How To Write A Google My Business Description For SEO (with Examples)

Google My Business description example and guide

Google My Business descriptions are one of the first places users look for more information about a business, and one of the most long-debated Local SEO ranking factors. Debates over the 750 characters aside, I’ve always ranked without using exact match keywords, and have always taken a more objective (and human) approach.

Follow these steps write an optimized and engaging Google My Business description:

  • Mention the primary business category
  • Add mentions of high value products / services
  • Specify a target location or service area
  • Include one or multiple unique selling propositions (USPs)
  • Add social proofing (founding date or highlight an achievement)
  • Ensure your business description is 750 characters or less
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Pro Tip: Knowledge is power and knowing what Google has disclosed about business description ranking factors is important. If you’re interested, check out this quick read on the topic. Also, before making any updates to your profile, ensure you’re properly tracking rankings with a software like Local Viking and run a rankings report before and after changes to understand the impact.

Before further explaining the checklist, let’s take a look at some real examples of Google My Business descriptions…

Writing a quality Google My Business description

To start, here’s how NOT to write a Google My Business description…

Google My Business description example 1 (bad example)

Why it doesn’t work: It’s so focused on “SEO” that it’s completely illegible, and more likely to deter a potential customer than convert due to not providing any real value or information about the business (and yes this is a real example from October 2021).

✔️ What could be better: The HVAC business has been around for a long time, and has racked up nearly 1500 reviews with a 4.9 rating. For those who discover the business in Google Search and may not be familiar, some social proofing like founding date and an offer would likely help build trust and potentially drive a click or call to convert on the offer.

Here’s a much better business description example…

Google My Business description example 2 (good example)

✔️ Why it works: The plumbing business positions themselves as clean, trust-worthy, and well-established (which can all be rare in the niche). Additionally, the business highlights a few services, and emphasizes a subtle USP that it’s open 24/7.

✔️ What could be better: An offer like 20% OFF for new customers could bring in some new people and engagement to their Google Business Profile. Also, they appear to service Phoenix, Arizona, which is quite a competitive area so it certainly wouldn’t hurt to add a mention of the target locality.

Pro Tip: Outside of Google My Business descriptions, there are tons of other opportunities to optimize Google Business Profiles. Use this Google My Business checklist & SEO audit template to identify areas for improvement.

Creating an optimized Google My Business description

Here are the key elements of an optimized Google My Business description and the importance of each checklist item…

✔️ Mention the primary business category – Reinforce what you do to customers (and Google).

✔️ Add mentions of high value products / services – Often, Google My Business categories are broad. Including mentions of high value products / services ensures that customers know what is provided, and it may increase relevance signals in Google.

✔️ Specify a target location or service area – Proximity can be a difficult ranking factor to overcome. Specifying your target service area adds a layer of confirmation to prospective customers, and can increase relevance signals if consistently used in copy elsewhere (such as on local landing pages and in local schema markup).

✔️ Include one or multiple unique selling propositions (USPs) – Stand out! Chances are, there are at least 20+ other businesses competing for the same service. Give prospective customers a reason to go with your business.

✔️ Add social proofing (founding date or highlight an achievement) – A quick way to build trust is to establish credibility. Adding social proofing can present prospective customers with an additional reason to choose your business.

✔️ Ensure your business description is 750 characters or less – Google My Business Descriptions have a 750 character limit. Google will prevent descriptions that are longer than the specified limit from being added to your business profile. Additionally, your Google will only display the first 250 characters of your description in search.

✔️ Reduce friction by including a promotion or low barrier to entry offer – Eliminating risk and reducing friction or key concepts in sales and marketing. Highlighting offers or promotions can incentivize conversions (form fills, calls, or in-store visits), or be the “nudge” someone needs to try your business over another business they’ve used in the past.

Google My Business description examples

Example #1 (Physical location)

{Business name} is a {primary business category} located in {location}. For over {years in business}, our team has provided {target product / service} including {target product / service #2}, {target product / service #2}, and {target product / service #3}. {Mission statement}.

Example #2 (Service area business)

{Business name} is a {primary business category} and serves in {target location} and surrounding areas including {nearby area #1}, {nearby area #2}, and {nearby area #3}. For over {years in business}, our professionals have provided {target product / service} with an outstanding level of support, care, and communication. {Mission statement}.

Example #3 (Law firm)

{Business name} is a {practice area} law firm located in {location} Founded in {year founded}, our {practice area} attorneys have fought and won over {total cases won} cases, and have recovered over {total compensation won} in compensation for our clients. Our law firm operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid if you win. {Mission statement}.

Example #4 (Plumbing company)

{Business name} is a family-owned and locally operated plumbing company that has been around since {year founded}. Our plumbers serve {target location} including maintenance, repairs, installs, and emergency services. Trust {Business name} to provide you with fast, affordable, and honest service 24/7. {Mission statement}.

Example #5 (Dentist)

{Business name} was established in {year founded} and is conveniently located in {location}. Our dental care comes with flexible schedules to satisfy patient needs, along with a comfortable environment. At {Business name}, we take a modern approach to dentistry by utilizing the most current technologies and treatments methods available to ensure a clean, white, and long-lasting smile. As family dentists, our goal is to help the family shine brighter.

Enhance your Google Business description with engaging words

It’s important that your listing stands out. Use this list of descriptive words to write a business description that stands out.

  • clean, courteous, capable, caring, communication, understanding
  • licensed, bonded, insured
  • family-owned, locally operated
  • nationally / locally recognized, award-winning, famous
  • best, only, leading, finest, first
  • team, technicians, professionals, experts, company, staff
  • affordable, accessible, cost-effective
  • dependable, trusted, reliable, guaranteed
  • unique, unparalleled, one-of-a-kind, exceptional
  • casual, comfortable, cozy, spacious, relaxed
  • fun, upbeat, eccentric
  • flavorful, tasty, savory
  • organic, fresh, home-grown, vegan
  • friendly, kid-friendly, family-friendly, pet-friendly
  • high-end, upscale, luxurious
  • locally sourced, locally made, farm-to-table
  • detailed, complex, intricate, elaborate
  • trendy, modern, popular, contemporary
  • simple, minimal, rustic

By adding relevant keywords to your business profile and following this checklist, you should have the information you need to write a Google My Business description that improves listing engagement and helps to convert customers without over-analyzing ranking factors that may or may not exist. And instead, you’re armed with a checklist that’s driven by real marketing and sales concepts (with the key Local SEO considerations included).

Happy SEO-ing 🙂