Google My Business Questions & Answers (Guide + Examples)

The Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) questions and answers feature allows customers to get quick answers to common questions about a business.

Follow this guide to optimize questions and answers on your profile:

A lot of times, this feature is neglected or overlooked during the Google My Business setup process, which can leave qualified leads with unanswered questions.

Just like this…

Example FAQ section on a GMB Listing

It’s important to leverage this feature to improve listing engagement, control what questions users see, and further educate prospective customers about products / services.

Example responses and questions

General FAQ:

  • Question: Where should I park?
  • Answer: Our customer parking lot is located directly outside of our building just off of Madison Avenue. Parking is free and we have a handicap accessible entrance and parking.

For a personal injury attorney:

  • Question: How much does a personal injury attorney cost?
  • Answer: Our law firm works on a contingency fee basis, meaning there is no cost to hire an attorney, and we get paid only if your case is successful. Additionally, our attorneys provide free case evaluations to better understand your case, determine the quality of your case, and to help answer any legal questions you may have.

For a bar & grill:

  • Question: Is there a Happy Hour?
  • Answer: Yes, our Happy Hour specials are available Monday - Friday from 4PM - 6PM. Our specials include $2 domestic drafts, $5 well drinks, and $10 buckets. All appetizers are 50% off during Happy Hour.

How to answer questions on google my business

As a business owner or manager, you can create and answer your own questions. Additionally, you can provide answers to any questions that have been asked by customers.

Follow these steps to add FAQs to your business profile:

  1. Login to Google My Business
  2. Click the Q & A button
  3. Scroll to the question you wish to answer
  4. Click the Answer button

Once logged in and have found your profile in Google Search, you’ll see the Q & A option.

The Google Business Profile Q & A button to answer customer questions

Once clicked, you’ll see all of your Google Business Profile’s questions and answers from customers (if any). You’ll also have and have the option to create your own Q&As.

Pro Tip: You can add frequently asked questions here and provide answers as the business owner.

Example of Google My Business FAQ created and answered by the owner

To ask and answer a question as the profile owner or manager, click the Ask a question button.

How to ask a question on Google My Business

Pro Tip: Organization and documentation is key. I highly recommend creating a Google Doc that contains FAQs about your business for easy copy & paste and later reference. FAQs can also be added on the business’s website where relevant.

How to enable notifications for questions and answers

Easily engage with customer questions by enabling notifications. Business profile owners and managers can enable alerts when new questions and answers are created.

Follow these steps to enable notifications for new questions and answers:

  1. Sign in to Google My Business
  2. Select the checkbox next the location you wish to manage
  3. Click Settings in the navigation
  4. Enable notifications for questions and answers
Enabling notifications for new questions and answers

Additional considerations

Once you’ve completed the questions and answers section, you can further optimize your Google Business Profile by completing a full audit and SEO checklist.

This includes optimizing Google My Business categories, photos, and posts. Once you’ve completed the audit and checklist, you should notice an increase in visibility and rankings.

Note: Before making any updates or edits to your Google Business Profile, It’s important to track the impact of changes with a software like Local Viking.

Happy SEO-ing 🙂