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My goal is to provide you with strategic one-on-one direction that results in measurable increases in traffic, leads, and sales.

What is the first step to making this possible?

Step 1. Identify Opportunities

The first step to SEO coaching is to understand both on-site and off-site presences. This includes an audit of the website, and an analysis off-site pages like directories and social media platforms.

Here’s what is audited:

  • Keyword Rankingsaudit rankings to identify opportunities
  • Content Gapsbenchmark on-site content to identify thin content
  • Backlink Profilecompare backlink profile to competitors
  • Online Directoriesreview citation count and NAP accuracy
  • Social Media Presence – determine areas improvement
  • Overall Brand Appeal – identify weak branding elements

Once all of this information has been reviewed, an actionable marketing strategy is developed to align with business goals.

Step 2. Set Measurable Goals

The second step of SEO coaching is to develop an actionable strategy with measurable goals. Whether it’s just getting started with a website, or driving online traffic, I make sure that you get where you want to be.

Here’s the process:

  • Strategy Development – define the how to reach marketing goals.
  • Strategy Validation – review plan to ensure it meets business goals.
  • Collect Assets – retrieve the information required to get started.
  • Implement – begin and finalize the strategy.
  • Review– a quality check to assess accuracy.
  • Measure – monitor the results.

Once this process has been completed, it’s repeated to continue identifying opportunities and setting goals.


Step 3. Monitor Results

The final step is to monitor the results of the SEO campaign.

Here’s what we analyze:

  • Trafficmonitor traffic to track trending growth
  • Impressionstrack impressions to validate relevant appearances
  • Bounce Ratesreview bounce rates to determine traffic & page quality
  • Conversion Ratescompare present and past conversions
  • Keyword Rankingsattribute organic traffic growth

Monitoring and tracking the initial implementations may require updates to the site, its content, or the marketing strategy to maintain consistent traffic and lead quality.