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Grow your business by optimizing your Google Listing

Generate more visibility, traffic, and sales with Google My Business optimization services. There are tons of features within Google My Business that are overlooked opportunities, and optimizing business information can make a massive impact on rankings, calls, and website visits.

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Google My Business Optimization Results

Grow search visibility…

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Optimizing a Google My Business Listing can have a huge impact on your business by generating more visibility, traffic, and sales with a Local SEO strategy.

Visibility is tracked with LocalViking, a Google My Business management software that tracks how Google My Business Listings rank in a set service area radius for a given keyword.

Here’s a recent win (before and after optimizations)…

A Local Viking report before GMB optimizations.

10 days later…

A LocalViking report 10 days after Google My Business optimization services.

The #1 GMB Optimization Process

Optimizing (and continuous optimization) can produce some big results for local businesses, which is why I wrote the #1 ranking process for it – to help local business owners and other SEOs drive results. Search “google my business audit template” and see for yourself. As an SEO consultant, I help businesses strategize and implement search engine optimization to help grow their business.

GMB Optimization Pricing

$400 One-time Payment
  • Advanced Audit
  • Advanced Optimization
  • One-time Report
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Our optimizations include tracking setup and complete listing optimization. This includes a deliverable audit, category optimization, landing pages optimization, schema markup, and several other techniques that we like to keep a secret. Think of it as a winning recipe, and we don’t want anyone else to know it 🙂

Our optimization service is a one-time optimization where we provide an initial audit, and a follow-up report on the impact. Recurring reports for Google My Business are part of our Local SEO services, and are not included here.

Results are typically seen within 2 weeks, but we provide reporting 30 Days after purchasing the service.

Depending on the niche and competition, we may or may not include local citation. Ultimately, we want to focus on what’s going to make the biggest impact. For some, local citations will be impactful. For others, it won’t make a difference.

I cannot guarantee results because I did not engineer Google’s local algorithms. What I do guarantee is that I use a proven process that continues to generate positive results for a large number of clients.