How to Link to Google Reviews (3 Simple Steps)

How to get Google review link

Generate more reviews on your Google Business Profile by copying the review link to easily share and request reviews from customers.

Follow these steps to find Google reviews link:

  1. Log in to Google My Business
  2. Click the Ask for reviews button
  3. Copy the review link

1. Log in to Google

To get the Google reviews link, first login to your to Google Business Profile:

Managing a business on Google.

Note: If you manage multiple locations, be sure to select the location for which you want to generate a review link. Each location / Google Business Profile will have a unique link to its reviews.

2. Click the Ask for reviews button

Once logged in, select the location you wish to manage (if multiple locations), and click the Ask for reviews button.

Lastly, just copy the link!

Copying the Google My Business review link from the Google Business Profile management dashboard.

This will allow you to share the review link with customers via text message, email, or other means of communication. Upon clicking the link, customers will automatically be prompted to leave a Google review (see example below).

You can also share your Google My Business URL (a direct link to your Google Business Profile) by removing /review from the link. This will send users directly to your profile without prompting them to leave a review.

Pro Tip: You can determine how many Google reviews you’ll need to be competitive using this Google My Business optimization checklist & audit template to set a meaningful goal for your review campaign.

The destination URL for Google My Business review links

This review link makes it easy to quickly share your profile with customers, and easily incorporate the link into outreach campaigns to help generate more Google reviews for your business.

Pro Tip: In some cases, you may wish to remove reviews. Follow this guide to remove negative Google reviews from your profile.

It’s also possible to share links to individual reviews to generate additional engagement to your Google Business Profile…

In some cases, you might want to link to a specific Google review from a customer.

Follow these steps to link to a specific Google Review:

  1. Search for your business in Google Maps
  2. Click the reviews link
  3. Finding the Google Reviews link in Google Maps
  4. Find the review you wish to share
  5. Click the 3 dots button
  6. The button to share a link to a Google review
  7. Choose the Share review option

Additional notes on Google reviews & links

Google reviews are extremely impactful to any digital marketing strategy because potential customers use them to make buying decisions, and they’re also a Google ranking factor.

Note: In some cases, there are known issues that cause Google reviews not to display. If this happens, follow this guide to fix Google reviews now showing on your business profile.

To effectively share your Google reviews link, incorporate it into the post-purchase stage for customers by following this guide to get more Google reviews. This may be done via email, text message, in-person, or through other means of communication.