth.
RanchAn expansive farm where large herds of cattle and/or other animal are bred
and raised. Some ranches are open to the public and offer demonstrations,
food and/or lodging.
Rare Book StoreStore specialized in selling collectible books. Collectible books can
include books that are no longer being printed and valued for the small
number still in circulation; books that are first edition (from the initial
printing); books associated with historical figures or occasions.
RavineSteep declines usually carved by erosion. Includes valleys, canyons,
ditches, and gorges.
Raw Food RestaurantA restaurant that specializes in uncooked food.
Ready Mix Concrete SupplierA business that sells ready-mix concrete to retailers. Ready-mix concrete
is a type of concrete that is manufactured in a factory according to a set
recipe, and then delivered to a work site by truck mounted transit mixers
(cement trucks). Ready mixed refers to concrete that is batched for
delivery from a central plant instead of being mixed on the job site.
Real EstatePerson or business that provides goods and/or services related to real
property sales, leasing or management.
Real Estate AgencyBusiness that specializes in selling and/or buying and/or renting
residential, commercial or institutional real estate.
Real Estate AgentsA person who acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of real
estate / real property (such as condos, houses, buildings, land, etc.) and
attempts to find sellers who wish to sell and buyers who wish to buy.
Real Estate AppraiserA professional who assesses the value of real estate (condos, houses,
buildings, land, commercial retail space, etc.). Usually used to assess
market value for purposes such as selling, buying, mortgages, divorces,
etc. Also known as property valuers, land valuer, or valuation surveyor.
Real Estate AttorneyLawyer specializing in real estate transactions.
Real Estate ConsultantReal Estate Consultants inspect properties and can provide advice on
technical solutions for building and renovating, prepare architectural
plans or help with maintenance or strata related issues. They assist people
with all kinds of issues relating to buying, selling and maintaining real
Real Estate DeveloperA property developer is involved with locating and purchasing land,
building or renovating existing buildings to then be sold or leased to
tenants, for the purpose of making a profit. Commonly refers to a company
that undertakes these activities, although individuals who are seeking to
profit from purchasing land or renovating can also be called property
Real Estate RentalAn establishment or individual who specializes in real estate rentals.
Real Estate Rental AgencyEstablishment that specializes in renting and leasing residential,
institutional, and commercial buildings.
Real Estate SchoolAn educational institute that provides training in the theory and practice
or working within real estate, typically as a real estate agent who manages
or sells properties, or potentially as a property valuer or other
Record StoreStore specialized in selling music on vinyl records.
Recording StudioVenue for recording audio (for example, music or voice).
Records Storage FacilityRecords management is the practice of maintaining the records of an
organization from the time they are created up to their eventual disposal.
This may include classifying, storing, securing, and destruction (or in
some cases, archival preservation) of records.
RecreationBusiness or venue that provides a facility, goods and/or services related
to a non-occuptional activity (for example, sports, games or leisure).
Recreation CenterA building that is open to the public where meetings are held, sports are
played, and there are activities available for young and old people.
Recreational Vehicleundefined
Recreational Vehicle Rental AgencyService where people can pay to use a recreational vehicle (RV) for a
predetermined amount of time.
RecruiterPerson who contacts and recruits potential employees on behalf of companies.
Recycling CenterFacility that sorts and processes recyclable waste (for example, paper,
cardboard, glass or plastic).
Reef flatundefined
Reef growthundefined
Reenactment Siteundefined
ReflexologistAlternative medicine that focuses on massaging and manipulating parts of
the feet, hands, and ears to improve general health and well-being.
Reform SynagogueA place of worship for followers of the Reform Jewish movement to include
mixed seating or equal participation of men and women.
Reformed ChurchA place of worship for followers of the Reformed Church, a Protestant
Christian denomination.
Refrigerator Repair ServiceTradesman or business that fixes refrigerators.
Refrigerator StoreA retail store that specializes in refrigerators, appliances and services.
Refugee CampA temporary settlement often built impromptu to receive refugees.
Regional AirportA regional airport is an airport serving traffic within a relatively small
or lightly populated geographical area.
Regional route (3-digit number)undefined
Registry OfficeA register office (frequently referred to as a registry office in
non-official and informal use) is a British term for a civil registry, a
government office and depository where births, deaths and marriages are
officially recorded and where one can get officially married, without a
religious ceremony. The term and function is also used in some parts of the
former British Empire such as Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India, and
Jamaica, but not Canada.
Rehabilitation CenterA facility that provides rehabilitation services to people with
disabilities. This does not include rehabilitation services to people with
drug addiction.
Reiki TherapistA professional trained in the healing technique based on the principle that
one can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the
natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and
emotional well-being.
Religious DestinationAn area deemed sacred or holy by a relgion. This does not include temples,
churches or other places of worship.
Religious Goods StoreA retail store that specializes in selling materials used in religious
practices. The goods can vary from prayer mats to figurines of gods,
goddesses and saints, religious texts and more.
Religious InstitutionA location affiliated with a certain religious background or denomination,
sometimes where religious activities are conducted.
Religious OrganizationAn organization run by a religious group. Some of these organizations might
offer social services, including to people who are not of the same faith.
Religious SchoolA religious school is a type of private school that engages in religious
education in addition to conventional education. Generally open to students
of any religious persuasion.
Renter’s Insurance AgencyAn agency or company that sells renters insurance policies that cover their
rented space as well as their belongings.
RepairsCompany that does maintenance, repair, and fixing of any sort of
mechanical, plumbing or electrical device should it become out of order or
broken (known as repair, unscheduled, or casualty maintenance).
Reproductive Health Clinicundefined
Reptile StoreA retail store that specializes in reptiles, amphibians, atriums and
Rescue SquadAn organisation which rescues people who are in a dangerous situation, such
as people who have become lost in the wilderness, have been injured in a
remote place, or have had an accident at sea, and who require urgent
rescue. May be a volunteer organisation or involve police, paramedics, and
other government run organisations.
Research FoundationA non-profit organisation that undertakes research to advance knowledge in
a particular area, typically to find a cure or advance treatment for
disease or other health issues.
Research InstituteAn establishment endowed for doing scientific or social scientific research.
ReservoirAn artificial body of water, often storage for irrigation or house use.
Residential AreaA land area occupied primarily by private residences.
ResortPlace of self-contained lodging and recreation such as beach resorts, ski
resorts, mountain resorts, etc.
Rest StopPublic area along a highway/motorway/expressway where drivers can rest, use
bathroom facilities, buy food and gas, etc.
RestaurantA business that prepares meals on-site for service to customers.
Restaurants are open to the public, rather than exclusive to a private
group of people.
Restaurant Supply StoreA shop that sells goods required by the hospitality industry, for example
crockery, paper napkins, table accessories, cleaning products, uniforms,
etc. Hospitality typically refers to hotels, restaurants, cafes etc.
Restaurant or CafeEstablishment that sells food to be eaten on the premises, whether a
restaurant or a cafe.
Resume ServiceA person or company that provides asistance in writing or editing the best
possible resume for clients. A resume is a document that summarizes a
person’s relevant job experience and education.
Retaining Wall Supplierundefined
Retirement CommunityRetirement villages are groups of properties intended for elderly people
and which have special facilities catering to the needs and wants of
retirees. Some may have extensive amenities like clubhouses, swimming
pools, arts and crafts, boating, trails, golf courses, active adult retail
and on-site medical facilities.
Retirement HomeHome catering to the elderly, sometimes with added services such as a
security desk, medical staff, etc. Unit are typically rented with full
services (living room, bedroom, kitchen and washroom). Unlike nursery
homes, they generally do not have permanent medical staff on the premises.
Group homes, on the other hand, tend to be somewhat in the middle offering
private accommodation along with a central kitchen, communal living spaces,
etc. and medical staff more readily accessible.
Retreat Centerundefined
RheumatologistMedical doctor specialized in rheumatic diseases (a sub-specialty of
internal medicine), that is diseases and disorders affecting the joints and
connective tissue.
RidgeElevations that are long and narrow. Includes mountain ranges.
Road Construction CompanyA construction company that specializes in roadways, asphalt and surfaces.
Road Signundefined
Rock ClimbingA place you can go to practice rock climbing. This includes artificial rock
walls, natural rock formations and mountains. The place may or may not be
part of an indoor gym or outdoor facility.
Rock Climbing GymA location featuring artificial climbing walls, either indoor, outdoor or
Rock Climbing Instructorundefined
Rock Landscaping Contractorundefined
Rock ShopA retail store that specializes in rocks, minerals, or semi-precious stones.
RodeoA competition in which cowboys display roundup, riding, roping and
wrestling steer/cattle skills.
Roller CoasterAn amusement park ride consisting of an elevated railroad track that goes
around sharp curves, down steep inclines, and/or through loops.
Roller Skating RinkFacility, indoors or outdoors, where a flat surface is designed to allow
people to use roller or in-line skates.
Roman RestaurantA restaurant serving food from around the city of Rome in Italy.
Romanian RestaurantA restaurant serving Romanian food.
Roofing ContractorPerson or business that specializes in roof construction.
Roofing Supply StoreA shop that sells goods required for construction and maintenance of roofs,
such as tiles, steel, support structures, guttering and insulation.
Roommate Referral ServiceAn establishment or individual who provides a roomate finding service for
long or short term instances.
Rowing ClubA sports club in which people go rowing either on their own boats or more
commonly as part of a team, either for fun and relaxation or to compete as
a sport.
Rubber Products SupplierA shop that specialises in selling products made from rubber, and similar
materials such as foam. These products may be for industrial uses, such as
for the military, manufacturing or trucking, or they may be for retail
stores in products such as floor mats, mattresses and cushions.
Rubber Stamp StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling rubber stamps.
Rug StoreA shop that specialises in selling rugs, which are woven floor coverings.
They may also sell carpet and other floor coverings.
RugbyBusiness related to the rugby sport, by managing clubs, or providing
facilities or services to exercise the sport.
Rugby ClubA rugby club refers to both a team of players and associated facilities in
the game of Rugby Union which is sometimes called just rugby or union.
Rugby Union is a form of football and is different from Ruby League. The
football club may have a central large entertainment club for supporters.
Rugby FieldA playing surface for the sport of rugby.
RuinRemains of human-made architecture.
Running StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling running gear such as apparel,
footwear, gear, and accessories.
Russian Orthodox ChurchA place of worship for the Russian orthodox denomination.
Russian RestaurantRestaurant specialized in serving Russian cuisine and food.
Rustic Furniture StoreA retail store that specializes in natural looking furniture in a variety
of styles that includes both historical and modern influences.
SCUBA InstructorPerson or school specialized in teaching underwater diving using oxygen
SCUBA Tour AgencyA tourism company that specializes in under-water, sight-seeing tours.
STD Testing Serviceundefined
Saab DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Saab vehicles.
Safe & Vault ShopRetail shop that sells safes, vaults and related security storage items
Safety Equipment Supplierundefined
Sailing SchoolA person or company that teaches people how to sail, usually small boats,
typically via practical instruction.
SailmakerA person who makes sails. A sail is piece of fabric sewn together and
attached to a boat or a ship in order to use the wind to move the vessel.
Salad ShopA shop that sells premade salads of all kinds. Salads may contain only
vegetables or a mixture of vegetables and meat.
Salt flatA flat expanse of salt left by the evaporation of a body of salt water.
Salvadoran RestaurantA restaurant serving food from El Salvador in Central America.
Salvage YardA place where disused vehicles or other machinery is broken up and the
parts saved and processed for resale. Also known as wreck yard and junkyard.
SandTerrain covered with sand.
Sand & Gravel Supplierundefined
Sandblasting ServiceA business that uses the sandblasting process to etch or clean hard
surfaces. In sandblasting, sand or other abrasives are propelled forcibly
against the surface with special equipment. Common forms of abrasive
blasting include bead blasting, sandblasting, shot blasting and
sodablasting. In each case a stream of abrasive material is fired against a
surface to either smoothen it, roughen it, shape it or remove surface
Sandwich ShopRestaurant specialized in preparing and serving sandwiches.
Sanitation ServiceA service that provides and maintains disposal devices for women’s sanitary
products required during menstruation, such as pads or tampons. To avoid
health risks the service generally provides its own staff to refresh the
devices and remove waste.
Satellite Communication Serviceundefined
Saturn DealerAn establishment that sells or leases new and/or used Saturn vehicles.
SaunaRoom, house, or facility designed for patrons to experience dry or wet heat
sessions. Many names are used throughout the world including national
styles like Finnish or Estonian saunas, sweat lodge, hamam or Turkish bath,
baths, onsen (Japanese equivalent), etc. Spas sometimes offer sauna
sessions. In many countries, baths and/or saunas is used to refer
specifically to a gay sauna.
Savings BankA savings bank is a financial institution whose primary purpose is
accepting savings deposits.
Saw MillA sawmill is a facility where logs are cut into wooden boards or other
wooden products.
Saw Sharpening ServiceA person or establishment that specializes in sharpening saws. Some will
sharpen other cutting tools such as knives or scissors as well. However, to
qualify as saw sharpening service, the business must be able to sharpen
Scaffolding Rental Serviceundefined
Scale Repair ServiceAn establishment or individual who specializes in scale repairs and
Scale SupplierA company that provides scales, weighing or measuring instruments,
typically for industrial uses.
Scandinavian RestaurantA restaurant serving Scandinavian food from the countries: Denmark,
Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden.
Scenic SpotLocation known for its particularly nice landscape.
SchoolInstitution where young people receive general (not vocation or
professional) education.
School Administratorundefined
School Bus Serviceundefined
School Districtundefined
School For The DeafAn academic insitituion that specializes in deaf education for students who
are hearing impaired.
School Supply StoreSchool supply stores sell teaching resources for parents, teachers and
homeschoolers. These stores frequently carry a wide selection of
educational materials and decorations for classroom teachers such as
classroom furniture, classroom activity kits, arts & crafts supplies, and
Science Academyundefined
Science MuseumAn institution that 1)collects and exhibits artifacts related to the
sciences and/or 2)engages museum patrons in learning science through
activities, games, and interactive displays. Can also be referred to as a
science center, particularly in the second instance.
Scooter Rental ServiceAn establishment that provides scooter rentals.
Scooter Repair ShopAn establishment that specializes in scooters repairs and services.
Scrapbooking StoreA retail store that specialzies in scrapbooking materials, crafts and
Screen PrinterA professional print shop that uses the screen print method. In screen
printing, ink is laid through a fine-mesh screen, which has been modified
with the desired design, onto clothing and textiles, but also onto other
substrates such as signs and displays.
Screen Printing Supply StoreA shop that provides materials required by screen printers.
Screen Repair ServiceAn establishment or business that builds, installs, and/or repairs
windscreens or screens for automobiles, homes, or electronic devices.
Screen StoreAn establishment that manufactures and/or installs insect screens or screen
doors. Insect screens (or flyscreens) allow airflow but prevent insects
from entering a building. Screen doors also allow air through but are
generally more secure and solid.
SculptureA three-dimensional work of art that has been built out of stone, clay,
metal, ceramics or similar materials.
Sculpture MuseumAn institution that collects, preserves, and displays sculptures.
SeaAn ocean subdivision more or less confined by land and islands.
Seafood MarketArea, indoors or outdoors, where fishermen and seafood retailers sell their
products. Some seafood markets will also sell fish alongside seafood. The
seafood can often be consumed on premises.
Seafood RestaurantRestaurant specialized in preparing and serving seafood.
Seafood WholesalerAn establishment that sells and distributes seafood to retailers.
Seaplane BasePart airport, part marina, area where seaplanes (planes that can take off
and land on a body of water) are serviced and refueled.
SeaportA harbour with facilities for seagoing ships to dock and take on or
discharge cargo.
Seasonal lakeA lake that dries up part of the year.
Second Hand StoreA retail shop specialising in selling goods that have been previously owned
by other people.
Security Guard ServiceAn establishment that provides staff to protect property, assets or people.
Commonly security guards patrol a property or area either by foot or car or
by watching security video.
Security ServiceAn establishment that specialises in providing security services, for
example security guards, video surveillance, or locks.
Security System SupplierAn establishment that sells security systems for homes or businesses, for
example alarm systems, CCTV (Closed circuit television), locks, safes and
identification systems.
Seed SupplierAn establishment that specializes in selling seeds.
Segment Pathundefined
Self Defense SchoolAn establishment with classes teaching methods on defending one’s self from
a physical attack.
Self Service Car Washundefined
Self-Catering AccommodationIndoor lodging that includes a kitchen, allowing guests to prepare their
own meals.
Self-Storage FacilityFacility where people rent a space to store their belongings. They usually
have unlimited 24/7 access to the site.
SeminaryA seminary, theological college, or divinity school is an institution of
higher education for educating students (seminarians) in philosophy,
theology, spirituality and the religious life, primarily at the
postgraduate level, to prepare students for ordination as clergy or for
other ministry.
Senior Citizen CenterA facility providing local social services and recreational programs for
elderly people.
Septic System ServiceEstablishment that provides repair and maintenance of septic tanks and
other septic systems in residential and commercial buildings
Serbian RestaurantA restaurant serving Serbian food.
Serviced AccommodationTypically a self-contained apartment primarily for short and long stay
leisure and business travellers.
ServicesA person or organization that performs a function for other individuals or
organizations, and which includes businesses, public and private
organizations, and non-profits in the service and utility industries.
Seventh-day Adventist ChurchA place of worship for Seventh Day Adventists, a Protestant Christian
denomination distinguished by its observance of Saturday as the Sabbath.
Sewage Disposal ServiceEstablishment that provides sewage disposal (ex. recycling, trash removal)
Sewage Treatment PlantAn industrial structure designed to remove contaminants from wastewater and
household sewage, both runoff (effluents), domestic, commercial and
Sewing Companyundefined
Sewing Machine Repair ServiceAn establishment that fixes sewing machines, an electrically powered
machine used to stitch fabric.
Sewing ShopA retail store that sells sewing material
Seychelles RestaurantA restaurant serving Seychelles food.
Shanghainese RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Shanghai region of China.
Sharpening ServiceAn establishment that hones the cutting edge on knives, scissors and other
cutting instruments.
Shed BuilderAn establishment that specializes in manufacturing sheds.
Sheet Metal ContractorAn establishment or individual who specializes in the draft, design,
fitting, welding and sheet metal installation.
Sheet Music StoreA retail shop that specializes in selling sheet music. Sheet music is the
published notation of a song or a musical composition.
Shelving StoreA store that specializes in selling shelving material.
Sheriff’s DepartmentThe office of an elected official who has various judicial, administrative
and regional duties. In most cases this is the chief law enforcement
officer in a county.
Shinto ShrineA place of worship of Shinto.
Shipping CompanyEstablishment that specializes in shipping services (sending parcels and
Shipping ServiceBusiness that specializes in shipping and handling packages.
Shipping and MailingAny establishment related to the shipping/mailing of
Shipping and Mailing ServiceAn establishment where letters/packages/freight can be shipped/mailed.
ShipyardA place where boats are built or repaired.
Shoe Repair ShopStore specialized in repairing and fixing used shoes.
Shoe Shining ServiceA shoe polishing service.
Shoe StoreRetailer that primarily sells shoes, boots and other footwear.
Shooting RangeAn area where people can fire guns in a secure and safe manner. Some
shooting ranges also rent weapons for firing on the range.
Shopping MallPlace where multiple retail businesses operate in the same building, or in
multiple buildings located closely together. Businesses in a mall often
share common facilities like parking.
Shower Door ShopBusiness or retail store that sells shower doors
Shower Door Supplierundefined
Shredding ServiceBusiness that provides services on shredding of waste paper and so on.
ShrinePlace of worship dedicated to a deity, ancestor, god, martyr, saint and
other important icons of religious or cultural importance.
ShrubberyAn area planted with shrubs.
Sichuan RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Sichuan region of China.
Sicilian RestaurantA restaurant serving food from Sicilian region of Italy.
Siding ContractorEstablishment that provides installation and maintenance of siding of
houses and buildings
Sightseeing Tour AgencyService where people can pay to visit the main sighs of an area, city,
historical place, etc. usually with commentary from an employee or guide.
Sign ShopStore specialized in selling signs.
Silk Plant ShopA store that sells decorative artificial plants and flowers made from silk.
Singaporean RestaurantA restaurant serving Singaporean food.
Singing Telegram ServiceA correspondence service where the letter is sung out and performed for the
Singles Organizationundefined
Skate Sharpening ServiceAn establishment that sharpens ice skate blades.
Skate ShopRetail establishment specialized in the sale and repair of skateboards, as
well as skateboarding clothing, equipment and paraphernalia
Skateboard ParkPark featuring ramps and other obstacles exclusively for the use of
Skateboard ShopA store that sells skateboard equipment and accessories.
Skeet Shooting RangeA field for skeet shooting, a shooting sport in which a clay target is
thrown from a trap to simulate the flight of a bird.
Ski Rental Serviceundefined
Ski ResortAn establishment with ski facilities, located in a ski mountain area or on
a hill.
Ski ShopA retail shop that sells clothes, equipment and merchandise related to the
sport of skiing.
Skin Care ClinicFacility that specializes in cosmetic dermatological procedures (for
example, laser treatment, Botox and acne treatments).
Skydiving CenterAn establishment that provides skydiving services
Skylight ContractorA person or establishment that builds and installs skylights. A skylight is
a type of window installed in the ceiling that allows light to enter a
house from outside, generally in areas where natural lighting is
Sleep Clinicundefined
Small Appliance Repair ServiceAn establishment that mends household appliances used for domestic chores
such as dishwashers, refrigerators, toaster, etc.
Small Claims Assistance ServiceProvides legal assistance to people involved in a small claims court case.
Small claims court cases are civil cases that do not involve a large sum of
money; the monetary ceiling is different according to the regional
and/ornational government.
Small Engine Repair ServiceAn establishment that specializes in providing small engine repairs and
Small Plates RestaurantA restaurant specializing in small-format dishes designed for sharing.
Smog Inspection StationBusiness that inspects the emissions compliancy of vehicles based on
government regulated, standards. Some centers may offer automotive repairs
or the inspection services may be available at auto repair shops.
Snack Barundefined
Snow Removal ServiceEstablishment that contracts to remove snow from buildings, roads, steps
and other surfaces.
Snowboard Rental Serviceundefined
Snowboard ShopA retail shop that sells clothes, equipment and merchandise related to the
sport of snowboarding.
Snowmobile Dealerundefined
Snowmobile Rental ServiceAn establishment that rents out snowmobiles for temporary use.
Soba Noodle ShopA small restaurant that serves Soba noodles, Japanese noodles made from
SoccerBusiness related to the soccer sport, by managing clubs, or providing
facilities or services to exercise the sport.
Soccer ClubGroup of people who play soccer together, often as a team against other
soccer clubs.
Soccer FieldPlaying area for the game of soccer (sometimes also called football”
outside of North America)”
Soccer StoreA shop that sells clothes, equipment and merchandise related to the game of
soccer, called football in much of the world.
Social Security AttorneyAttorney that specializes in claims and appeals related to social security
and disability. Specific to the U.S.
Social Security OfficeOffice that dispenses and manages the benefits provided by social security
programs, such as old age and disability benefits.
Social ServicesA range of public services provided by many national or regional government
organisation for its residents, including such things as healthcare, public
housing, and social security.
Social Services OrganizationOrganization providing social services (such as investigatory and treatment
services or material aid) to disadvantaged, distressed, or vulnerable
persons or groups. Examples include organizations assisting disabled
people, immigrants, financially disadvantaged groups, battered women, etc.
Social WorkerA trained professional that is employed to provide social services to
others that will help improve their well-being and quality of life. This
can include counseling, intervention, group programs, etc. and is most
often for people struggling with poverty or other disadvantages.
Sod Supplierundefined
Sofa StoreA store selling sofas.
Softball Clubundefined
Softball FieldA man made field constructed to play softball, a variant of baseball.
Software CompanyBusiness that specializes in developing and maintaining computer software.
Soil Testing ServiceA service providing analysis of the soil’s nutrient levels and chemical
characteristics. Soil testing is used in agriculture, horticulture,
construction, and public health as well as in monitoring pollution. Soil
testing can be offered by commercial laboratories as well as university and
government facilities.
Solar Energy Equipment SupplierAn establishment that sells and/or installs solar energy equipment which
utilises energy from sunlight and converts it into electrical power.
Popular because it reduces dependence on fossil fuels, and may save money
in the long term.
Solid Waste EngineerAn individual who specializes in the design and building of a machine or
structure dealing with waste managment.
Soul Food RestaurantA restaurant serving soul food.
Soup Kitchenundefined
Soup RestaurantA restaurant or eatery that specializes in soups, stews and porridges.
Soup ShopA small restaurant focussing on soups.
South African RestaurantA restaurant serving south african food.
South American RestaurantA restaurant that specializes in the cuisine found in the countries of
South America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia,
Ecuador, Falkland Islands, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, South
Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela.
South Asian RestaurantA restaurant serving south asian food.
Southeast Asian RestaurantA restaurant serving south east asian food.
Southern Italian RestaurantA restaurant serving Southern Italian food, including Abruzzese,
Neapolitan, Roman, Sicilian.
Southern Restaurant (US)A restaurant serving food from the Southern region of the US, including the
states Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana,
Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West
Southwest France RestaurantA restaurant serving food from southwestern France. This is defined as the
area south of Bordeaux including Basque and Gascony.
Southwestern Restaurant (US)A restaurant serving food from the Southwestern region of the US, including
the area where the states Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah come
Souvenir StoreA retail shop that focuses on selling small, inexpensive items meant for
tourists. The items on sale will frequently bear the name of the place or
SpaBusiness that specializes in services that promote relaxation and
wellbeing, or improve personal appearance through practices like massage
and water treatments.
Spa ResortA lodging establishment that offers full spa services.
Spa and Health ClubA business that offers fitness and spa services. Many such businesses are
available on a monthly or annual fee (membership) basis.
Spanish RestaurantRestaurant specialized in serving Spanish cuisine and food.
Special Education SchoolAn academic institution that specializes in the education of students with
intellectual disabilities, speach impairment, hearing difficulties,
orthopedic impairment or emotional distress.
Speech PathologistSpecialist in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of speech disorders. Also
known as speech language pathologist or speech therapist.
Sperm Bankundefined
Spice StoreA business that sells spices such as dried seed, fruit, root, or vegetable
for use in cooking.
Sporting Goods StoreRetailer that sells sporting equipment, clothing and sport related
SportsBusiness related to any sport, by managing clubs, or providing facilities
or services to exercise one or more sports.
Sports Activity LocationVenue for participating in sports, not including businesses where sporting
equipment is sold.
Sports BarAn establishment that serves alcoholic beverages and has prominently placed
large screen/s for the viewing of televised (or pay-per-view) sporting
Sports Card StoreA shop that specialises in selling sports cards, a specific kind of trading
card, which can be highly collectable.
Sports ClubA group of people gathering to play a particular sport and/or facilities
for playing that sport. Note that most sports clubs (e.g. soccer, baseball)
have their own specific subcategory.
Sports ComplexLarge building or buildings that contains multiple venues for participating
in sports and/or one venue where hundreds of people can gather to watch a
sporting event live.
Sports Equipment Rental Serviceundefined
Sports Massage TherapistA professional who provides a therapeutic form of massage developed to
prevent or heal muscle or tendon injuries in athletes. Some therapists work
only with athletes whereas other therapists work with any client who desire
this particular form of massage.
Sports Medicine ClinicA clinic providing medical advice and assistance to athletes and
Sports Medicine PhysicianA doctor that specializes in treating medical issues and injuries resulting
from athletic activities.
Sports Memorabilia StoreA store that specializes in selling objects associated with athletes or
past sporting events.
Sports SchoolA type of an education institution with a focus on sports.
Sportswear StoreRetail establishment specialized in the sale of sport-specific clothing.
Spring SupplierSprings are elastic objects used to store mechanical energy, usually made
out of hardened steel. There are many different varieties with many
different uses. A spring supplier is a company that manufactures or
distributes springs.
Squash Clubundefined
Squash CourtIndoor court (enclosed area) in which the game of squash is played.
Sri Lankan RestaurantA restaurant serving Sri Lankan food.
StableA farm building for housing horses (occasionally other livestock).
StadiumLarge venue for watching sports and performing arts events. Stadiums often
provide arena-like seating, where the audience surrounds the stage or
playing field.
StageA raised floor or platform used during performances.
Stage Lighting Equipment SupplierStage Lighting refers to lights that are used for visual effect during live
performances such as theatre or at musical concerts. Stage lighting
equipment suppliers may also provide sound equipment for the same sorts of
events. They may also rent equipment to customers, for example to a school
to use during performance of a student musical production.
Stained Glass StudioManufacturers and designers of stained glass products, typically designs in
windows and doors. The term stained glass can refer to coloured glass as a
material or to works made from it.
Stair ContractorA person or establishment that builds and installs stairs and staircases.
Stamp ShopAn establishment or shop that sells postage stamps and/or rubber stamps,
typically for the purpose of collecting.
Standard Gauge Trackundefined
State Government Officeundefined
State Liquor StoreA retail shop, operated by state employees, that sells alcoholic beverages.
State ParkA recreational open area maintained by the government at the state level.
State Police Departmentundefined
Stationery StoreRetailer that sells paper goods, writing instruments and related supplies.
StatuaryA person or company that makes and sells statues. Commonly sells other
large items for decorative garden use such as sundials and fountains.
Steak HouseRestaurant specialized in serving steak
Steel DistributorA company involved in steel distribution. A distributor sells products or
services to retailers, rather than selling directly to consumers
Steel Drum Supplierundefined
Steel FabricatorFabrication, when used as an industrial term, applies to the building of
machines, structures and other equipment, by cutting, shaping and
assembling components made from raw materials.
Stereo Repair ServiceA professional service specialized in audio that fixes broken or damaged
Stock BrokerPerson or organization specialized in the purchase and sale of various
securities on behalf of investors.
Stone Supplierundefined
StorageEstablishments related to storing personal, commercial or industrial
Storage FacilityA place to retain belongings (usually for a fee)
StoreEstablishment that sells goods or services, typically indoors.
Stores and ShoppingBusiness that sells goods indoors or outdoors.
StraitA long narrow ocean subdivision. Includes sounds.
Structural EngineerAn engineer who focuses on engineering design and analysis and in the
stability of structures (buildings, bridges, oil rigs, aircraft, ships,
space satellites, theaters, sports venues, etc.). Structural engineers
analyze designs and buildings to ensure they do not bend, twist, collapse
or vibrate and remain strong and secure throughout their use.
Stucco ContractorA builder or architect that works with drywall or plaster.
Student DormitoryA dormitory is a residence area consisting of sleeping quarters and living
areas for large numbers of people, often students attending a boarding
school, college or university.
Student Housing CenterA department at an educational institution that handles the on-campus
living arrangements of the students including dormitory assignments,
roommates, etc.
Sub Premiseundefined
Sub-Locality / NeighborhoodA division in a locality.
Subaru DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Subaru vehicles.
Subway Stationundefined
Subway Trackundefined
Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu RestaurantA restaurant serving both Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki, two Japanese variants
of hot pot dishes.
Sunglasses StoreA retail shop that sells sunglasses, which are eye wear that protect eyes
from the sun.
Sunroom ContractorAn establishment that specializes in constructing sunrooms. A sunroom is
designed with glass walls or with large windows on three sides to allow in
a lot of sunlight. Also called patio room, sun parlor or conservatory (UK).
Superfund SiteA place where hazardous waste is located, possibly affecting local
ecosystems or people, designated by the US Environmental Protection Agency.
SupermarketA year-round (non-seasonal) business that sells produce, food, and
ingredients for the preparation of meals offsite.
Surf ShopRetail establishment specialized in the creation, maintenance and sale of
surfboards and surf paraphernalia
SurgeonA medical doctor who specializes in surgery, a medical treatment that
involves cutting open the body.
Surgical Centerundefined
Surgical Supply StoreA retail store specializing in selling surgical supplies and instruments.
Surinamese RestaurantA restaurant that specializes in serving surinamese food.
Surplus StoreA retail establishment selling goods that are used, or purchased but no
longer needed, or intended to be used but produced in excess, or items that
are past their used-by date.
SurveyorA person specialized in measurement and examination of materials, most
often of the boundaries and elevation of land areas or man-made structures.
Sushi RestaurantRestaurant specialized in preparing and serving sushi.
Suzuki DealerPlace that sells or leases new and/or used Suzuki vehicles.
Suzuki Motorcycle Dealerundefined
Swedish RestaurantA restaurant serving Swedish food.
Swim ClubOrganization whose members swim in teams, often in competition against
other swim clubs.
SwimmingBusiness related to the swimming sports, by managing clubs, or providing
facilities or services to exercise the sport.
Swimming InstructorPerson providing lessons on different swimming strokes and general swimming
Swimming PoolA container filled with water intended for swimming.
Swimming Pool ContractorA company or individual that specialize in the drafting, building,
installation and modification services of swimming pools.
Swimming Pool Repair ServiceAn establishment that fixes swimming pools.
Swimming Pool Supply StoreRetail establishment selling swimming pools, as well as products for their
care & maintenance
Swimwear StoreA retail shop that specializes in selling swimwear, clothing designed to be
worn when swimming.
Swiss RestaurantA restaurant serving Swiss food.
SynagoguePlace of worship for people of the Jewish faith.
Syrian RestaurantA restaurant serving Syrian food.
T-shirt Companyundefined
T-shirt StoreA retail store that specializes in selling t-shirts.
Table & Chair Rental Serviceundefined
Table Tennis FacilityAn establishment set up with equipment for playing table tennis (also known
as ping pong). Facility might or might not charge fees.
Table Tennis Supply StoreA retail store that specializes in selling ping pong balls and accessories.
Tack ShopRetail establishment selling equestrian supplies.
Taco RestaurantA Mexican restaurant that specializes in tacos.
Taekwondo SchoolAn establishment employing instructors to teach taekwondo and other martial
arts combining combat and self-defense.
Tai Chi SchoolEstablishment that teaches the martial art of tai chi
TailorPerson or business that specializes in making or altering clothing.
Taiwanese RestaurantA restaurant serving Taiwanese food.
Talent AgencyAn agency that represents, promotes, and finds jobs for actors, authors,
film directors, musicians, models, producers, athletes, writers and other
people in the entertainment business.
Tamale ShopAn establishment that specializes in selling tamales, a Mexican dish that
consists of meat wrapped in cornmeal dough.
TanneryA place where animal skins are treated to produce leather and other animal
skin products.
Tanning SalonEstablishment where individuals can tan their skin under artificial UV
Tapas BarAn establishment that specializes in serving tapas, small plates or
appetizers such as olives, cheese, or cured ham, meant to be shared among a
group; typical in the Spanish cuisine.
Tapas RestaurantA restaurant serving Tapas.
TarmacPaved surface at an airport where aircrafts take off, land or park.
Tattoo Removal ServiceCraftsman, business, or medical facility where tattoos (ink designs
inserted into the skin, usually with a needle) are removed by various
techniques. Most common is laser removal whereas previously dermabrasion
and skin grafts may have been the only options.
Tattoo ShopAn establishment or parlor where one can get a permanent ink tattoo on
their skin from a professional tattoo artist.
Tax AssessorA specialist who calculates the value of property. The value calculated by
the assessor is then used as the basis for determining the amounts to be
paid or assessed for tax or insurance purposes.
Tax AttorneyA lawyer specialised in dealing with tax laws.
Tax Collector’s OfficeGovernmental organization which collects sales and income tax on behalf of,
and distributes revenue to, other taxing authorities.
Tax ConsultantA tax advisor or tax consultant is a financial expert specially trained in
tax law.
Tax DepartmentA governt department focused on revenue to acheive maximum tax compliance
and strict accordance with finance laws.
Tax PreparationPerson or business that specializes in preparing and filing tax forms for
individuals and businesses.
Tax Preparation ServiceA service which prepares tax documents for its clients.
Taxi ServiceBusiness offering paid automobile transportation.
Taxi StandPlace where taxis gather to be hired by the public.
TaxidermistA person trained in the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins
of animals (especially vertebrates) for display (e.g. as hunting trophies )
or for other sources of study.
TaxisTypically a car or van transportation service where you are charged by the
distance and/or time of your trip.
Tea HouseVenue specialized in preparing, serving, and selling tea, including tea
leaves and related products.
Tea StoreA retail store that sells predominantly tea leaf (unprepared and not ready
for immediate consumption).
Technical SchoolPost-secondary institution providing vocational training. Also called trade
schools or vocational schools.
Technology MuseumA building that houses special exhibits and information about technology in
the past, present, and future.
Teeth Whitening Serviceundefined
TelecommunicationsBusiness operating in the field of communication at a distance by
technological means, particularly through electrical signals or
electromagnetic waves.
Telecommunications ContractorA person or establishment that builds or installs telecommunications
equipment such as telephones and the cables and software that may be
required to use them.
Telecommunications Equipment SupplierEstablishment specialized in the sale of equipment
Telecommunications Service ProviderBusiness that provides telephone and data communication services to
individuals and other businesses (for example, a telephone company).
Telemarketing ServiceAn establishment that specializes in the marketing of goods or services by
means of telephone calls, typically unsolicited, to potential customers.
Telephone Answering ServiceAn establishment employed by small businesses to answer their phone calls
to provide a professional feel.
Telephone CompanyEstablishment (public or private) responsible for providing telephone
services to consumers
Telephone ExchangeA location containing equipment that connects telephone calls.
Telescope StoreA store that sells telescopes and often other optical devices such as
Television Repair ServiceA person or establishment that specialises in fixing televisions.
Television StationAn organization or network transmitting specific television programs (can
be local, national, etc.)
Television TowerA tower used for broadcasting television signals.
Temp AgencyBusiness that specializes in providing temporary labor to other businesses.
Tempura RestaurantA restaurant serving Tempura, a Japanese dish.
Tennis ClubA private organization, which usually requires a membership fee, whose
members play tennis. The clubs often offer other amenities such as golf or
Tennis CourtPlaying field for the game of tennis.
Tennis Court Construction CompanyA construction company that specialises in building tennis courts.
Tennis InstructorPerson providing lessons on the rules and play of tennis.
Tennis StoreRetail establishment specialized in the sale of clothing and equipment for
the game of tennis
Tent Rental ServiceA business that rents out tents for a predetermined amount of time for a
Teppanyaki RestaurantA type of Japanese restaurant that uses an iron griddle to cook food and in
which it is common for diners to view the chef cook the food.
TerrainExpanses of land that share common surface attributes. These areas would
look more or less uniform from a high altitude.
Tex-Mex RestaurantA restaurant serving Texan interpretations of Mexican dishes.
TextilesThe branch of industry involved in the manufacture of cloth or woven fabric.
Thai Massage TherapistA specialist who provides thai massage and services
Thai RestaurantRestaurant specialized in serving Thai cuisine and food.
Theme ParkAmusement park designed around a common theme (e.g. a particular set of
cartoon characters)
TherapistsA professional that is trained to address psychological or physical problems
Thrift StoreRetail establishment (often non-profit) selling second-hand goods.
Tile ContractorEstablishment specialized in laying tile
Tile StoreRetail establishment selling floor & wall tiles
Time and Temperature Announcement Serviceundefined
Timeshare Agencyundefined
Tire ShopRetailer that sells automotive tires.
Title CompanyAn establishment that offers services to find who holds the ownership of
land, and may offer insurance against land claims.
Tobacco ShopBusiness that sells tobacco and related supplies (for example, pipes and
cigarette paper).
Toll BoothA building or facility on a toll road in which a fee for using a road is
collected. In Korea most toll booths have their own names, and are often
used as reference points. If an importer generates TYPE_TOLL_BOOTH
establishment features with exact positions and names, then mapsearch will
index them. Also this can be used to render them.
Toll Road Rest StopPublic area accessible from toll road where drivers can rest, use bathroom
facilities, buy food and gas, etc.
Toner Cartridge SupplierProvides Inkjet, Laserjet and Laser Toner cartridges
Tongue RestaurantA Japanese restaurant specializing in various dishes featuring this
particular cut of meat.
Tonkatsu RestaurantA Japanese restaurant serving the cuisine of a slices of pork that are
coated with egg and breadcrumbs and then deep-fried.
Tool & Die ShopTool and die makers make jigs, fixtures, dies, molds, machine tools,
cutting tools (such as milling cutters and form tools), gauges, and other
tools used in manufacturing processes.
Tool Grinding Serviceundefined
Tool ManufacturerAn establishment that specializes in manufacturing tools and equipment for
professional and/or consumer tool users. Sometimes they also design and/or
market the tools as well.
Tool Rental ServiceAn establishment that specializes in renting tools
Tool Repair ShopAn establishment that specializes in repairing tools.
Tool StoreA retail store that specializes in selling tools.
Topsoil Supplierundefined
Tour AgencyEstablishment specialized in organizing, booking and leading guided group
Tour OperatorA tour operator typically combines tour and travel components to create a
Tourist AttractionPoint of interest where tourists visit, typically for historical or
cultural significance, or natural beauty.
Tourist Information CenterPlace where tourists can receive information about local sightseeing and
TowerA tall (greater height than width) natural or man-made structure.
Tower Communication Serviceundefined
Towing ServiceEstablishment specialized in towing cars or trucks.
Town SquareAn open area commonly found in the heart of a traditional town, used for
community gatherings.
Townhouse ComplexAn area where similar, 2-3 story houses are grouped together.
Toy MuseumAn institution that collects and displays toys. This institution may or may
not charge an entrance fee.
Toy StoreRetail business that sells toys.
Toyota DealerEstablishment that sells or leases new and/or used Toyota vehicles.
Tractor DealerA shop that sells tractors.
Tractor Equipment Supplierundefined
Tractor Repair ShopA person or establishment that specialises in fixing tractors.
Trade SchoolA school in which students are taught the skills needed to perform a
particular job.
Trading Card StoreA retail store that specializes in collectable trading cards, buying and
Traditional American RestaurantA restaurant serving traditional US American food.
TrailA designated trail, which may consist of paved walkways, dirt paths, fire
road, streets or highways, etc.
Trailer DealerA retailer that specializes in trailers or recreational vehicles.
Trailer Hitch Supplierundefined
Trailer ManufacturerAn establishment that specializes in trailer manufacturing.
Trailer Rental ServiceAn establishment that specializes in renting trailers
Trailer Repair ShopAn establishment that specializes in trailer repairs and services.
Trailer Supply StoreA retail store that supplies and specializes in trailers, parts or
Train (Railway) StationA railway facility where trains regularly stop to load or unload passengers
or freight.
Training CentreA place where particular skills are taught.
Transcription ServiceAn establishment which converts speech (either live or recorded) into a
written or electronic text document.
Transit AgencyA transit agency operates a number of trips, typically all in the same
city, region or country. See also transitagency.proto
Transit Legundefined
Transit Lineundefined
Transit StationA transit station is collection of one or more transit stops, typically
several stops under one roof, or two stops on different sides of a street.
Transit StopA transit stop is a place where passengers board and exit vehicles. It
might be a pier, or a bus stop, or a train platform.
Transit Tripundefined
TranslatorPerson or business that specializes in translating text or speech from one
language to another.
Transmission ShopA retail store that specializes in transmissions an auto machinery.
Transportation Escort ServiceA company or organization that accompanies and transports people to a
Transportation InfrastructureMan-made structure or natural feature that provides the means and equipment
necessary for the movement of passengers by land, air or sea.
Transportation ServiceA service such as bus, train, etc. that transports people and things from
one place to another.
Transportation networkundefined
TravelA business that caters to travelers. Includes travel agencies, airlines,
ferries, lodging, tour operators, travel insurance agencies, and
information centers.
Travel AgencyBusiness that specializes in creating travel itineraries and booking travel
and accommodations.
Travel ClinicTravel clinics are medical facilities that specialize in providing
preventive medical care such as vaccinations or altitude sickness medicine
to international travelers.
Travel ServicesAny service relating to travel: transportation, flights, lodging, trip
planning with an agent, etc.
Tree FarmA tree farm is a privately owned forest managed for timber production.
Generally a plantation of one variety of tree.
Tree ServiceEstablishment specialized in the planting and care (trimming/pruning,
disease diagnosis) of tress and removal of stumps
Trial AttorneyLawyers providing services involved in litigation, both civil and criminal,
helping protect the rights of those in trial
Tribal HeadquartersThe office of any department of or representative of the tribal government.
Tribal ReservationA tribal/native reservation managed to some degree by some independent
political entity and which does not fit in the standard administrative
hierarchy of the country it belongs to (e.g. American Indian reservations
in the US).
Trinity Churchundefined
Triumph Motorcycle Dealerundefined
Trophy ShopA retailer that sells trophies, medals, awards or plaques.
Tropical Fish StoreRetail establishment specialized in the sale of tropical fish.
Truck Accessories StoreA retail store that specializes in truck or van accessories.
Truck DealerPlace that sells or leases new and/or used trucks.
Truck Rental AgencyEstablishment specialized in renting trucks.
Truck Repair ShopAn establishment that specializes in truck or van repair.
Truck StopA large roadside service station that may include a restaurant, bathrooms
or fuel for highway travels and truck drivers.
Truck Topper SupplierA shop that manufactures or sells canopies that enclose the otherwise open
topped tray at the back of a ute (utility vehicle).
Truck Washundefined
Trucking CompanyBusiness that specializes in commercial shipping and moving of goods using
Trucking Schoolundefined
Truss ManufacturerA company that makes trusses. A truss is a kind of frame, usually made of
wood or steel, used in houses, buildings or other architectural structures
such as bridges.
Tunisian RestaurantA restaurant serving Tunisian food.
Turkish RestaurantRestaurant specialized in serving Turkish cuisine and food.
Turkmen RestaurantA restaurant serving Turkmen food.
Tuscan RestaurantA restaurant serving food from Tuscany, a region of Italy.
Tutoring ServicePerson or organization specialized in extramural academic instruction.
Tuxedo ShopA retail store specialising in the sale and/or rental of tuxedos and formal
Typewriter Repair ServiceAn establishment or individual that specializes and provides typrwriter
repair services.
Typewriter Supplierundefined
Typing ServiceAn establishment or individual that provides typing services,
administrative assistance or professional services.
Ukrainian RestaurantA restaurant serving Ukrainian food.
Unagi RestaurantA Japanese restaurant serving Unagi. Unagi is the Japanese word for
freshwater eels, especially the Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica.
Unemployment Insurance Consultantundefined
Unemployment OfficeA government office established to collect and supply information regarding
unemployment cases, possible job vacancies and facilitates government
Unfinished Furniture StoreA retail store that specializes in furniture items that have not been
stained, painted or finished.
Uniform StoreA retail store that specializes in professional or educational uniforms.
Unitarian Universalist ChurchA place of worship for Unitarians.
United Church of ChristA branch of the United Church of Christ ( UCC ), a mainline Protestant
Christian denomination primarily in the Reformed tradition.
United Methodist Churchundefined
Unity ChurchA place of worship for members of Unity, a spiritual movement within the
New Thought movement.
UniversityInstitution for higher learning which grants degrees. It may include
classroom, administrative and research facilities, and living quarters for
students and staff.
University DepartmentA division within a university devoted to typically one and sometimes
several closely related academic disciplines.
University HospitalHospital affiliated with a university’s medical school.
Upholstery Cleaning ServiceA business that cleans fabrics covering furniture or vehicles.
Upholstery ShopA business that specializes in the retail and installation or repair of
fabric pads, furniture or automobile coverings.
Urban Planning DepartmentAn office or department responsible for zoning, urban planning, municipal
land decisions and environmental studies concerning the local area.
Urgent Care FacilityHealth care facility which specializes in urgent care.
UrologistA physician that focuses on the urinary tracts of males and females, and on
the reproductive system of males. The organs covered by urology include the
kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra, and the male reproductive
organs (testes, epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicles, prostate and
Uruguayan RestaurantA restaurant serving Uruguayan food.
Used Appliance StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling used appliances.
Used Auto Parts StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling used auto parts.
Used Bicycle ShopRetail establishment specialized in the sale of second-hand bicycles.
Used Book StoreRetail establishment specialized in the sale of second-hand books.
Used CD StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling used compact discs (CD-ROMs).
Used Car DealerDealership specialized in the sale of second-hand automobiles
Used Clothing StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling used clothing.
Used Computer StoreRetail establishment specialized in the sale of second-hand computers and
computer accessories.
Used Furniture StoreRetail establishment specialized in the sale of second-hand furniture.
Used Motorcycle DealerA retailer that specializes in used motorcycles.
Used Musical Instrument StoreA retail store that specializes in used musical instruments and repairs.
Used Office Furniture StoreA retail store that specializes in used office furniture, furnishings and
Used Store Fixture Supplierundefined
Used Tire ShopA retail store that specializes in used tires.
Used Truck DealerA retail store that specializes in used trucks or vans.
Utility ContractorA contractor that maintains water, sewer, gas, electricity, or
telecommunications utilities.
Utility Trailer DealerAn establishment that sells trailers used for hauling goods to customers.
Uzbeki RestaurantA restaurant serving Uzbek food.
VCR Repair ServiceA service that fixes broken or damaged video cassette players, or VCRs.
Vacation Home Rental AgencyEstablishment specialized in the rental of vacation lodgings with home-like
Vacuum Cleaner Repair ShopA shop that specializes in vacuum cleaner repairs and services
Vacuum Cleaner StoreRetail location that sells vacuum cleaners.
Vacuum Cleaning System Supplierundefined
Valencian RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Valencia region of Spain.
Valet Parking Serviceundefined
Van Rental AgencyEstablishment specialized in renting vans (passenger or cargo)
Vaporizer StoreBusiness that sells e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and e-cigarette accessories.
Variety StoreA variety store is a retail store that sells a wide range of inexpensive
household goods. Variety stores often have product lines including food and
drink, personal hygiene products, small home and garden tools, office
supplies, decorations, electronics, garden plants, toys, pet supplies,
remaindered books, recorded media, and motor and bike consumables. A
variety store could sell all goods at a single prices. Such stores (i.e.
100 Yen store, Dollar Stores) are a subset of the variety store.
Vascular SurgeonA surgeon who specializes in diseases of the vascular system, or arteries
and veins.
Vegan RestaurantA restaurant serving vegan food.
Vegetarian RestaurantRestaurant specialized in preparing and serving vegetarian meals. Vegan
restaurants are stricter and will not handle any products made from or
coming from animals.
VegetationTerrain that is covered in vegetation.
Vehicle RentalAn establishment that specializes in renting vehicles to customers for a
predetermined period of time.
Vending Machine Supplierundefined
Venetian RestaurantA restaurant serving food from the Venetian region of Italy.
Venezuelan RestaurantA restaurant serving Venezuelan food.
Veterans Affairs DepartmentA federal department responsible for the interests of veterans and their
dependents, including health benefits and more.
Veterans Centerundefined
Veterans Hospitalundefined
Veterans Organizationundefined
VeterinarianPerson who specializes in the treatment of animals (for example, pets or
Veterinary CareFacility or practitioner that provides medical treatment for animals (for
example, pets or livestock).
Video ArcadeBusiness housing coin-operated video games or pinball machines
Video Camera Repair ServiceEstablishment that specializes in repairing video cameras.
Video Conferencing Equipment SupplierEstablishment that specializes in providing large quantities of video
conferencing equipment to other retailers.
Video Conferencing Serviceundefined
Video Duplication Serviceundefined
Video Editing ServiceA service that corrects or modifies video footage.
Video Equipment Repair ServiceA service that fixes broken or damaged video equipment such as cameras.
Video Game Rental KioskAutomated retail kiosk that rents video games to the public.
Video Game Rental Serviceundefined
Video Game Rental StoreA business that rents video games to the public.
Video Game StoreBusiness that sells video games for computers or console-based systems.
Video Production ServiceBusiness that specializes in services related to the production of video,
including content creation and editing. This includes the production of
television commercials, corporate videos, event videos and wedding videos.
Video StoreRetail establishment selling videos (tapes, DVD, BluRay(TM))
Vietnamese RestaurantRestaurant specialized in serving Vietnamese cuisine and food.
VineyardA vineyard is a plantation of grape -bearing vines, grown mainly for
winemaking, but also raisins, table grapes and non-alcoholic grape juice.
Vineyard ChurchA place of worship for adherents of The Association of Vineyard Church,
also known as The Vineyard Movement, an evangelical Christian denomination
with over 1,500 affiliated churches worldwide.
Vintage Clothing StoreRetail establishment specialized in the sale of (new or used)
vintage-looking (approx <50 years old) clothing
Violin ShopA store that sells violins, a stringed musical instrument, and often other
related accessories such as bow, rosin, cases, etc.
Visitor Centerlocation where visitors of a place, event or business are guided to.
VistaAn elevated place that is notable for having a good view.
Vista PointPoint on a road or trail offering an aesthetically pleasing view of the
surrounding area
Vitamin & Supplements StoreA shop that sells vitamins and dietary supplements which may improve
fitness or general health.
Vocational SchoolA school focused primarily on training students in specific skill sets
required for their chosen career paths. Also known as ‘trade school.’
Volkswagen DealerPlace that sells or leases new and/or used Volkswagen vehicles.
Volleyball Clubundefined
Volleyball CourtPlaying field for the game of volleyball, with a net and right markings.
Volunteer OrganizationAn organisation that arranges for people to volunteer (to give their time
and energy without financial reward) for a particular cause. In this regard
it is like a charity, but specifically people give their time and expertise
instead of money. Volunteers may, for example, teach English or assist with
building projects overseas.
Volvo DealerPlace that sells or leases new and/or used Volvo vehicles.
Voter Registration OfficeAn office where individuals can register to vote in an election.
Voting FacilityA location where individuals can vote during an election.
Walk-In ClinicA medical facility where patients can come in without an appointment for
diagnosis and treatment.
Wallpaper StoreRetail establishment specialized in the sale of wallpaper.
War MemorialA war memorial is a building, monument, statue or other edifice to
celebrate a war or victory, or (predominating in modern times) to
commemorate those who died or were injured in war.
War MuseumA building in which objects of historical and cultural interest, regarding
war, are stored and exhibited.
WarehouseA commercial building for storage of goods. Warehouses are used by
manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses,
customs, etc.
Warehousing ServiceA warehouse is a commercial building for storage of goods. Warehouses are
used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport
businesses, customs, etc.
Washer & Dryer Repair ServiceA person or establishment specialised in the repair of clothes washing
machines and dryers.
Washer & Dryer StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling used and/or new washers and
Waste Management ServiceA business that removes waste (garbage). The business can service
residential and/or commercial waste.
Watch Repair ServiceA person or establishment specialised in the repair of watches and other
Watch StoreRetail establishment specialized in selling timepieces.
Water Damage Restoration ServiceAn establishment or contractors that specialise in cleaning and repairs
required after a property has been damaged by water, for example after a
flood or a leak. They may treat building foundations and also paintwork and
Water Jet Cutting ServiceA professional or business that provides cutting services with a water jet
cutter. A water jet cutter slices into metal or other materials using a jet
of water (or a mixture of water and an abrasive subtance) at high velocity
and pressure. The tool is often used during fabrication or manufacture of
parts for amchinery and other devices.
Water MillA facility that uses a water wheel to drive a mechanical process such as
grinding grain or weaving cloth.
Water Navigationundefined
Water ParkAn amusement park that consists primarily of rides that involve water,
typically water slides.
Water Ski ShopA shop that sells equipment used when water skiing.
Water Skiing InstructorA person or company that provides lessons in how to waterski. This involves
being towed at high speed behind a motorboat and standing up on a special
water ski.
Water Softening Equipment SupplierContractor or seller of equipments that help in treating and softening of
Water Sports Equipment Rental ServiceA shop from which equipment can be hired that is used in watersports such
as surfing, water skiing, windsurfing and kayaking.
Water Testing Serviceundefined
Water Treatment PlantAn industrial structure designed to remove biological or chemical waste
products from water, thereby permitting the treated water to be used for
other purposes.
Water Utility CompanyPublic utility company responsible for distributing water to the general
public (residential or commercial)
Water Works Equipment Supplierundefined
Water holeA depression where water collects and animals come to drink.
Waterbed Repair ServiceA person or establishment specialised in the repair of waterbeds.
Waterbed StoreA shop that specialises in selling waterbeds, in which the mattress is made
of thick rubber that is filled with water.
Watershed boundaryundefined
Wax MuseumA wax museum or waxworks consists of a collection of wax sculptures
representing famous people from history and contemporary personalities
exhibited in lifelike poses. Some Wax museums have a special section dubbed
the chamber of horrors in which the more grisly exhibits are displayed.
Waxing Hair Removal ServiceA place where unwanted body hair is removed using hot wax with a paper
backing. The wax is heated, placed over the hair, allowed to cool and then
pulled off taking hair with it. The effect is generally smoother than that
achieved by shaving and is required less often.
Weather Forecast ServiceA service that supplies information about the weather conditions and
predicts what is likely to occur in the near future. This information may
be of particular interest to those operating boats and aircraft, and those
who want to organise events. Weather reports are typically free but some
companies may offer more in depth information for a cost.
Web Hosting CompanyA web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows
individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the
World Wide Web. Companies that provide and manage domain names are also
considered a type of web hosting service.
Website DesignerPerson or business that specializes in visual and functional website
design. This can include both graphical design or programming of the
Wedding BakeryA shop that designs and makes cakes specifically for weddings.
Wedding ChapelA place of worship for holding religious wedding ceremonies.
Wedding PhotographerPerson who takes wedding photographs as a professional service.
Wedding PlannerA professional who assists with planning and organizing weddings.
Wedding ServiceAn establishment or individual who provides wedding vow and officiating
Wedding StoreA shop that sells clothing and accessories for weddings.
Wedding VenueA place for holding wedding ceremonies.
Weigh StationA checkpoint usually along a road where trucks and other commercial
vehicles are subject to inspection.
Weight Loss ServiceServices and products that promise to make weight loss easier, quicker,
cheaper, more reliable, or less painful. These include books, CDs, cremes,
lotions, pills, fitness centers, personal coaches, weight loss groups, and
food products and supplements.
WelderA person or establishment that specialises in welding, which means joining
materials together typically using molten metals or possibly polymers.
Welding Gas Supplierundefined
Welding Supply StoreAn establishment that provides equipment required by welders.
Well Drilling ContractorA professional who constructs wells by drilling a hole in the ground for
the extraction of water.
Wellness CenterA medical center that focuses on improving mental and/or physical health.
Wellness ProgramIt consists of health fairs, health education, medical screenings, health
coaching, onsite fitness programs and/or facilities and educational
programs designed to change employees’ behavior in order to achieve better
health and reduce the associated health risks.
Welsh RestaurantA restaurant serving Welsh food.
Wesleyan ChurchA place of worship for adherents of the Wesleyan Church, an evangelical
Christian denomination.
West African RestaurantA restaurant serving West African food from the countries of Benin, Burkina
Faso, Cape Verde, Cote d’Ivoire, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau,
Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo.
Western Apparel StoreAn apparel store specialized in cowboy apparel and gear related to the
western US.
Western RestaurantA restaurant serving food originating from countries with western culture.
WetlandLand that is usually flooded. Includes bogs, marshes, flats, moors, and
Whale Watching Tour AgencyA person or establishment that arranges tours in which the primary goal is
to view whales in the wild.
Wheel Alignment ServiceAn establishment that specializes in wheel alignment and other auto
Wheel StoreAn establishment that manufactures or sells wheels for cars and other
vehicles. Tyres may be sold in addition but a wheel store specialises in a
variety of wheels.
Wheelchair Rental Serviceundefined
Wheelchair Repair ServiceA service that fixes broken or damaged wheelchairs.
Wheelchair StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling new and/or used wheelchairs.
Wholesale BakeryAn establishment that sells baked goods to be sold by other bakeries.
Wholesale FloristAn establishment that sells flowers in large quantities to be retailed by
Wholesale GrocerAn establishment that sells grocery store items and food products in large
quantities to be retailed by others.
Wholesale JewelerAn establishment that sells jewellery to other jewellers.
Wholesale Plant NurseryAn establishment that sells plants to other retailers.
WholesalerBusiness that sells goods to other businesses, rather than directly to
Wi-Fi SpotPublic area offering wireless access to the Internet
Wicker StoreAn establishment that specializes in selling wicker goods.
Wig ShopA store that specializes in selling hairpieces which might be made from
real or synthetic hair.
Wildlife RefugeA tract of land or seashore legally set aside to protect wildlife and
Wildlife Rescue ServiceA wildlife rescue service is specialised in caring for sick or injured wild
native animals. The goal of wildlife rehabilitation is to provide the food,
housing and medical care of these animals, returning them to the wild after
Window Cleaning ServiceEstablishment specialized in cleaning windows (often for larger commercial
Window Installation ServiceEstablishment specialized in installing windows in buildings
Window SupplierA company that manufactures or sells windows. Often sells doors also and
may specialise in a particular type of material, such as aluminium or wood.
Window Tinting ServiceAn establishment that specializes in window tinting, a process in which a
piece of glass is darker in color and appearance and takes in less light.
Some benefits include but are not limited to the prevention of excess
sunlight and the reduction of harmful ultraviolet (UV) light. Window
tinting is common in cars and buildings.
Window Treatment StoreStore that sells curtains, shades, blinds, and hardware and other
accessories for windows.
Windsurfing StoreA shop that sells windsurfing equipment such as boards, sails, and
Wine BarA drinking establishment where in general only wine is served.
Wine Storage FacilityA facility where customers can pay to have their bottles of wine kept in
ideal conditions for maturing.
Wine StoreA retail store that specialises in selling wine.
Wine Wholesaler and ImporterEstablishment which sells wine, in large quantities, to resellers, rather
than directly to the consumer.
Winemaking Supply StoreAn establishment that produces equipment for use by wineries in the
production of wine.
WineryProperty or business that is involved in the production of wine.
Women’s Clothing StoreRetail store that sells clothing for women.
Women’s Health ClinicA clinic providing medical advice and assistance for women related to
obstetrics and gynecology.
Women’s ShelterTemporary housing providing privacy and protection for women escaping
undesirable situations (e.g. domestic abuse)
Wood Floor Installation ServiceBusiness that specializes in installation of wooden floors
Wood Floor Refinishing Serviceundefined
Wood Stove ShopAn establishment that specializes in selling wooden stoves.
WoodsA dense collection of trees covering a relatively small area; smaller than
a forest.
WoodworkerWoodworking is the process of building, making or carving something using
wood. A woodworker may be both an artist or designer and a craftsman,
manufacturing products for aesthetic and/or practical functions. Examples
of woodworking involve wood turning and lathing.
Woodworking Supply StoreAn establishment that manufactures or sells equipment used by woodworkers
such as power tools, sanding belts, and saws.
Work Clothes StoreRetail establishment selling clothing designed for manual labour
X-ray Equipment SupplierA manufacturer or distributor of equipment required by medical specialists
for taking x-rays and for other types of diagnostic imaging.
X-ray LabA laboratory specialized in taking x-ray photographs, digital images of the
internal composition of something, esp. a part of the body, of patients.
Yacht BrokerA yacht broker is a specialist who serves yacht or boat sellers and/or
buyers as a representative for the sale or purchase of a yacht or boat. The
yacht broker is paid an agreed commission by the seller, based on a
percentage of the sale price of a yacht, and to this end markets the yacht
for sale, fields buyer interest and assists with the negotiation of the
Yacht ClubA yacht club is a sports club specifically related to sailing and yachting.
They usually have a marina where boats are kept as well as a club house on
Yakiniku RestaurantA Japanese restaurant that specialize in charcoal-grilled beef and
Yakitori RestaurantA Japanese restaurant that specialize in charcoal-grilled chicken and other
non-poultry items.
Yamaha Motorcycle Dealerundefined
Yarn StoreA shop that sells yarn for uses in knitting, felting and weaving.
Yemenite RestaurantA restaurant serving Yemenite food.
Yoga StudioIndoor space for the teaching and practice of yoga.
Youth CenterA place where young people, typically teenagers, can socialise and take
part in activities that are often creative. Typically run by the local
Youth Clubundefined
Youth OrganizationAssociation of people advocating for youth rights and protections, or
organizing youth activities.
Youth Social Services Organizationundefined
ZooPlace that houses and exhibits animals for the purpose of education or

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