SEO Consulting

Your website is a sales channel with massive potential to provide long-term sales growth.

Whether it’s more leads or direct purchases, it takes a scalable plan. As a local SEO consultant, I help increase traffic and help handle the heavy lifting of more leads and sales with search engine optimization and automation.

And getting results is what I do best.

I’m able to provide impactful results in the short-term, and a long-term strategy that scales.

Just look…

gsc performance report

This was just 6 months after a website launch.

And this…

12 month Google Search Console performance report

Some big results from a one-time optimization.

And some MASSIVE increases after a long-term Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy for an e-commerce brand…

Google Analytics Audience Insights

Keywords are important, sure. But that’s not the ultimate focus.

I’m here to help sales…

Facebook Ads Insights

This client was getting 100+ new leads per month.

Now, don’t get me wrong…Some of the successes aren’t always so soon.

Ands that’s just where a little bit of brainstorming and long-term retargeting strategies come into play.

I’ve worked with tons of local businesses.

Google Review for Dalton Luka SEO

Just like the results I’ve provided in above, I’ve had the same successes with many other businesses.So what’s the secret?

Focusing on what’s most impactful to provide generate results where the matter.

If you’re goals are to grow you’re business, and the results above match what you’re wanting to accomplish, let’s make it happen.

Step 1…

Everything Starts Here

I’ll have a few questions about your business – just the basics.

Your goals, what your products/services, among a couple other things help me to know where we’re starting.

Afterwards, we’ll be in touch

Step 2…

What happens next will be establishing a time to hop on a call.

This is where we begin reviewing the details and over scope of what needs to happen in order to achieve our goals.

Contact me to get started…

These meetings will only be complimentary for so long 🙂