How to Add Services to Google My Business (SEO Guide & Examples)

The Google Business Profile services feature allows business owners to showcase their services on their business profile, which are eligible to display in Google Search. Use this guide to add services to your business profile and learn how to create optimized service descriptions.

An example of the GMB services menu.

Follow these steps to add services to your business profile:

  1. Login to your Google Business Profile
  2. Select the location you wish to manage (if multiple locations)
  3. Click the Edit services button
  4. Add your service and a description

Once signed in and you have found your profile in Google Search, you’ll see the Edit services option.

How to add services to Google My Business

By clicking this, you’ll be able to view all of you existing services that have been added to your Google Business Profile, and you’ll also have the option to add or remove services.

Pro Tip: Services are commonly added during the optimization or setup process. If you don’t have services added follow these Google Business Profile set up and optimization guides to ensure you’re getting the most out of your business profile.

How to edit existing services on your business profile

If you already have services added, you’ll see something like this…

Editing existing services

To edit an existing service on your Google Business Profile, just click one from the list.

Editing the details of a service

How to add custom services to your business profile

If you haven’t added any services to your business profile, you’ll likely see user-generated or automatically generated services outlined in blue.

User and auto generated services

Often, these aren’t relevant or aren’t completely accurate. Generally, it’s recommended to remove them and create your own custom services (just scroll until you see the option).

Adding a custom service

Pro Tip: For businesses with multiple categories, services should be grouped under their appropriate Google Business Profile categories.

How to optimize your Google Business Profile services section

As of 2023, Google Business Profile services are a ranking signal (see source). Additionally, they can also help your profile stand out in search results with a local justification.

An example of a service local justification

Here’s how to ensure your services are optimized:

  • Align your target keyword(s) with the service name (must be last than 120 characters)
  • Write an informative description that includes a call-to-action (must be last than 300 characters)
  • Add pricing information when applicable

Pro Tip: If you’re unsure of which keywords to target, use this SEMrush keyword research template to understand which keywords competitors are targeting, and use the information to inform your own strategy.

Let’s take a look at some good (and not so good) examples…

✔️ Yes:

Service: Water Heater Installation

Description: Flow Master Plumbing provides water heater installation to Phoenix and surrounding areas. Our water heater installation services are available to residential and commercial customers, and we're able to install most types, brands, and models of water heaters. Request a free estimate online or by giving us a call.

Note: In this example, the target location, service, brand name, and call-to-action are all included without any keyword spamming or stuffing.

❌ No:

Service: Water Heater Installation Phoenix AZ - water heater installation near me

Description: Our Phoenix water heater installation experts provide residential and commercial water heater installation in Phoenix, AZ. We are able to provide water heater installation for most types, brands, and models of water heaters. Request a free water heater installation estimate.

Note: In this example, the keyword stuffing is a little excessive and doesn’t read well.

Additional considerations

Once you’ve added services to your business profile, it’s also a good idea to add them to the products section. Here, you’ll be able to further showcase your services, and add a backlink to your service page.

You’ll also want to make sure that you create local landing pages for each of your services to maximize visibility.