200+ SEO Acronyms & Abbreviations (Must Know Terms)

This guide includes over 200 SEO acronyms and abbreviations used by professionals.

One of the most common acronyms used in digital marketing is SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a practice of Search Engine Marketing that seeks to improve search engine rankings. This primarily includes Google, but can also include other search engines like Bing.

There are a few specific areas of SEO, which include the following:

  • On-page SEO – Refers to “on-page” copy edits.
  • Off-page SEO – Refers to “off-page” efforts like building.
  • Content Marketing – The publishing of content to improve SEO.

In addition to these basics, there are over 200 SEO terms that you should know…

List of 200+ SEO Acronyms

Acronym Description
AJAX Asynchronous Javascript and XML
AOV Average Order Value
API Application Program Interface
AR Augmented Reality
AS Article Submission
ASP Application service provider
ASP.NET A program that runs insidee IIS which allows web programmers to build
dynamic websites on Microsoft servers.
ATD Agency Trading Desk
AV AltaVista
B2B Business to Business
B2C Business to Consumer
BH Blackhat
BHW Blackhat World
BL Bright Local
BR Bounce Rate
ccTLD country code Top-level Domain
CAPTCHA Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart
CF Citation flow
CGI Common Gateway Interface
CLV Customer Lifetime Value
CMS Content Management System
COA Cost of Acquisition
CPA Cost per Acquisition
CPC Cost per Click
CPI Cost per Impression
CPL Cost per Lead
CPM Cost per Thousands
CPO Cost per Order
CPV Cost per View
CR Conversion Rate
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRO Conversion Rate Optimization
CSE Comparison Shopping Engine/Custom Search Engine
CSS Cascading Style Sheet
CTA Call to Action
CTR Click-through Rate
CWV Core Wev Vitals
CX Customer Experience
DA Domain Authority
DC Data Center
DFO Data Feed Optimization
DKI Dynamic Keyword Insertion
DLP Directory Listings Page
DLR Deep Link Ratio
DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act
DMOZ Directory – Mozilla
DMP Data Management Platform
DNS Domain Name System
DR Domain Ranking
DS Directory Results Pages
DRPs Directory Submission
DSP Demand-side Platform
DSRP Directory Search Results Page
ECPC Enhanced Cost Per Click
EMD Exact Match Domain
EMQ Exact Match Query
EPC Earnings per Click
EPM Earnings per Thousand
ERD Education Referring Domains
ESP Email Service Provider
FB Facebook
FBML Facebook Markup Language
FCP Frequently Cached Page
FFA Free for All Pages
FTP File Transfer Protocol
G Google
G+ Google Plus
GA Google Analytics
GA4 Google Analytics 4
GAP Google Advertising Professional
GAS Guaranteed Article Submission
GBP Google Business Profile
GDS Guaranteed Directory Submission
GIS Google Image Search
GIY Google It Yourself
GKP Google Knowledge Panel
GRD Government referring domains
GSC Google Search Console
GTM Google Tag Manager
GUI Graphical user interface
GWT Google Webmaster Tools
GYM Google Yahoo MSN
H1 Heading Level 6 HTML Markup
H2 Heading Level 6 HTML Markup
H3 Heading Level 6 HTML Markup
H4 Heading Level 6 HTML Markup
H5 Heading Level 6 HTML Markup
H6 Heading Level 6 HTML Markup
Href Hypertext Reference
HTML Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol
HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
IBL Inbound Links
IDF Inverse Document Frequency
IG Instagram
IFTTT If This, Then That
IM Internet Marketing
IP Internet Protocol (Address)
ISP Internet Service Providers
JGI Just Google It
KW Keyword
KWR Keyword Research
LB Link Building
LPO Landing Page Optimization
LSA Latent Semantic Analysis
LSI Latent Semantic Indexing
LTKW Long Tail keyword
LTV Lifetime Value
LV Local Viking
MCP Moderately Cached Page
MFA Made For Advertising
MQL Marketing qualified Lead
MTO Meta Tags Optimization
MVT Multivariate testing
NAP Name Address Phone Number
NSEO Negative SEO
OBL Outbound Link
ODP Open Directory Project
ORM Online Reputation Management
OS Operating System (or Open Source)
OSE Open Site Explorer
OWBL One Way Back Link
P4P Paid For Placement
PA Page Authority
PBN Private Blog Network
PDF Portable Document Format
PFI Pay for Inclusion
PFL Paid for Listings
PFP Pay for Performance
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
PMQ Partial Match Query
PPC Pay per Click
PPCSE Pay per Click Search Engine
PPL Pay per Lead
PPR Pay per Rank
PPS Pay per Sale
PR Press Release
PV Pageviews
QA Quality Assurance
QS Quality Score
RD Referring Domains
RFI Request for information
RI Regular Index
RM Reputation Management
ROI Return on Investment
RON Run of Network
ROR Ruby on Rails
ROS Run of Site
RSS Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary
RTD Real Time Data
RTL Regional Long Tail
SaaS Software as a Service
SAB Service Area Business
SB Social Bookmarking
SD Semantic Distance
SDTT Structured Data Testing Tool
SE Search Engine
SEJ Search Engine Journal
SEM Search Engine Marketing
SEO Search engine optimisation
SEOs Search Engine Optimization Performance
SEP Search Engine Positioning
SER Search Engine Ranking
SERM Search Engine Results Management
SERP Search Engine Results Page
SES Search Engine Strategies
SEW Search Engine Watch
SI Supplemental Index
SLA Service Level Agreement
SMB Small and Medium Businesses
SMEs Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises
SMM Social Media Marketing
SMO Social Media Optimization
SMP Social Media Platform
SNS Social Networking Service
SQL Sales Qualified Lead (or Structured Query Language)
SRM Search Reputation Management
SSI Server Side Includes
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
SSP Supply-side platform
STW Search the Web
SVG Scalable Vector Graphic
SWL SiteWide Link
TBPR Toolbar PageRank
TF Trust Flow
TF-IDF Term Frequency-inverse Document Frequency
TLD Top Level Domain
TLP Top Level Page
ToS Terms of Service
TR Trust Rank
TTF Topical Trust Flow
UA Universal Analytics
UCD User-centric Design
UI User Interface
UR Url Ranking
URL Uniform Resource Locator
USP Unique Selling Point
UTM Urchin Tracking Module
UV Unique Visitor
UX User Experience
VA Virtual Assistant
VIPS Visual-block Page Segmentation
VOD Video on Demand
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
WH Whitehat
WMT Web Master Tools
WMW Webmaster World
WOMM Word of Mouth Marketing
WP WordPress
WWW World Wide Web
XHTML Extensible HyperText Markup Language
XML Extensible Markup Language
Y! Yahoo!
Y2K Year Two Thousand
YoY Year on year
YT YouTube
YTD Year to date
301 Resource Moved Permanently (A permanent redirect code to a new domain or
302 Resource Moved Temporarily (A temporary redirect code to a new domain or
401 Unauthorized Access to Resource (requires authentication)
403 Forbidden Access (not allowed, server understood the request but refuses to
fulfill it)
404 Resource / page not found
503 The server is unavailable (usually a temporary response due to overloading
or maintenance)

You don’t need to know all of them, but many of these are used on a weekly basis.

Being familiar with the list will put you ahead of most traditional marketers, and enable you to have better conversations.

Happy SEO-ing 🙂