Rankability Review (2024) – A Good Surfer SEO Alternative?


Software: Rankability
Rating: 5.0
Rankability provides extremely helpful insights when it comes to on-page optimization. Their data-driven content analysis and keyword research tools start at just $150 / month, making it a great option for an all-in-one solution

Rankability is an AI-powered SEO tool that streamlines the content creation process with keyword research, content briefs, and content optimization using natural language processing (NLP). The software also offers enhanced content monitoring, and weekly mastermind calls for live demonstrations and support.

Rankability is one of best tools when it comes to on-page optimization, and pricing starts at just $149/month, making it an affordable tool to include in your SEO tool belt. Overall, Rankability is a great Surfer alternative – just for the Content Optimizer alone. This feature makes it extremely easy to audit and improve your content, and scale your on-page SEO processes.

Part 1 – Rankability Features Review

Keyword Research

Rankability’s Keyword Research tool makes it possible to easily research, identify, and prioritize target keywords based on search volume, intent, search trend, CPC, and difficulty. It’s also possible to include filters to include or exclude results based on any specific criteria.

Rankability's keyword research tool

Once you have identified your target keyword(s), you can easily view top-ranking competitors in SERPs, and move onto the next stage of the content creation process with Rankabiility’s Content Optimizer.

Content Optimizer

Rankability’s Content Optimizer tool makes it possible to input your target keyword(s), which will allow you to create a content brief, outline, and get an insightful overview of competitors who are currently ranking in search results.

Rankability's content optimizer

It provides an extremely efficient content outline based on top-ranking competitors. Additionally, it provides actionable insights for various on-page metrics (such as how relevant the URL and title tag is for the target keyword). 

Once the brief (or content outline) has been created you can pass it along to a writer, or get started on creating the content yourself…

Rankability's content editor

The editor provides extremely helpful guidelines, which includes the following: 

  • Rankability score: An on-page optimization score based on relevance and NLP
  • Word count: An optimal range based on top-ranking competitors 
  • Readability: A recommended reading level based on top-ranking competitors 

Pro Tip: I always recommend aiming for a content score of at least 70 before publishing the page.

Combined, these metrics make it possible to get real-time insights when creating the content. Additionally, the editor provides recommendations for what keywords (and how often) they should appear in the content based on Google NLP.

Rankability's NLP recommendations

These recommendations are highly actionable and help make your content more relevant to your target keyword (and location). Additionally, it provides some insight as to what topics to include on the page.

Content Monitor 

Rankability also has a content monitoring feature that makes it possible to easily track your page’s relevance over time.

Rankability's content monitor

This is super helpful for understanding how well your on-page optimizations are performing, which generally includes your page’s title tag, meta descriptions, headings tags, and main content, but can also include other on-page elements like URLs, open graph, navigation, and optimizing images.

Pro Tip: Relevance is a HUGE ranking factor. You’ll want to be tracking how relevant your page is to ensure you are getting the most out of your optimizations and SEO campaign.

Part 2 – Rankability Pricing Review

Rankability offers a range of affordable pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets, starting at $149 per month.

Rankability pricing info

Each pricing plan also includes SEO training from Nathan Gotch, who is one of the most well-known SEO experts in the industry.

Part 3 – Rankability Support Review

Rankability’s support team is provided directly by the tool’s founders – they’re extremely responsive, and they go above and beyond to help. Additionally, Nathan always has a wealth of information to share if you need help with processes or just general tips on how to get the most out of your SEO campaign.

Getting started with Surfer SEO

Overall, Rankability is a great alternative to Surfer SEO that also gives you direct access to training from Nathan Gotch. You can get started with Rankability with a free trial to determine if it’s a good fit. Their pricing options are designed to be accessible for everyone, whether you’re a freelance SEO or running a large scale team. Their Content Optimizer feature alone is extremely helpful to include in your content creation process, allowing users to get actionable on-page SEO recommendations in real-time.