Google My Business Logo Size & Upload Guide (2022)

The recommended Google My Business logo size is 720px X 720px, and should be uploaded as a JPG or PNG that’s between 10KB and 5MB in size. Once uploaded and properly sized, the logo will display in search engines results and next to replies for reviews.

Here’s the recommended Google My Business logo size and file type:

  • Image size / resolution: 720px x 720px (square)
  • File type: PNG (this ensures quality is not lost upon upload)
  • File size: 10KB – 5MB

Update: Google My Business is now called Google My Business Profile.

An example of a properly sized Google My Business logo

Note: The Google My Business Logo should be a quality photo, meaning that it should not contain any significant alterations such as filters.

In order to ensure that logos are high quality, they should be exported from the original design file. Commonly, this done with a scalable vector graphic file format such as AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), or SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic).

Once exported, the photo can be resized to 720px X 720px in an image editing software such as Photoshop.

After the logo has been properly sized and checked for quality, it should be uploaded using the Google My Business Profile Manager.

Here’s how to upload a logo to Google My Business

  1. Sign in to Google My Business on desktop
  2. Select the profile you wish to manage (if multiple locations)
  3. Navigate to Photos
The photos navigation item within the Google My Business dashboard
  1. Click the Choose photo button under the Logo card
The Google My Business photo upload dashboard

Once the logo has been uploaded, you can also view how many times your logo has been viewed within the the Google My Business Profile Manager dashboard.

It’s important to include other Google My Business photos to help showcase your business. This includes interior, exterior, team, and product or service-related photos to highlight unique and appealing aspects of your business.